Fidelity Information Corporation / Intentionally Violating Federal Financial Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Glendale, CA, United States

On February 21, 2016, I filed a complaint to Texas DA Office and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about the violation of Fidelity Information Corporation. The complaint is as follows:

I'm filing this complaint with your agency to implore your help to investigate the violation of the Federal Financial Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) of the debt collection organization, Fidelity Information Corp. From my story below and the evidence attached, it is proven beyond any doubt that Fidelity Information Corp has clearly and intentionally violated FCRA by:

• Inaccurately inflated the disputed amount to 20 times (from $71.40 to $1, 321.40)
• When I contacted them and sent them the explanation and evidence that I did not owe its client any money, not only did they not bother to reply to me, they also reported me to two Credit Bureau agencies (Experian and Equifax) with the inflated amount.
• When I contacted them the 2nd time by phone, the lady at Fidelity Information Corp (Sandra at extension 420) admitted that the amount was only $71.40 and promised to send me a breakout within five business days, but nothing was sent.
• When I contacted them the 3rd time via certified letter to ask for a breakout on my account three weeks ago, I have still not heard from them.
• When I disputed my claim with the Credit Bureau (Experian) with proofing documents 3 times, every time the credit bureau sent the disputed evidence to Fidelity Information Corp. for review and they advised the Credit Bureau to remain the negative credit on my report. I called Experian and asked them why they did not look at the evidence I submitted to them. The response was that the bureau would trust the collection services more than an individual because the collection service was required by law to report accurately. In this case it is not.

What Fidelity Information Corp has done to me, it has certainly done to other consumers. Therefore, I implore your help to investigate and stop this collector from abusing its power and acting outside the law to protect consumers.


In June 2015, I signed up for one year alarm monitor service with A.S. Alarm Services for $71.40 ($5.95/month) as advertised. However, I was charged $125.35 with hidden fees. When I contacted the technician at AS Alarm to get assistance to connect my house alarm to the company monitoring line, the tech indicated to me that to connect I must have a phone jack outlet by the alarm panel, which was never required by previous alarm monitoring companies. I didn't know what to do as it was almost impossible for me to fulfill the requirement. Then, the AS Alarm Services made unauthorized charge of $99.00 to my credit card in addition to a one year pre-paid fee while my connection has not been even connected and not ready for monitoring.

I immediately contacted the company and inquired about the unknown charge. The customer service was not able to offer any reason besides a suggestion that it would be returned in two weeks if I cancel the service. I canceled the service that day and waited for two weeks but no refunds were given. I filed a dispute with Chase bank. Immediately, the bank gave me a temporary credit while they investigated the charge with the merchant. About two months later, I received letters from the bank which stated that the full credit has been reinstated to my account as the investigation has been completed.

Later I received an email from AS Alarm service attempting to collect $71.40 citing that I violated the contract. I never signed any contract with them. On the invoice where the amount $71.40 was listed, it clearly stated that “ … CANCEL ANYTIME BASIC MONITORING SERVICE …”. This meant to me that I should get a full refund upon cancellation when the monitoring had not started. In addition, the merchant failed the investigation from Chase bank. During the investigation from the bank, the merchant was given two months to respond, but it chose not to do so. I have letters from the bank as a result of the investigation provided in my documentation.

On 10/02/2015, I received a bill from Fidelity Information Corp to collect $1, 321.40 on behalf of its client AS Alarm Services. I sent a letter to the collection service to explain that I did not owe any money along with proofing documentations. Fidelity did not reply to me, instead it reported me to the two credit bureau agencies, which has caused me lots of headache and financial distresses.

On 01/08/2016, I called Fidelity and spoke to Sandra at Ext. 420 and inquired about my account. On the phone, Sandra admitted that the balance was $71.40 and not $1, 321.40 and promised to send me a breakout within five business days. I'm sure the conversation was auto recorded by Fidelity as I was warned before being connected; however, nothing was ever received.

On 01/29/2016, I sent Fidelity a certified letter and requested for the breakout of my balance and I have not heard from them.

Mar 12, 2016

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