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I received a Fandango gift card as a birthday gift and proceeded to purchase two tickets to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story playing at a local theater on January 14, 2017.

I purchased the tickets on my iPad the evening before (1/13/17) without incident. I received my purchase confirmation, but simply closed the window figuring that I'd receive everything by email, as it stated, so I could show the QR codes (as normal) at the theatre the next day.

Well, I never received my confirmation. And here's where all of the issues start. Because I checked out as a 'guest' there was NO way to access my tickets. Apparently, I missed an 'e' in my email address on my ipad (easy to do) I did live chat. Had to wait over 30 minutes to get in touch with someone! Called, too, to see if it was quicker -- waited over 25 minutes!

The wait times are excessive. Rep said "oh, we're a few people short and can't control the wait time." There is no phone number listed on the website -- I had to Google search it! There is no option to "VERIFY" your email address to avoid mistypes. There is no option to search by your mobile phone number. Nothing.

If Fandango is going to offer customers the option to checkout as a guest, then you need to offer options to search for your purchase OTHER than just an email address! Or, at the very least, you need to have safeguards in place to ensure that the information being submitted is correct -- ESPECIALLY if it is the only option for contact.

I will not be using this service again. And, my friend who bought me the gift card was so incredibly embarrassed that I had to waste over an hour of my time to simply buy movie tickets, said she will never purchase anyone a gift card from Fandango again for fear of putting them through the same thing!

Something as simple as this should have been able to be fixed with much less trouble. As a business owner myself, I try to overlook these things because I can sometimes understand the other side of things. But this was just ridiculous. I understand the error was mine, but it is also exceptionally easy to avoid and to correct in just a minute or two. If I made my customers wait like this, I'd have far fewer customers.

Unfortunately, you have two fewer customers today, Fandango, due to a wait time and a missed letter. :o(

Jan 14, 2017

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