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Esurance Auto Insurance / Esurance took $832 dollars from my account for over 5 days

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Esurance took $832 dollars from my account for over 5 days because they have no idea how to do their jobs. I called to change to a monthly payment and it was a huge fiasco because they made me sign up for a new plan. I was hesitant because I had a feeling their system is not capable of handling change like this and I was right. The agent assured me multiple times that my old policy was canceled and it would just roll over...not even close to reality. It looked fine as I was charged my monthly rate on my new card of $180 or so, then, out of nowhere, 2 days later they charged the NEW card, that wasn't even given until I switched to the new monthly plan, $832 for the whole 6 month premium on my original plan. This is exactly what they 100% assured me would NOT happen when I changed.

This was Friday night I found the charge and called them about an hour after it went through. After over 1 hour on the phone and transferring to 3 different customer service reps they kept telling me it was their mistake but they can't do anything until "Accounting comes back on Monday and I can try to rush the refund". This was unacceptable, first they were lying as someone in accounting had charged my card just 1 hour previously, second you cannot make unauthorized charges and steal money from customers without a way to refund. Plus there is noway a company with THOUSANDS of employees has not a single person in the office over the weekend. I made it all the way to the Corporate Customer Service Rep, Tara Agent #2480 who assured me there was nothing I could do until Monday and then it would take an additional 3-5 days for my card to refund me. This was not acceptable as SOME PEOPLE HAVE BILLS TO PAY AND CANNOT LET ESURANCE BORROW $1000 OF MY MONEY. I asked to talk to her boss and she informed me she had no boss, lie. She would not help me in any way and informed me that Monday was the earliest she could rush the refund.

They informed me that if the charge caused an overdraft they would cover it...I hope to God they would. But that isn't even the point, I need the money in the account for bills, it won't let me take an overdraft, all my bills will just be declined.

The only thing that got them to move 1 day earlier(it took until Sunday for them to reverse the charges) was to threaten to do this, online reviews. And I had to CC the email to all their customer departments. Now they offered me a $25 gift certificate for them stealing $832 for a whole week, unacceptable.

I had bills to pay and NEVER GOT MY REFUND IN TIME, now I just got another notice saying they are going to charge me an additional $348 for some reason on the policy that was cancelled a week ago, the fiasco continues as I think they are going to try to steal another $400 for no reason, wish me luck and I hope you NEVER buy an Esurance policy EVER! Save yourself the police report as they steal your money!


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