Fandangomovie ticket refund

1/22/2017 - is the date of the incident


purchased 5 tickets for a show through Fandango.
got to the box office and purchased better seats.
box office said to get a refund from Fandango we needed to go to AMC customer service.
customer service gave us the number to call.
we called within 2 minutes and requested a refund.
Fandango rep (Akela) said we needed to set up a VIP account on line to request a refund before the show time.
tried to create an account on mobile device with cust service rep on phone the app would not accept my email address and the 5:10 show time as approaching. Told Akela that I would not be able to set account up prior to show time. she assured me that she would send me an email with the link to create an account prior to the show time and that would be enough to show that everything was done/initiated prior to show time. We enjoyed the show (with our theater/venue purchased tickets not the Fandango tickets).See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Los Angeles, CA Once home set up the VIP account and requested the refund through their website as instructed. Would not accept request because it was after the show time. had on-line chat with cust service rep Samantha who said she would forward to Corporate for review of refund. I asked what are they going to review when you haven't heard all of the situation. at that point she allowed me to give all the information and said she would send the information to corporate and i would hear the determination within 3-5 days. i received an email denying the refund because it was after the show time. when i called back (after being on hold for 40 minutes) they then said it was because the tickets weren't surrendered, then because it was after the show time excuse upon excuse upon excuse. it was ridiculous! i told them that i would happily take the fully in tact unused tickets back to the theater and was told nope sorry. i was told at any time to surrender the tickets and the theater did not take them back. so we have paid for 10 tickets and only used 5.
I have the tickets, emails, chat logs.
I want a refund.

Jan 27, 2017

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