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My own initial problem was more with Experian than FIC, since it was their clerical screw-up that started the problem-- they apparently confused my name/address with another person in the same city who has a similar name & address; causing an "account" with FIC to suddenly appear on my credit report… and they then compounded this by filing a "fraud dispute" rather than a "mixed identity dispute" (their terms) when I wrote them to complain.

The problem I've got with FIC is their total lack of cooperation in straightening out the issue! Not only did they not provide any clarifying information to Experian other than "confirming" my name and address (which they now had on file thanks to my initial call to them), but the attitude of EVERY person from their company that I've dealt with has been exceedingly rude, dismissive, uncooperative, lazy, and frankly, flat-out arrogant.

Their "solution" to any query is simply that the caller must send in an extensive dispute, in writing, to them requiring a lot of VERY personal information, including SS#, etc. Even if you don't have (or want) an account with them, they insist on getting as much about you as possible, and won't even talk to you otherwise. Any attempt to escalate to a supervisor, request further information, explain the situation, etc., is met with a complete stone wall… and indeed they won't even let you complete a sentence, opting instead to "take control" of the call by rudely cutting you off and repeating the same crap, over and over.

Only one of the three people I dealt with (different calls and departments) would even give me their name, let alone any real assistance. Their whole purpose, it seems, is merely to intimidate callers, dismiss and divert any complaints or problems, and convince a caller that it is completely up to them to "prove" the validity of their case, rather than acknowledging any responsibility whatsoever for FIC to be accurate, fair, or even polite.

This is completely consistent with the descriptions given by other complainers on several complaint sites, and no amount of copy/pasted "false allegations made" statements and fake "updates" by FIC drones will change this.

All I can say is thank God I don't have to do any real business with these creeps! If you have ANY choice in the matter at all-- DON'T DEAL WITH THEM. There have got to be better, more legitimate alternatives out there, somewhere…

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  • Ka
      2nd of Jul, 2010

    Fidelity Information Corp. is the worst. They need to be EXPOSED. Karen Gold (if that is her real name) is an absolute parasite. This rep is exceedingly rude, commission fee hungry and, ignorant. It is proven I owe nothing. Why continue to harass?! I'm reporting them to BBB. This place has FRAUD written all over it! All drones working for FIC need to be held accountable for their wrong doings...

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  • Ro
      27th of Sep, 2010

    Yes! I hired FIC to collect money from a tenat who owed backed rent, so I was the customer! I called and "Robbie" answered. I was doubled billed but he would make no effort to correct the problem. I asked for his last name and the coward wouldn't give it. I then asked to speak with his manager and he said he was the manager. And just to repeat I called as the customer and thought this would be an easy fix but it turned into a big to-do because Robbie and it sounds like the company are both pieces of "S*#T".

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  • Fr
      19th of Apr, 2012

    Robbie is a horrible customer service representative. He says he is a manager when you ask for one; really? Management would have a better attitude, certainly. Management won't belittle you and tell you you are a ### over the phone. How does it feel to have so much negativity around you at work, Robbie? Do you sleep?

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  • Ab
      12th of Aug, 2014

    Fidelity's idea of confirming the validity of a debt is to simply ask the person making the claim if it's valid. Of course the person says it is. FIC doesn't seem to require any sort of documentation to back up someone's claim. The person who is trying to scam me out of some money they are not owed has nothing to substantiate this false claim. Companies like FIC openly allow anyone who comes along to commit what I term "legalized extortion" Don't want to pay the bogus claim? No problem, they will just trash your credit by placing a derogatory entry on your credit report for a collection that is totally false and has had no verification to FIC other than the claimants word that it is legit. That's it. Just their word is all that's needed even if they are lying through their teeth. No verification needed whatsoever.

    Following that ridiculous line of reasoning the next time a friend, neighbor or co-worker pisses you off simply file a false claim against them for a debt they never owed you. FCI will send them a letter demanding payment. When your target blows them off by writing them a letter telling them it's not a real deal debt, FCI will simply tell that person that sure it's a real debt because the person who filed it says it is. Of course they still aren't going to pay a fake debt so FCI takes punitive action and follows through on their extortion attempt with the CRA acting as willing accomplices by not requiring proof that a debt is legitimate before allowing the derogatory mark to be placed on ones' credit report.

    There has to be safeguards put into place to keep this sort of thing from happening in the future otherwise our credit reports will just become a mockery and worthless since anyone from a disgruntled ex to the waiter you didn't tip enough can simply file a false claim knowing they can wreck your credit.

    We need to make our voices heard to force changes in these very lax policies.

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