Family Savings Club100 dollar gift card and unauthorized charges

J Oct 19, 2018 Review updated:

I was called about a 100 dollar gift card that I never got. It was supposed to be 2.98 to send it and I never got it. I called customer service to cancel it and thought it was over. Until recently I never thought about it. Going thru my account now however shows that for almost a year they've taken 10.97 a month out of my account. I am pissed how do I make this stop. I receive disability and they're taking my money from my govt. card. This is ridiculous. How do I get my money back. I've never received anything that warrants these kinds of charges.

Family Savings Club
Family Savings Club
Family Savings Club


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      Nov 07, 2018

    Why do people fall for this!!! If it is to good to be true, don't FALL FOR IT! Same goes for IRS calls and Credit card companies that claim they can lower your interest rate. They ALL want personal information and want you to give them your credit/debit card number. Be smart, don't give out ANY personal information over the phone, especially when the person on the other end has a very heavy accent. They are all scammers!!!

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