Evans Halshaw / bad service

12 Lawns Croft
New Farnley
LS12 5RL Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to complain about our new car we bought from Evans Halshaw Leeds on the 6th September. We were really looking forward to getting our car. Unfortunately on the 7th September we broke down at 4:30pm and had to call out the AA the car had no power at all, I was so annoyed I contacted Evans Halshaw as well as we wanted the car taking there to be repaired. The manager said to take it before 5:00pm as they were closing then I said this would be impossible as the AA weren’t even there then. The AA finally arrived at 5:00pm so I phoned the manager back at Evans Halshaw and he said to bring it straight down and he would wait for us to arrive in the meantime I had asked for a courtesy car and the manager said sorry nothing we can do. I was boiling inside we had spent all this money on a car and on the first day of driving it we broke down as you can imagine to be told there is nothing that can be done as it was a Saturday we were extremely upset. We eventually arrived around 5:30 and the manager had left after promising us he would stay this made me even more annoyed .We were left with a young man who didn’t even know we were coming it was just lucky that someone was there. The AA man said I think I know what was wrong but need to take a part from one of these cars in the showroom to see if it was this fault it turned out that this was the problem (it was something where all the plugs plugged into) The garage said well keep this part and you can get on your way. I still don’t trust the car to go any distance as frightened of this happening again when I’m alone with two children. If you want names of people from Evans Halshaw you can speak to someone called Mark Pickering who knows all about it.
I’m wanting some form of compensation as this spoilt our weekend.

Karen Horner

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