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I signed up for a 3 month premium Experteer membership in November 2016 as I wanted to relocate to germany. In January I decided I want to stay where I am, but when I tried log onto my profile, it said it didn't regognize my email anymore. I tried logging in many times, but then realized it might be my membership which expired. On the 27 Feb I got billed 80 Euros for a new membership, and suprize surprise, my login worked on the 28th Feb again! I did not ask for this renewal, nor could I have cancel my subscription as I could not login. The fact that it said my email is not registered at the end of Jan, made me think it is because my membership had run out. When I emailed customer service, and spoke to Sara Bernulli, I was told that they can not refund my money, and that I must read the terms and conditions. Sorry but this is fraud! Do not sign up or use them ever. I had to cancel my credit card as I saw online that people complained that even when they do cancel it, Experteer just keeps on deducting money off their accounts.

Mar 07, 2017

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