fair car rental iceland / charged thousands of dollars 1 month after car was returned

1 keflavik, Iceland
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Extremely unethical car rental company!!! Do not rent from fair car!! Unfortunately I didn't read the numerous horrible reviews about fair car online until after I had booked. I have rented cars all over the world for the past 20 years and fair car is by far the worst and most unethical company I have ever encountered. Their rates are cheaper when you book but you get billed for thousands of dollars/euros 3-4 weeks after the car rental is over. They take an impression of your card when you pick the car up so they can (And do) charge whatever they want after the rental period is over. I made sure I did the pick up and drop inspection during their office hours with a fair car employee present and got a copies of both inspection reports. I took photos of any damage that was already there when I picked the car up and when I dropped it off. I purchased all of the insurance that fair car offered (Including sand & ash and the complete excess damage waiver). I received a small rock chip on the passenger side windshield (With no cracking or spreading) during my rental. I've had similar rock chips repaired on my own car but fair car informed me that the entire windshield would need to be replaced. I filed the claim with worldwide insurance (The cedw insurance that fair car offered) and worldwide agreed to pay them directly. After this, fair car charged my own credit card for almost $1200 for a new windshield. Fair car is getting paid twice for the same claim ($2400 for a rock chip that they most likely repaired at their office the same day I returned the car and rented it back out to someone else). This is insurance fraud and I am currently disputing the charge with my credit card. I am reporting fair car rental to the european consumer protection agency. I am also finding every online review thread for fair car and reporting this company so hopefully no one else will be taken advantage of as myself and many of fair car's customers have been.

fair car rental iceland

Jun 22, 2017

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