FairySeason2 faulty tops

I purchased 2 faulty tops. One was ripped and one had a neck line that was in bits. I complained 5 X via email and sent photos. I asked that they replace the items. They said to keep them and they would give me 15% off my next purchase. I said the that was not acceptable and to either refund me in full or replace the items. Their return policy does state that they can't replace items but there is no mention of refunds at all. I have now asked for a full refund and they have come back saying they will refund me 20% and still not replace the items. I can re purchase them as they are still available but they will not replace the damaged items. They said if I pay to ship them back they will refund me but I am hesitant to do that as I have no faith this company will fulfil their end and then I am out the shipping costs as well as the cost of the tops. Im not clear what my legal rights are here as their policy is vague and non existence regarding refunds

May 16, 2017

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