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I needed a new roof and some home repairs. I called Everhome.

I was lead to believe that there would be no problem with my refinance of my home. I would only be out of pocket $350. Well not only did I end up paying the $350, but another $175 for home inspector. Only to find out my loan was denied and was told they did not have the funds to support my loan in the first place!!!

The reason my loan did not get through??? They said my roof needed replacing. Hello? They totally ripped me off big time!

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  • Am
      19th of Nov, 2008

    You should never have out of pocket cost until the loan closes these are called closing cost. Unfortunatly what happened to you is probably a big scam.

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  • Mi
      3rd of Feb, 2011
    EverHome Mortgage Company - Hotelcal
    Everhome Mortgage Company
    United States

    I just received my 1098 form from Everhome mortgage detailing my payments / interest paid and principal over the last 12 months. they state 7 payments of over $1000.00 to the principal balance made to my account this year. Thanks somebody for reducing my principal by $7900.00 plus

    there are now 10 notes entered in the month of June, one of which minused out the June payment. So do I still owe for June ?? All this was an

    obvious error to which I have made several phone calls

    they did not send me a letter with corrections as they said they would

    so I called them again. same story--cant call there cash management dept direct and don't figure they will ever get this straightened out.

    Meantime I wonder who has a monthly payment coupon printed out and sent by Everhome with my account number on it-- who lost there home due to misdirected payments ??

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