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Murfreesboro, TN, United States
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We had a storm come through here about 2 months ago, and I filed a claim 90% of my roof have been affected and partially destroyed. However, the claims adjuster as well as a manager state that only 75% of my roof will be repaired as the other side, which was clearly damage from wind at the seals were broken from the shingles, black creases in them and therefore were not covered. After the deductible of $1, 000, and the depreciation of $500 equaling a $1, 500 deductible, they are paying for 75% of my roof. They will not budge, stating that they cannot prove that this damage was caused by the past wind storm. They told me I was welcome to take my business elsewhere, as I explained to them I will see them under the good faith Clause established in the eighties by Ronald Reagan. The supervisor said that was fine, and I have the right to do what I want to do it. The claims adjuster call me back stating that they were going to send the engineer out here, which caused a fact about the amount I was asking for to repair the remainder of the roof 1, 300 to $1, 500. I stated just give that money to me and we'll be fine comma as an engineer will not prove anything other than the seals are loose. Insurance is supposed to protect you, that is all. Now they want me to go around with three sides of my house all different colors? I thought the whole name of the game with home insurance is protecting the value of your house, not devalue your property. I'm sending this to my attorney, and I will be taking this to court as well as bringing the property assessor on boared. Stay away from Tennessee Farm Bureau Insurance!

Aug 04, 2016

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