FashionMiadon't order from fashionmia.

V Jan 04, 2016 Review updated:

This company is extremely bad. But I paid via PayPal, and that is why I got my money back. I bought some things, and for 3 months my order was showing as processing. I was quite nervous about that, so I contacted their customer service. There was no response and the next day my order completely disappeared from their website! I opened a dispute with PayPal and the same day received a message from FashionMia. I was told to cancel my dispute or I will never receive anything. Of course I didn't cancel anything and few days later money was back in my account. Do yourself a favour, don't order from FashionMia.


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      Feb 29, 2016

    This is my third complaint to Fashionmia. My Bank Card show where money was taken and I also have a receipt from them. I have not receive my order yet. These are some scammers and I'm getting me a lawyer. I have everything I need to take them to court. They are liars, con artists, and evil to take people money. Do they need money that bad to swindle others out of theirs. These people can't be trusted. Please don't order anything from these people and I'm sure this other company is involved to. We are checking him out to.

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      May 25, 2016

    i feel that i have fallen for a a bad company scam i ordered 3 items from fashionmia and have had nothing but trouble with this company. i recieved one item from them the other 2 seem to always be out or stock by the time they recieve the order . of course my credit card has been charged i only get response from them when i inquire but still havent recieved tne other 2 items this process started a couple of months ago and i am totally frustrated i wont do business with them any more

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      Jul 19, 2018

    DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE! I never got my order and I never received my refund. My order is only $31.00 in value so it is not worth it to file a small claims lawsuit. I continue to click the cancel order button on the website and I get the same automated response with improper grammar that I will get a refund 15 to 20 days. First the company tried to get me to pay "Order Insurance". Order insurance is an extra fee to "ensure expedited processing of the customer's order". WHAT?? After 2 weeks of not getting any shipping status, I cancelled. It has been over one month since I cancelled the order. The customer service first told me that the refund would first come as a store credit to my account "wallet", I could then request cash refund from that point. This was two weeks ago and no refund has been placed in my account wallet. I pressed the cancel order again just recently and again I received an e-mail message that it would take 15 to 20 days to get my refund.

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      Oct 10, 2018

    I recently ordered two dresses from this website in a size 4. When they arrived I was disgusted to find that they didn't fit despite the fact that I am actually a size 8. They are also very badly made as when I tried to force them on they split at the seams and the buttons popped off.

    It's about time that these fashionistas started designing clothes for people like me who think that they are still very slim when in fact I have put on 40 pounds.

    Come on FashionMia - get it together!!

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