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I purchased $160USD worth of feathers back in June via PayPal. The paypal transaction confused David of Feather Emporium and he didn't actually get to shipping product until a few months later. Or so he SAID. Months went by. I'd check in and he'd tell me there was an issue with the post office. Really? More months went by. He ignored my texts, my e-mails and always picks up the phone just to give me the run around. I'm FURIOUS with his POOR SERVICE and this is the first bad review I have ever posted online. EFF YOU FEATHER EMPORIUM. All my friends were really looking forward to getting feather extensions but due to his poor communication and ripping me off it's a service I cannot provide for the demand. Way to really blow it, Feather Emporium. You could've had yourself a loyal client.

Dec 27, 2015

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