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Today we tried to use a gift card given as a gift. The website said there was a balance of $25. We tried to use it on a computer and a phone both said it was not valid. We tried to call the 866 # and were put on eternal hold and could not reach a human. We used chat and waited 65 minutes to get thru and they said, "there is a balance" it should work. Duh...I knew that but it DIDN'T work. They said used another web browser - we had tried multiple sources and that didn't work. Then they said, "our system is updating and customers are having a hard time using their cards." On a Sunday afternoon they are updating their system?! SOLUTION: DON'T EVER PURCHASE OR GIVE AS A GIFT A FANDANGO GIFT CARD. PERIOD. END OF STORY. AND TELL 100 PEOPLE THE SAME THING EVERY CHANCE YOU GET.

Mar 12, 2017

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