Fandango / multiple tickets-no refund

Oklahoma City, OK, United States

I purchased 2 tickets to the June 19th 7:05 show for Dinosaur World (real name not allowed). When I finished the guest checkout, The Fandango website said that the session had timed out.
So I re-did the purchase and got the confirmation email notice and went to the email to get the number.
Now I see 2 emails telling me I bought 4 tickets, and that a refund is not possible because it is less than 2 hours before show time.
This entire transaction took less than 10 minutes, and it is now 5:15PM, June 19th, 2015 for the 7:05 show.
Really? If your going to time out my session, then how does the purchase happen? Funny how the money didn't "time-out" but now a refund isn't possible.
We went to the movie, and I gave the two "extra" tickets to a very nice guy and his date so they wouldn't be wasted.
I tried to email customer service, and got an automated reply that said I could expect a contact from them but might have to wait at least 24 hours.
That was last Friday evening and nothing. Nice routine for making double ticket sales.

Jun 21, 2015

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