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I called today asking for a subsidy of my shipping back from Canada for the shipping as I asked for a quote online and the total came out to about $20CAD ($15USD). When I called, the associate was rude, and kept repeating the same information to me that:

International shipping you guys say will be $8USD ($11CAD), and that since the CAD dollar is 1.33 the USD dollar, the total will be more. I said I understood, but the total he was telling me was $10 less than what I was being charged after the currency was exchanged.

He seemed to misunderstand that I had already done the conversion, and after adding tax, the total would not come to $20, as our tax is only 10% here, not FIFTY. He didn't understand and kept repeating that I had to convert the currency (which I did), then backtracked and said international return shipping is only $8USD if you're outside of the states? Which doesn't make sense because if you're in the states then its not international shipping, it's domestic. So the international shipping charge wouldn't apply. He then went back to parroting that I had to convert and add tax, even after I had told him many times that I already had.

Quite rude, got frustrated with me very early on in the conversation, kept cutting me off and not letting me speak. Overall a bad experience. Incredibly disappointing after the calm and understanding girl I got in the first phone call who let me finish my sentences and listened to what I was saying instead of just talking over me.

  • Updated by Whateverworks1, Nov 21, 2018

    Addendum (same person as above). Calmed down a bit now and contacted their chat. The lady was very helpful and much more calm (though its hard to get into a pissing contest over chat).

    Bottom line: some of their associates are good. If you ever get a man with a southern accent answering your phone call, 1) tell me his name so I can complain to them, 2) hang the hell up! He'll ruin your day.

Nov 21, 2018

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