Evans Halshaw Vaxhaull / Car

Hull, United Kingdom

I bought my car in March 2015 a Vauxhaul Astra from priory park in hull I bought the warranty for 2 years which I'm glad I did buy after 2 weeks I had to take the car back as the engine management light come on then it needed a new gear box in the paper work I've got it states that they would provide hire car I wasn't given one when had to take my car in I had to pay £10 and when spoke about this they said don't do it anymore I had a child of one and live in a little village about an hour away from hull I let it it go as fixed the car months carried on the engine management light came back on same again took it in then told to collect on same day which cost me more money backwards and forwards and they became quite horrible to me they became rude cos I had to keep taking it back at one point they tried to charge me for the gearbox and had to prove that I had warranty even though they should have the documents copied onto computer so I decided then to use the Evans halshaw on mount pleasant as bit closer I required them to change the sensor on the engine management light and to see why kept comming on and the gear box was squeeking again they told me have to take back from where I bought it from to get fixed even though they where vaxuall dealership so off back to priory park where they fitted me with a new gear box November 2016 and now engine management light has come back on again this is absolutely shocking that a 2010 car has been back to the dealership more times then I know of and to me has been a waste of money and very costly I'm so unhappy I feel like I need to report this further on

Jan 26, 2017

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