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Experian / Cic Triple Advantage / Credit report scam!

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So, here's how the scam works....the Federal Government encourages certain companies to provide free credit reports. And Jane Public goes online and finds a company called '' or '' [also known as: CIC Credit Monitor SVC; Consumer Info; Consumer Information;;;; I Place; I Play Innings;] and enters their credit card number for their 'free' credit report.

At the same time Jane is provided with her free report, the company also signs her up for a 'membership' called 'Triple Advantage' or something along those lines. Unaware that she has signed up for this service in the first place, Jane doesn't notice that 'CIC Triple Advantage' is popping up on her credit/bank statement, charging her an almost unnoticeable $12.95 a month.

When it finally occurs to her that money is being taken for a service she didn't sign up for, Jane realizes that she needs to cancel this 'membership' immediately. But how? She didn't intentionally sign up for it in the first place, and she doesn't necessarily remember which website she used, so how does she cancel it? Calling the bank doesn't do anything, because it's a direct withdrawal that the bank has no control over, so what can Jane do?

There is a number following the charge, as listed on her account. Jane calls that number and waits, and waits, and waits for a human to pick up. If she waits long enough, someone does pick up, and proceeds to tell her: "We're so sorry you want to cancel your membership with us, it's a shame to lose you as a customer. We can refund the last two months of your membership, but that's the best we can do." Jane might settle for this, thinking 'phew, at least it's done now,' or she can call that same number and ask to speak to the manager. [The number that works, as of 3.21.07, is 877.481.6826.]

My suggestion to Jane Public? Don't let them take your money. This company, under the parent company Experian, just settled a class-action law suit with the Federal Trade Commission for illegal business practices for this exact same scam. They are in the wrong, not you. Be polite, but firm. (As someone that works in customer service, being rude to the representative will get you nowhere.) Make them aware that you know of the lawsuit, that their business practices are illegal, and that you will not be accountable for their scam.

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  25th of Mar, 2007
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Thank you so much for this! this company is despicable; their business practices are deplorable. I can't believe they've gotten away with so much for so long!

  23rd of Aug, 2007
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I have some accounts on my credit report that i now is wrong and i need to get them remove. They are ADBA for $120 dollars, DELTA FINANCIAL for $50 and $588 dollars and RMA/NATIONAL for $247 dollars. I know that i didn't deal with any of these people. I don't even know what they are for. Thank you Lawrence J Christian Jr.

  23rd of Aug, 2007
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I guess I got lucky just discovered that they had been taking 12.95 dollars from me for last 3 months.
I put a call in to my financial institution. Had them cancel my Credit card. And they said the would file a complaint for me to try and get my money back. But I had no idea they were signing me up for a service I did not want. I hope they not only get my money back but anyone else who banks with them as well.

  28th of Oct, 2007
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Experian/CIC Triple Advantage - $12.95 monthly unauthorized chage
United States

I have tried unsuccessfully to cancel this unauthorized charge from my Chase credit card. Chase did refund me 3 months worth as a "courtesy" but after contacting the 800 # twice now to cancel, the charge remains on my statement.

I think the only way to get out of it is to cancel the card!

  10th of Feb, 2009
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The price is now 14.95 and the phone number they include in the credit card charge reference doesn't connect to anything. Not an automated service, not a human, NOTHING.

  10th of Mar, 2009
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I went online to find out how to get my credit report cleaned up and was sent directly to this bogus company where they proceeded to take $29.95 dollars from my checking account when I called to question the charges their "refund dept." refused to issue the appropriate credit to my account, in essence I've been scammed out of my hard earned money-to say I'm upset is an understatement. Where can I go to get my money back; why are they so conveniently positioned right next to your business: how can these low down sob's be stopped in the future and how may I help to do so?

What have you done to stop this since it must have a negative impact on your business? jwbbr-Joseph B.

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