[Resolved] far away from these guys

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I signed up to this site to fine distributors. Fortunately, I paid with PayPal for the yearly subscription of 70 or 80 pounds (That's all they can get me for I hope). Anyway, they said they vet all the sellers. This is total balls. I checked the names against companies house, and half of the companies have dissolved. Stay far away.

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    The company did everything to try to resolve the issue, but after several attempts to contact the complainant, no answer has been received. Therefore the complaint is declared to be untrue.


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      Aug 04, 2011

    Posted by a competitor :)

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      Aug 26, 2016

    I was searching for wholesalers myself and have come across another report, Search "ukdropshop esources scam" for another independant and honest review on the websites mentioned in this post.

    • The user did not respond to the messages. The review should not be taken into consideration.

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      Aug 31, 2016

    Dear “Richard Trollop”,

    There isn’t a single Richard Trollop in our entire 1.4m database : )

    You have been trying to spread false information about us for years, and have always failed : )

    We continue to grow and we receive real feedback from our members every single day, that is all we require to confirm we continue to offer the best service in the business.

    Uk dropshop and dropshipblog were part of a scam drop ship network which we were the first to expose in 2011, and which was since closed down. We will ALWAYS put resellers' interests FIRST, and have done so since 2004. Total dedication to our resale customers is our core value, which is what makes our service the best in its category. ; )

    You can read all about the course of events on (search on the forum for details)

    This is the eSources guarantee:

    1. New Wholesale and Dropship Sources verified daily

    2. Unlimited research: need more sources? Just ask.

    3. Free advice on how to source intelligently

    4. Over 150, 000 verified sources, and growing.

    In short, we continue to grow and we love to help our customers. There is only one type of person who dislikes our success : ) And that person is an inefficient competitor who has every interest in spreading false information instead of focusing on customers. We love helping our customers, we have been dedicated to their well-being since 2004 and will continue to do so with complete passion and despite your fake reviews ; )

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