FDM Brands vs Light Impressions / Concealed communication

Rochester, NY, United States
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I called (quoted) "Light Impressions" --- as that being how I knew the company [as I categorized below], and that be how they still being listed on internet. But FDM being the name as answered. I asked to "speak to upper management." In reply, I was told by the female who originally answered the phone "There's a bad connection." To follow saying that she could not hear me. She asked for "your phone number." (mine) Expecting me to assume that I will be called back; THAT SHE DID NOT SAY OF A CALL-BACK. I would not have taken her testimony at all. (as I be with any business). Businesses that say to call back, DON'T return calls. As a common business: when I called back, the answering machine took control. This is the game that customer service of any business is protocol.

Jan 17, 2017

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