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order history and can't login

I'm trying to login to my account so that I can check on my order history and when my items are being shipped. I've tried every way to login to my account but there is no prompt to do this. I have placed alot of orders and need to find out when I can expect to receive them. I'm very frustrated as I have done most of my shopping through this website. Can you please help me? Thank you!

  • Updated by Jennifer Burton · Dec 07, 2019

    I'm trying to locate my placed orders that I've purchased in October and November. I haven't been able to see my order history or get any updates on my account. Can you please help me. Thank you very much I'd appreciate it!

Fairy Seasonclothing

Worst customer service ever. Got two tankinis both XL in size after measuring myself according to their chart. One tankini is way too big and one my boobs were sticking out. Obviously sizing issues. I wrote many emails, nothing, then I wrote a review to which they responded with "we have emailed you to rectify issue". They did not email me. I updated my review to state that they'd lied and I received an email immediately telling me that they would send the right sizes as long as I paid $5 shipping. I have emailed 7 times since to ask how to pay and asked for confirmation that the new sizes have been sent, nothing. I'm over it. Don't ever buy from these dodgy scammers. How can you send two XL items when they are so incredibly different in measurement?!? I've given up on trying to fix this issue, like a lot of people on the reviews pages.


I placed my order on 5-7-19 and still have not received it as of 6-26-19. I have asked for a refund numerous times and still have not received. They only respond that there was an issue with my address and if I want to pay an additional $10.99 they will reship. My shipping address is 100% correct. This site is a complete SCAM! Do not order from here. I will be filing a claim with my credit card today.

I order over 10 different items.

I order over ten different items, which was mainly shirts and a few swimming suits. Many of which was for my mom for Mothers Day, which they did not arrive in time so I have to get her another gift. However, I finally received the items I was unhappy with the quality and how they fit. I tried returning the items and have been getting no where with them. While the prices of the clothes are cheap, so is the quality and service you will get. I wish I would have read the other reviews and saw the struggles other people dealt with on receiving their clothes and trying to cancel and return items. If I was any other customer I would not order anything from this retailor and look some where else for the same clothes, which can be found on Amazon by other retailors with better quality and service you may just pay a few bucks more.

Fairy Season — product quality, no refund policy, no customer service

Completely dishonest company - no refunds, no exchanges allowed I would not give this company even one star unless the review site forced it. I ordered a shirt for a christma...

shirts with hallmark on it

I ordered two shirts from this company believing the Hallmark name on the shirt would guarantee it was a good product. It was not. The sizing of the shirts were wrong even though marked as though they were the sizes ordered and the quality of the shirts was not fitting having anything to do with Hallmark.
I believe you should insist FairySeason stop selling these shirts.

Never received my product

Ordered a shirt on August 25, 2018, order # FS8250468188364961. I contacted them 30 days later through their Facebook page requesting status of my order and received no response...

non delivery/no refund

My order was marked as shipped almost 60 days ago and it still has not been delivered. When i contacted customer service they kept putting me off, asking me to check my post office and asking me to wait longer, and verify my address. I have asked for a refund numerous times, and they finally told me I could ask for the item (which was seasonal item) to be reshipped but they would NOT refund my purchase. When I responded that I did not want to order from them again, I wanted my money back for item not sent, they stopped responding to me.


I ordered 5 shirts then saw all the negative reviews. I tried to cancel my order ONE HOUR LATER and they didn't respond for 3 days then claimed it had already been shipped and was too late to cancel. I know by the tracking number it had not shipped. I did receive 4 shirts and there's extra lettering on one shirt, the phrase is spelled wrong on another, and the other 2 shirts are about 3 sizes too small after I used THEIR sizing chart! I'm demanding a refund but I doubt I'll get anything.



590438 Item is #408372... received email on Aug 10th, 2018 saying my item shipped it is now almost a solid two MONTHS later and I have NOT received the shirt! It was a medium burgundy...

faith t-shirt

I order a Faith T-shirt on Aug 18, 2018. The shipping was free. I reached out to them on several occasions. Every time I e-mailed them they ask that I be patient to allow more...

all products and services

No customer service at all. No responses via multiple avenues email, phone, multiple social media outlets. Will not cancel my order they never shipped, but sure as hell snatched over 100$ out of my bank account without batting an eye. TOTAL FRAUD. SCAM. RIP OFF. They sent me an email that it shipped, then two days later tell me an item in my order needed to be replaced because they didn't have in stock. How can they ship something and then two days later get it back to replace an item that was supposedly shipped? That's when I started to contact about canceling. They have not responded in any way.

  • Updated by Elizabeth Kathleen Bickford · Sep 16, 2018

    No customer service at all. No responses via multiple avenues email, phone, multiple social media outlets. Will not cancel my order they never shipped, but sure as hell snatched over 100$ out of my bank account without batting an eye. TOTAL FRAUD. SCAM. RIP OFF. They sent me an email that it shipped, then two days later tell me an item in my order needed to be replaced because they didn't have in stock. How can they ship something and then two days later get it back to replace an item that was supposedly shipped? That's when I started to contact about canceling. They have not responded in any way.

haven't received my order after 2 months waiting!

Unfortunately I have to agree with fellow reviewers that this company is very bad managed. I placed my order 27th June (!!!) and I'm still waiting. I wasn't in a rush originally but after a month you start to wonder. I emailed the company and I was asked to wait additional 2more weeks (as the shipping might be going through customs longer). I did, and when still nothing has arrived I emailed them politely again. And yet again, I was told to wait again a bit longer and when I refused (after all their website states, longest dispatch of item should take no longer than 35 days!!!- and if going to Africa!!!). I've been waiting for my order for over 57 days now. I was offered a a) refund (minus the shipping costs! which make me loose more money), b) reship the original item (might take another 30 days who knows), c) pick another item (which would probably take also 30 days if lucky). All very unprofessional and scammy. Don't recommend, and definitely wont be buying of them again

two shirts

So I seen some clothing as a ad on fb n went n checked their website out n ended up buying. WORST mistake ever!!! I didn't receive my order until nearly a month after had bought...

Fairy Seasondisgusting customer service

Do not buy from this company!!!
Appalled how this company is run!!!

I have never come across such disgusting customer service in all my life!
Wishing to return my items (as the sizing was completely out!) after a week and approximately 15 emails, I was told I can't have a refund. Despite what their website says about customer service, they care about nothing after they have your money. Disgusted.
They insisted I send photos of tops. They didn't fit! They said how they wanted to resolve this. I asked 10 items for an address to return my items to and they said I would have to pay shipping. I agreed. No address supplied, again and again and again!
I have never come across a company like this before.
Do not use them!!!

Fairy Season — bikini

I ordered this item weeks ago and paid extra to have the item delivered within 2 to 4 days. It took 2 weeks to come and it is of such bad quality and the sizing is nothing like I...

damaged defective item

I was sent a bikini that had makeup all over the top. One of the straps was also sewn around the band, so it was totally unwearable. They offered to give me 20% back. I kept going back and forth with them, and the most they offered was 30%. They told me to take it to a tailor and spend more money to get it repaired. They sent a used item based on the makeup stains. I didn't agree to purchase a used item, so I count that as fraud. I opened a Paypal case and Paypal wants me to pay to ship it back which will cost more than the $12 I'll get refunded. Stay away from this site. It's a complete scam.


My order never came and if it is coming I do not want it it has been 20 days. I want a full refund back to my account no excuses. I am very upset. $37. My order # wa...

solid zip hollow out sandal

Item not as advertised-quality/colour/size different to website pictures and size chart. Item faulty-glue marks around sole/holes at zip base/loose thread/jagged rough edges of un-finished material/toe straps not cut or sewn on straight.
Requested refunded, have finally been offered 20% refund and to give them to a family member!? After 12 emails from me, they still will offer me 20% refund or full refund if I ship item back at my expense(from UK to China) That will probably cost me more than the item. I am disgusted in the poor quality and lack of customer service.

solid zip hollow out sandal
solid zip hollow out sandal
solid zip hollow out sandal
solid zip hollow out sandal
solid zip hollow out sandal
solid zip hollow out sandal
solid zip hollow out sandal

Fairy Season — 3 tops

I ordered 3 tops, as it was for mother's day I payed extra for delivery to have them arrive within 7 days. When after 10 days none had arrived I contacted them and one had been...

sweatshirt not sized right according to size chart

I ordered a sweatshirt from your company, ordered a larger size than I normally wear and when I received the item, it's too small. I have contacted your customer service several times, once being told to take pictures with a tape measure showing the measurements. I measured and the bust is 2.58 inches smaller than what the size chart shows it should be for a large, but I keep getting the run around from your company. They have pretty much told me tough, give it to someone you know that it will fit. This is not acceptable and I'm very angry with your company and it's customer service!

Susan Durham
Order Number: FSB213970369864736

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Jan 17, 2018

    Hi Susan. Let's see how we can help.

    What is the actual size of the shirt? What is your normal bust size?

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  • Sd
    S Durham Jan 17, 2018

    @Shaun R. I ordered a Large, normally wear a small or medium, but like my sweatshirts big. This item is marked with a L, but there's no way it's a large. My bust size is a 34.

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do not order from

DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I ordered several items on November 14 and November 16 from I still have not received the items 6 weeks later. I realize it's coming from the other side of the earth, but it really should not take 6 weeks to get here. The seller says the order is coming in three different shipments. I tracked all three tracking numbers, and none of them have even been shipped yet -- it says "pre-shipment." Part of this shipment was a Christmas top that I wanted to wear for THIS Christmas. I am disputing my payment through PayPal. Ridiculous.

do not order from

a tshirt I ordered almost a month ago and have not received but have been charged for

I have sent 4 letters to your tracking place and get nothing but a runaround. I ordered 3 T-shirts and have received 2 of them. Now we are only 3 days from Christmas and I have not received this T-shirt which is a gift. I would really appreciate a response back and or another shirt shipped to me If this does not happen then I expect a refund. Thanks you

my order

Hello my name is Stephanie hurst, I placed a $63.00 order over a month ago and I still have not received it. At this point in time I would just really appreciate a refund. I no...

waste of money

This is a big disappointment to me. I never expected to get the clothes with the most terrible and cheapest quality I have ever seen. Rough materials as if they used potato bags for sewing. And they sell it at a ridiculous price!
I have never wasted my money in such a useless way.
Don't buy anything even if you think it would be a great deal. It won't. Trust me.

fairy season clothing

Ordered my clothes with a receipt from PayPal saying PAID but no email confirmations of my order from fairyseason themselves (in which they adhere you'll receive lots of emails confirming your order) with which I received NONE.. bad feeling... Upon not receiving any confirmation, I've emailed and emailed with no response given(although they typically reply the same day) Not pleased as I wanted this outfit for Thanksgiving n don't want to lose my money! Obviously I'm going to but I'll be spreading this news!!! Best believe it!!


Who can tell me when exactly my dress will arrive?
I have been waiting since July for it to come and something tells me I will never receive it.
Their customer service is aware of that and they always send lots of apologies, but as far as I understand they can't influence this situation. And it's the strangest thing for me. They haven't shipped my order, so how come they can't do anything about it? Or maybe they just don't wanna do it? It's more possible.


It was really great to know that there was a website with cute yet affordable swimwear and I was like "damn I'm going to order from them." On September 5th, 2017 I ordered my swimsuits and when I still wasn't receiving them exactly ONE MONTH later they said that they have all shipped separately. My trip to Brazil is NEXT WEEKEND. And these people have been telling me that they cannot give me my money back and if they do, they would have to take $15 out of it so they could pay the shipping cost. WHAT SHIPPING COST IF ITS ONE) FOR FREE AND TWO) I NEVER EVEN RECEIVED MY PRODUCTS. Fairy season better watch out because I hope these complaints take down their irresponsible company.


  • Sh
    Shaun R. Nov 03, 2017

    They do have swimwear at great pricing. Their return policy clearly states: RETURN POLICY -- At Fairyseason, we’re committed to you. We’re able to offer you amazing discounts because we don’t house inventory after our sales end, and therefore cannot process returns except in very limited circumstances. However, we want you to be delighted. If something doesn’t meet your expectations, we’re committed to doing our best to find a solution. For questions, contact our customer service!

    What is a bigger issue is where the order(s) are? They should be able to provide tracking information which can clearly show the merchandise being delivered. If that's not the case, you might want to contact your credit card company.

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Fairy Seasonselling products and not delivering on time and refusing to provide a phone number to contact someone directly

I ordered two shirts, for an upcoming family event, from their website on 10/6/17. I paid 6 extra dollars for shipping to ensure that I would receive it in 7 business days. They shipped one shirt out first and the second shirt did not ship until 2 days after. They were the exact same shirt just different sizes. I was unable to track the shipments (but the extra shipping cost states that tracking is available). When I realized that the second shirt may not arrive on time I tried to contact customer service every day for 4 days straight to find out where the shirt was at and no one could give me a straight answer. I have asked for their customer service manager to contact me and they give me the run around. I asked them for a full refund and they want me to ship the shirt back to China and pay for customs. They refuse to answer my questions and fix their issues.

Terrible company!!!

Why, tell me, why do you offer to pay extra for an expedited shipping, if the shipping along with the delivery takes up to 3 months???
It's unacceptable. This simply doesn't make sense!
And oh, what a terrible quality you provide. If I was you I would be embarrassed to sell a crap like this to people who trust me and give me money hoping to get a beautiful clothing. Instead of this you steal photos from original websites and pretend them to be yours.
So horrible. Will never be using you again.

Fairy Season — #6 very expensive christmas presents.

I place my orders with I tried to enter my 5% off code and it kept knocking me out I placed six orders with fairies seasons dot-com and they have not gave me a...

this company is a true scam

I ordered several items from them in July. 7 different items. Got just two. How this can be explained, hmmm? Low quality, disgusting material. Completly different from what'...

fraudulent company

Bought two pairs of pants that the site advertised, because they were so beautiful. What I got when the order arrived, were two pairs of pants that were completely different that what was shown. They were a different material, a different pattern, and a completely different style. I have been going back and forth with the company about refunding what was paid for the items, only to be met with constant banter about how sorry they are and how they'd like to make things right. They offered to refund "half" of the full price paid for the products and then decided to refund half of half, because that's what they call a "partial payment". I informed them that they are the most fraudulent company I have seen in quite awhile, and that I intend to expose them for what they are doing to people, by setting them up to "take their money". It was my first time trying them out as a new company, but I will never buy anything from them again and will warn others not to as well. The material used for the products sent, was cheap and thin, and it looked like someone had hand stitched it in their spare time, because I could see all of the stitches hanging out. IT WAS HORRIBLE AND A SHAME, because they make it bad for many other new businesses that offer good products and are trying to get their feet in the door. SHAME ON YOU FAIRYSEASON!!

stay away!!!

Order from them if waiting forever makes you happy. Order from them if you prefer to be on your own with an issue you will surely have. Order if you want to send your money for...

Fairy Seasondressed from fairy season

Dressed are not true to size. Company won't allow me to exchange them i wanted no money back ...Just an exchange. They say they want my business yet don't run a legitimate business!!! i will never ever order anything online from anyone!! i have cancer and cannot always shop in stores...I will go naked than to go through this horrible experience again

shirts purchased

I purchased three shirts from this company. I did receive all of them, it took some time since they were shipped from China. When I received the shirts, they were too small, and...

item not received

I ordered a blouse about 2.5 months ago. Contacted these clowns over 10 times and they keep sending me the same copy pasted email asking me to be patient because of "complicated" issues... What like there are magical mystical [censor]ing shipping procedures?! Did lo pan intercept this... Did someones horns become entangled. I order from all over the world and i've never come across such abysmal customer service bunch of absolute plebs. I didn't realise they were based in narnia... Jokes aside avoid at all costs. First time this has ever happened to me. Will definitely be letting everyone know not to order from here.

head band

I have yet to receive my product even though it says shipped and delivered. I have contacted post office and obviously you are just marking shipments delivered, because there are several complaints here that say they have not received product but yet you say have been shipped. all for something that is 5.69. I have sent an email stating I have not received order but have not heard anything back even though you say you will get back within 24 hours. The only thing you got back with is that you received my question. I guess Facebook is the place to go to stop people from ordering from you and scamming people.

Fairy Season — refund refused

When I received the 3 shirts that I ordered, I washed them so that I could wear them and one of the shirts melted to itself in the dryer!! I contacted the company to get a refund...

did not receive two orders and no resolve by customer service

I purchased three tshirt orders through Fairy Season. Two of my orders were not delivered to me. When I notified customer service, it took them two days to reply to my complaint. They said to check with the local post office. I still have not received those packages. I submitted a follow up again and customer service is still giving me the run around. I paid for the goods and shipping but did not receive my goods. I asked for a refund but to no avail. I will never order from Fairy Seasons ever again. Why is their distribution in China?!!! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE... BEWARE OF online companies like Fairy Season.