Fazolis System Management / incorrect order

Hello, my name is Brian Anderson and I am a Fazoli's rewards member. I just finished a 4 day 12 hour stretch at work and my wife wanted me to pick up food to bring home. I went to the Owensboro Ky. store on 7/29/18. When I ordered my food I wanted a kids spaghetti with meat sauce, I had a rewards coupon for a 1/2 price lasagna with drink purchase and wanted to make it a meal with a salad with White Balsalmic vinegarette and 6 extra breadsticks The girl at the window could not get my coupon to ring correctly and got a manager. He was able to override the system and give a discount. When I got home and opened my order (drive through) I received a kids spaghetti with no meat sauce, a baked spaghetti with no meat sauce and red wine vinegarette with my salad. So basically the only correct things on my order were the drinks and breadsticks. I can understand if someone doesn't put the right dressing in or forgets silverware but almost this entire order was incorrect. I understand now why the coupon didn't work is because they were trying to apply it to the wrong item And sadly enough the coupon was on my phone screen and they took it from me trying to get the coupon to work, they had the phone in their hands and still didn't catch why it would not work. Like I said, I just worked a long stretch and was too tired to go back. I did try to phone the restaurant at about 9:30 pm and no one ever answered the phone. I was appropriated charged for the food I received just not the right food. I checked the receipt and the order was placed entirely wrong.
Order Id was AAA3KG4sAQE7
I love eating at Fazoli's but this was an epic mistake and think someone should be made aware.
Thank you,
Brian Anderson

Jul 29, 2018

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