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Excelsior College Cpne


CPNE failure is rediculously easy.

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Excelsior College
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I just finished failing my CPNE. I have been an LPN for 15 years. I currently work in an acute care hospital. I have been working slowly twards my RN for many years now. I graduated from LPN school with honors and never had an issue with clinical while in school. Just felt that was necessary background. On the first day of my exam from hell, was the 4 labs. I passed the first 2 labs but then failed the second two. On the first failed lab I was packing a sterile dressing, after the dressing is complete they take off the outer dressing and examine the gauze you packed your wound with. The wound on this fake arm was very irregularly shaped and because the packing overlapped the edge by about 1mm, I failed. Next lab was IV push, because there was an alcohol wipe over where the name would have been on the MAR when I stated I would verify the patient's name and date of birth, I failed this lab. The next day was 2 patient care situations (PCS) and repeating failed labs. The first PCS I performed everything perfectly until it came time to do the eval. My rationalle for chosing my care plan was worded wrong-FAIL. Second PCS CE got pulse of 105, I got 115, so did the dinamap twice. The CA said I should have been concerned that this pulse was higher than the patient's baseline of 112. Second try on the wound lab, this time my gauze packing wasn't close enough to the edges of the wound-FAIL and out. Wasted $1900 for the CPNE, traveling expenses, cost of new uniform tops, and sneakers. It was a stressful, awful experience. I feel cheated. They are just looking for anything to fail you so they can charge you for the cost of the exam all over again. I don't know if I want to give them any more of my money. I even told the CA it was the worst experience of my life. The thing that really surprised me is that the examiners were very nice, but once she involved the CA in any way there was no chance of even the smallest thing being up for discussion. I don't recommend it.
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A  21st of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just failed also. I did all of the teleconferences with Excelsior, bought every study aide they make, have 20 years of working as an LPN in all areas of medicine...and most of all, I studied my tail off every day! This by far, was the worst experience that I ever had in my life. It is set up for failure, I totally believe that. Yes, there are those that pass the first time...not even half! All that I can say to those not in the Excelsior Nursing Program and are just thinking about it...go the traditional route! I didn't have a choice, my husband is in the Military and we lived overseas. There is no reason any program should make their students feel the way you end up feeling. It is very embarrassing and demeaning...you will be right in a middle of an assessment on a patient and they will say, "I need you to step outside." I was questioned on my palpating, which was proven fine by the CA. I don't know if I want to even pursue this any further, my heart is too heavy right now. I failed the IVP lab twice because of bubbles that I had a problem getting out of the syringe which ate up the time (the 2nd one only by 15 seconds! The unfair part is that it took over two minutes for them to decide if there were any more bubbles! They run you like dogs without any breaks... like it is their time!!! It is our 1900 bucks for pure hell that make their paychecks! Many inconsistancies with what was told to me at the Excelsior Workshop to what the CE's practiced. On my first PCS, my CE gave me the paperwork to take that evening to make my plan of care and it had the pt.'s name and date of birth...When I asked her about it {worried that I would get in trouble}, she told me to just leave it on there so it wouldn't be messy marking it out! Which is so against the policy, they even told us that in orientaiton. I promise this is not to vent and I am not exaggerating or being defensive, just warning others. In fact, just see if you can find anything positive on the internet about the CPNE experience. The Excelsior Way of Nursing is not the normal way of doing it...I do head to toe assessments! It is definitely a MONEY PITT...now I know why some states are pulling out and not excepting Excelsior Nursing Graduates. I have huge regrets and wish I didn't go this route.
A  3rd of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
It's a horrible feeling, isn't it? You realize that you spent a lot of money, studied and worked hard, and you believed you were dealing with an honest company. And then you find out that all they're intererested in is money. And no matter how you plead your case no one will help you. If anyone is interested I'd like to form a group of people who have been wronged by this horrible company. If we can't sue them then at least we can start a website and warn other nurses. I can't tell you how much I wish someone had been there to warn me. Reply to me if you're interested.
N  26th of Apr, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Kathleen Dailey Any group ever formed from your request ? I am a late comer. Interested . If you can Please at nptdr3336@yahoo.com
Thank You
A  4th of Dec, 2009 by    +2 Votes
Unfortunately, I too have failed for the third time. I agree with everything you say. I too went to Exceliors Work shop and was informed by Excelsior's workshop instructors, "I was so prepared". I also took every one workshop. I had multiple letters written from my DON and several Nurse Managers. What makes matters worse is when I read, "this is so doable" what a lie. Our future was weighing on how the instructors felt that day. It does not measure what we know. I have written letters to every LPN school in PA and NJ informing them not to promote Excelsior. I contacted my state Board. Excelsior is nothing more than a cash cow.
A  13th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Thank you people for making my mind up about Excelsior College/ Rue which of course is their scam front people. Excelsior is a dinosaur of the 1800's through the 1930's. It really took the military needs during World War II to change Nursing from a backwater of hateful women (this is not a put down) into the profession we have today. Excelsior had/ has dealing with the so-called University of the State of New York, 1970's - 1980's. I also failed 2 labs, and was dismissed. I flew all the way to Albany from San Francisco in 1986, to meet with some faculty members ( I was a Hospital Corpsman who ran the health care aboard my ship for 4 years. Anyway they they refused to meet with me and blew me off in a heartbeat. This is Excelsior College.

I could feel the hate from these old bags of RN's. You have to be a man in nursing to understand the reverse glass ceiling back then. Young men in nursing today, haven't a clue to what we early trailblazers went through. In Maternity, myself and another male nursing student, had to look through the door glass window to see a delivery. At the same time, there were 4 male Med Students right there with the patient. Excelsior was a horrible experience.

Like I said, things have improved some, but look out for some of the State Nursing Boards who go out of their way to discriminate against men & minorities. A lot of these same old white dinosaurs have moved on to the State Boards. When it became clear they useless at the bad side. The only thing they were really good at, was in their double sided personalities. I believe this was mentioned in the other posts as well.

Good Luck Guys & Gals!
N  17th of Jan, 2010 by    -3 Votes
What a bunch of whiners. You don't prep the way you're supposed to, then you will fail. The test is designed to screen out individuals...just as the Board exams are and just as some of the individual exams that all potential nurses must pass to graduate. Just because you spent a load of money does not mean that you are owed a degree.
D  30th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Categorize me as a whiner then . I too failed the CPNE today. It is ridiculous the things I alledgedly failed. Paperwork related on both PCS failures. Now since I did everything else right (99%) the one error I make in not documenting nasal cannula irritation or the lack thereof constitutes a failure? No it doesn't. It is BS at its finest.

And for what's it's worth I have a masters in forensics and teach at a college. I also have been a medic for ten years an know my stuff. If you got lucky to pass good for you. I intend to make a complaint with the A.G.'s office upon my return home.

So go ahead and think what you want pal...the fact of the mater is the failure rates generate more $$$ for the college. PERIOD. Doesn't sound like you even remotely have a grip on reality. So go play that self righteous crap somewhere else. So if you have passed what are you doing hear? Got a relative on the CPNE board?
N  1st of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
If you don’t practice for the CPNE doing it exactly Excelsior’s way, you will fail!!!
If you do practice for the CPNE doing it exactly Excelsior’s way, you might pass; but don’t count on it. Nerves get the best of many students.

I have my CPNE scheduled within a few months. I have not taken it yet, but know from talking with others what is ahead. May I suggest that Excelsior change this to a graded exam instead of two strikes and you are out. They could set the pass at 95% or something like that. As it is, too many good nurses fail. At a cost of $1, 900 plus travel, it is quite painful if you fail.

My advice: “If you can go to a traditional nursing program instead of Excelsior, do so.” If not, the take the Excelsior route and practice for the CPNE before you go.

I’m not whining, because I have not failed. I intend to pass. Still, Excelsior should consider changing their criteria. I have a Masters degree in another area and have taught college for several years.
A  17th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I just failed my CPNE last Saturday. MY IM injection was "one inch" away from where it should be. Also my wound packing wasn't "fluffy" enough. It was my first time and I will try one more but I am so mad now I can't see straight. I did the Excelsior workshop for a thousand bucks and CPNE for two-thousand. I am out so much money at this point I'm going to stop counting. Once I'm done, I will never say the word Excelsior again.
A  22nd of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hello, everyone. I have been an lpn for 17 years. I have worked for the military, and done things that are far beyond the scope of practice of RN's (under military supervision). I am certified in many areas, and making a long story short, I also believe the Excelsior program is set up for failure, a legalized scam, and a discrace to the nursing and medical profession. I completely finished the theory exams in 9 mths (one exam about every 2-3 weeks). This program, in my opinion, is not much different than what we already knew. I, too, have taken and failed the cpne at Grady Memorial in Atlanta. It was one of the worse experiences of my life.
I failed over ridiculous things also. The first failure was my simulation ivpb lab station. I failed to lower the primary bag (my bad). The second failed lab station was the im injection. Keep in mind that the examiners are suppose to be neutral and not say anything, O.K.? In a split second as I was actually darting the injection in the dummy, the examiner flailed her arm so close I thought I was going to stick her, and simultaneously gasped so loud as if there was an ax murderer behind me, or a giant spider coming at us. Human reaction, it did startle me. Because of this, I was too far off of my mark( they measured with their ruler, a big dramatic production). The examiner who did this, continuously smirked to another examiner as if they had really accomplished something. I think it actually made them mad because I was so calm, and did not act as if my world came crashing down. Whenever I protested, everyone of them stuck together and denied anything ever happened, even though the other students witnessed it. I protested to the Dean of the college, and the response was, " Well, she didn't SAY anything, and she HAS to breathe, " in an extremely condescending tone. The repeat injection station that they flunked me the whole weekend on was this scene. The examiner kept talking to another examiner about her plans for an upcoming social event. I stopped twice and reminded them that they were supposed to be paying attention because my test was actually in progress. Whenever I verbalized the verification of the name and date of birth, they denied ever hearing it. I took a workshop from excelsior's people and someone asked them how people pass the first time when most of us in the classroom had flunked at least once, their response was, " They are just exceptionally bright." In other words, you are all ###s.
This test some people do pass, they get lucky. I will take the test one last time may 7-9 in albany. Regardless of passing or failing, I am going on to be an optometrist. It's not about the RN anymore.I am probably never even going to use it. However, I am now 6 mths from my 7 year limit on excelsior and will be expelled from the program at that point. I have nothing to lose. Since they have already got as much money that they can get from me, I am hoping to pass this time. I have a 50/50 chance if I take it, but if I don't I certainly will fail. Some people do pass, but I have figured out why.
Legally, they have to have documentation of some wrong doing on your part. They try everything in their power to get you to screw up somehow. The second you do, you fail. The difference in the people who pass and fail is this. Both may perform the entire weekend meticulously perfect. Unfortunately, the ones who fail, are not prepared(as I was not prepared) for complete sabattoge on their part, and it throws you off guard. Your nerves get the best of you, and it only takes one microscopic mistake, and they have you. I am hoping that it is as i predict and all about the money. I hope that they don't give me a hard time, but i tell you this- I am ready. I have nerves of steel. Whatever crap they pull, I am ready. The people that I have met from excelsior are completely unprofessional. I don't think they could work anywhere else and function.
I wish all of you Godspeed. I warn all of you in this program to be prepared and get ready for war, but be ready to believe you will win 100%. Be like me, and get mad enough to pass. Don't let those idiots win. Nurses function very well under stress. Thanks for listening. Good Luck. You are all in my Prayers. Trish
N  3rd of Oct, 2017 by    0 Votes
@trish N. Forgetting to lower the primary bag on IVPB is a big deal. The pt gets more NS than expected and that schedule sensitive antibiotic or other med does not get administered at the Right Time. There is no “my bad” about it. That could have been a med error leading to patient harm.
A  10th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I do agree w/ the above comments. Excelsior College's CPNE makes it extremely difficult for student's to pass. They microscopically critique you on every element of the exam. After months of preparing for this examination, and memorizing the critical elements to the tee, I too failed for the first time this weekend. The CA at the examination site seemed extremely "irritated" and unsupportive (Janesville, WI). She seemed short w/ everyone including some of her CE's. I believe that the Excelsior College Nursing Program is a big joke. You do all of these theory exams, and do a 2 1/2weekend clinical. You have to master all of the assessments and managements skills on your own. If you do not perform it the way they want you to, then you fail. They "knit pick" all of your aseptic techniques and among other things. You get 2 1/2 hours to do your planning, implementation, and evaluation phase (that is including family, physician, other team member disruptions). "Good nursing" managment is not "rushing" through patient care, as in the PCS (patient care situations). In short, I think this is a terrible RN program. You have virtually no support, the CE's are so "knit picky", and I believe that Excelsior College is setting you up to fail (my opinion only). They want you to know all of these skills, and have time managements (2 1/2 hours), but are constantly making you feel nervous. I believe that one should go the traditional route versus Excelsior College, because you will have a better theory compononent, and actually "hands on" instructions, and therefore possibly not be set up to fail. This program is attractive to older worker adults like myself, but the end results can be devastating. I see why several states are not accepting Excelsior graduates. How can you expect to go into the real working world w/ only 2 1/2 days of clinical experience that you learned on your own? To me that is quite scary. I have invested so much money in this program (not only including the yearly fees of $400), so I believe I will give the CPNE one more try. If not I will apply to a traditional school where I will be given proper instructions, and that the program will be accepted in other states. These comments only reflect my personal opinion. You will have to try this program for yourself. Please be careful when enrolling in this program, as it is "dangerous", and not very educational (no support what so ever). Good luck!
A  11th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I am so sorry you didn't pass. However, I firmly believe Excelsior knows and picks who is going to pass. I should have never failed I never even saw a patient the 3rd time. I failed the stupid labs however, passed the 1 and 2nd time.
I just wish I could find an attorney who would take me case and sue them for all the money I spent. I would go up against anyone that passed that test and run circles around them. I am sick to death of people saying "it is doablel" Bull
N  11th of Apr, 2010 by    +2 Votes
addendum...don't anyone say I wasn't prepared. I took their workshop and was "instsructed by the instructors" you will have no problem. The CPNE doesn't measure what kind of nurse you are. If I sound angry I am. I had the DON and Multiple managers of my hospital write a letter on my behalf. Excelsior didn't care they do not respect other Nursing School's and instructors opinions. If someone at a major university hospital that teaches and writes a letter for a student they don't even respond. Excelsior is a cash cow taking money in. Why do you think certain states won't allow nurses from Excelsior work in their state.
A  11th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Please any military educated MA's or LPN's don't have anything to do with Excelsior College or it Pawn Dealer called RUE Education Consultants. They are out to fail as many people as they can especially from the military because we have been educated to be more independent in our roles and are we are more advanced than what this school will tolerate.

If you guys exercise any free judgment in this Nursing Program you will be failed and kicked out of the program. Excelsior College is one of the last citadels of the 19th Century Nursing. They frown very much on men and minorities. I have heard some of these educators use derogatory words towards Blacks and Gays. Please do not consider at all if you are one of the above.

They are looking for the 18 to 20 year old nursing student who is white, female, well off and perfect in their background check. They won't fail you right away though if you have something marring your background for the young student. They will first take your money then fail you and NOT give you a reason why. There's a few others out there like Excelsior College/ Rue Education that need to be brought to the 21st Century. But I personally have never seen the prejudice as I saw in their Nursing Educators.
A  11th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Hi, this SexyTower. Thank you for everyone's support during this rough period. I recently just came home from a 5 1/2 hour drive from Janesville, WI (CPNE). During the drive home, I was emotionally and physically drained. After spending many months of intense preparations, I was not successful in WI. I thought to myself about giving up on this program, but I will not for several reasons: 1) I have spent way too much money, including time and effort on this program 2) The theory components (examines) will not transfer into any other institutions 3) I want to prove these CA's/CE's wrong, and pass the CPNE. Therefore, I can close this part of a chapter in my life. I do firmly believe that the CPNE, which consists of 2 1/2 days of clinicals does not prove whether your a good nurse or not, let alone competent. You are tested in a very intense environment, w/ only 2 1/2 hours to do a planning, implementation, and evaluation phase. In a "real" world situation that would not happen. You can be be a very smart nurse, but under these kind of situations (pressure), you can also "screw" up--which is what I think they are looking for, and fail you. Believe me, 2 1/2 hours to do your planning, implementation, and evaluation phase, plus documentation is not enough time. What happens if a patient is talkative, and likes to "chat" w/ you. You can't ignore them, or else it would be critqued as emotional jeopardy. Again, I believe that there are so many "egg shells" to walk on during a PCS. I failed my CPNE for these reasons. Day 1, I passed all simulation laboratories, except for the IV push, because I ran out of time. I could not for the life of my get the air bubble out of my medication syringe. By the time I was ready to push, I had ran out of time. Day 2, I failed my first PCS, because a piece of paper had fallen on the patients bed (for which I did not see), and my paper work was on the patients desk, w/o a "barrier" on the bottom of it. Therefore, I failed under aeseptic techniques. I was able to repeat my second IV push. I was very nervous from the beginning as in Day 1, because the simulation laboratories was in a room w/ very dim lighting. I wanted to say something, but I wasn't sure how they were going to take those comments, so I kept quiet. I failed the second IV push for having pushed a medication for 1 minute and 55 second, versus the 2 minutes I was suppose to push for. I am not trying to make up excuses for myself, but the lighting was extremely poor, and I felt I was not seeing the plunger properly, and seeing the clock to calculate the speed. To all of you that have failed the CPNE, I do sympathize w/ you, because they are extremely picky, and looking for microscopic things to fail you on. Please, please do not give up on your dreams of becoming an RN. If this is what you want to do, then you find a way to do it. Please do not let Excelsior College's CPNE deter you from it. Again, these sim labs, and PCS's does not prove your skills or anything else. Failing the CPNE is only a minor setback. I am going to reapply for the CPNE, because I want to prove to Excelsior College that I can finish their program, and especially to myself, because that is what matters. If we want to be RN's, then there is a way. Again, hang in there everyone, and best of luck. -SexyTower
A  2nd of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I PASSED. This is an update to my comment that I posted before I took the CPNE. I did pass on my first attempt.

However, I still stand by my earlier statements:

1) May I suggest that Excelsior change this to a graded exam instead of two strikes and you are out. They could set the pass at 95% or something like that. As it is, too many good nurses fail. At a cost of $1, 900 plus travel, it is quite painful if you fail.

2) My advice: “If you can go to a traditional nursing program instead of Excelsior, do so.” If not, the take the Excelsior route and practice for the CPNE before you go.

I will say that the examiners at the CPNE where I took it were as fair as the structure of the exam would allow. They personally wanted you to pass, but if you did not meet the mark, they would fail you.

I strongly disagree with the statements Tronso made about discrimination based on race or sex. I have talked with a number of men and people of color that have gone through the Excelsior program and I have never talked with one that said they experienced discrimination. I am a male and I did not detect any discrimination during the entire program.
N  25th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hi everybody, it is SexyTower. I took my CPNE for the second time around, and passed. I just want everyone to know that the CPNE is most definately difficult, but is doable. For those of you who failed the first time, or even the second time, please do not give up. Redo the CPNE, or go to a traditional RN school. Just remember this, the CPNE does not predict whether or not you will or will not be a good nurse. HANG IN THERE EVERYONE!
A  17th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I was thinking of going through Excelsior, but after reading all these accounts that thought has been cancelled, No wonder there is a nursing shortage. LPN, s/LVN's are a resource that is not tapped into by most nursing educators and places of higher learning. They sure do not make it easy to go back to school to get your R.N. Instead of facilitating their return to school and their ambition to become an R.N., they put up roadblocks and obstacles instead. Sometimes I think that this is what they want so that they have less compitition. Also I have noticed in many traditional programs older students or students with experience already are not as welcomed as the 18 and 19 year olds straight out of high school. How many of them are picking nursing? they have so many other choices now.
A  19th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I took the CPNE in 1994 and passed the 1st time, but I always tell people that the stress took 5 years off of my like. In the many years since getting my RN through Regents/Excelsior I have NEVER recommended this route to anyone thinking of going back to school. I started back to school this year for my BSN and have been enrolled in the University of Wyoming's online program and have been very impressed. I agree with most of your comments. Of the 6 people taking the test when I was, 3 were retaking it, and of the 3 of us to pass, I was the only one to pass it on my 1st try. I still think that it was a miracle.
A  26th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
This last weekend I took my cpne in madison, wisconsin and failed. I knew what i was getting into ( that it had nothing to do with seeing if you were a competent nurse); however, I also knew it had to get done.

I had bubbles on ivpush station with air, and I truly believe it was the vial i chose. For $2, 000 for the wkend they should be brand new vials! Just getting the air bubbles out of my syringes took 3/4 of my time! I literally ran out of time trying to get the stupid bubbles out. The CA said I MUST have put air into the vials, even though he said not to. I did not do that! That was my first lab, then I moved onto the iv drip and I had been practicing with these at home without any time issues, but I ran out of time...Failed again. (practice with slow drips like 38 drips/minute with iv tubing not in a trash can; but at table length in an emesis container) (iv gtts measured by a roller clamp...seriously - why do hospitals have all of these expensive iv pumps with drug libraries and safety dose modes) Also why time people, isn't it just more important they do it correct! It just makes people super anxious...

I passed the wound station, but I think that was only due to the CE not being super picky. The wound situation is stupid as they do not even do these sterilly in real life (talk to an RN who is certified in wounds).

The injection for me went fine, I bent the insulin needle, but had enough time to restart all over again.

I felt the CEs were very nice, and I felt they wanted you to succeed at your labs. The CA was an impatient man, borderline rude the first night. He read this booklet to all of us soooo fast before the labs about the whole wkend it was ridiculous and you couldn't ask any questions. Excelsior should be providing this booklet to the student long before your arrival and have you sign and return it.

I passed the first two pcs situations, the CE's seemed great, but my first one called the grouchy CA with questions to do with the care plan which was exactly from the book and he said my care plan was not individualized enough and weak. I did not personalize my priority careplan rationalization, I stated that maslows heirarchy of needs require a patient to have oxygenization to function at a basic physiological level. Also, since when do we even have to write careplans anymore. Get with technology...we fill them in as appropriate to the patient.

After the first two patient scenarios with a pass/pass. It was time to retake my two labs. Of course they rudely! will not let you practice during your breaks...why is that going to hurt them? What they might have to reset it? ! I once again had loads of air bubbles that took too much time to get out...

My CEs were very nice, especially the second one. The timing on these things are ridiculous. One student flunked her pcs, because her patient immediately wanted a bath, she never left the room, but didn't reidentify her before giving her meds so she flunked. Perhaps they should have just taken points from her, instead of flunking her.

My advice for Excelsior is to get rid of the stupid useless labs, and then grade the pcs situations by a -point system. It should not be a all or nothing situation. Writing the careplans is even stupid, the hospital you are at will even have them preprinted on computer ect. NOONE hand writes these anymore.

I have no alternative, but to repeat this as I have too much money invested. Since I already passed two labs and two pcs-why should excelsior make you redo everything? Perhaps, they should have a program that has a wkend that is 1/2 the cost and u only have to make up what you missed. I also think you should be able to do these idiotic labs as often as you need to until Sunday at 5pm.

I would never recommend Excelsior due to the cpne wkend which is outdated and subjective in some ways. G-o the traditional route. If it is a curriculum without the cpne wkend-I love excelsior, because you can work at your own pace.

I do want to say I have three friends who passed on their first try, one who passed on her second. They did have to take anxiety medicine!
N  5th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I failed my CPNE 2x for the past 4 months and am now scared to take the 3rd and last chance. Just like most of you, our patient care experience based on knowledge and practice for several years...for most of us, it has been our bread and butter. I have a credit of $4000 plus which I used for my CPNE exam fee and hotel accommodation not to mention cost of travel and other miscellaneous expenses.

The CPNE is highly structured and of course competency based but the grading system sucks! Pass or Fail! Can the grading system be set on benchmarks of 90 and above? My first experience, I failed 2 adult patients... one, my nursing care plan was accepted, finished my nursing interventions without flaw, my documentations were complete except that one of my nursing diagnosis was not accepted! Second experience, same thing, finished all my nursing interventions only i failed for missing one documentation- LLQ tenderness. The overall suggestion was for me to attend a workshop. I do notbelieve in the workshop, for one, it is an additional expense. The examiners said, it's the same thing, I already spent money for the 2 exams! The workshop is not convincing for me, I had co-examinees who failed 2x or 3x and yet they have attended the workshop as suggested.They also suggested that I should call the adviser for technical issues. Some of them are not very polite, besides, some of them are the the same examiners we encountered. And just to spice up this comment, one of my patients was a Post op _Hernial Repair with an ileostomy. She has just finished evacuating her ileostomy bag. There was no hand soap in the bathroom. Part of the abdominal assessment was to listen to the bowel sounds of course, so we did using the stethoscope. When it was time for me to listen for the breath sounds, I suggested that we should clean the stethoscope coming from the "filthy" abdomen . The examiner said, it is OK, because we used it on the same patient. What do you think?

I believe all of us who passed and failed all work hard to prepare for this stressful CPNE.WE have invested so mush money and time and effort for this exam. The last exam that we need to pass in order to graduate but I guess difficult to pass because of the grading system.Even those succesful first takers say it's a futile examination!

I am now struggling and stressed thinking how to proceed with the 3rd chance. It's not that I am incompetent or dumb, it's the structure and the grading system! I would have listened to that RN who is a professor from a nursing school advising me not to go to Excelsior. I will not recommend Excelsior. If I am able to get my AS in nursing, I will find another school for my BSN.

Spider luck

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