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Equity Residential / Awful company

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In 2002 I moved into an apartment complex owned by Equity Residential called Tansbourne Terrace in Hillsboro, OR. I lived there from July 2002 to July 2003, and then moved into another complex owned by Equity (that was I suppose my first mistake). When I received the lease expiration notice, I chose not to renew it, and gave them my 30 day notice, moved out. I followed all of the move out procedures, gave them my forwarding address, and turned my keys in on the day that was noted on my 30 day notice. While living there, I had several problems with the assistant manger, and the office staff not being very responsive, and constantly making mistakes. After I moved out, I received a call from the new manger asking about my problems, and apologizing for my bad experience. Overall I had a good feeling after moving out. As far as I knew, everything was paid up, and I didn't owe them anything.

Fast forward 6 years to March of 2009, I get an email from a credit monitoring service that I have saying there was a new item posted to my credit report. I log on and find that there is a collections for $56 from 'Fair Collections & Outsourcing'. I called them to find out what it was and they advised me it was from Tanasbourne Terrace from 2003. They advised me that the address that was provided to them by Equity was the address at the apartment at Tansbourne Terrace (the apartment that they are attempting to collect on), and due to the fact that they did not receive the letter back in the mail, they had to assume that it was valid, and reported it to the credit agencies. They were unable to tell me what the $56 charge was for, and offered me zero information on it. When I attempted to ask them questions regarding this, they hung up on me. I contacted the apartment complex that I lived in 2003, asking them if they had any information. The assistant manager agreed to request the records. Two weeks later she called me back, and told me that she saw a charge on my ledger for $55.89, however the records did not make sense to her, and she was unable to tell me what it was for, and told me to contact their collections department for further information. The next day I called their collections department, and talked to the rudest woman I have ever spoken to in my life, and she told me that she could give me zero information, and I would have to call their third party collections agency, after explaining to her that I had already called them and they refused to give me any information, and hung up on me, she just kept repeating that she could give me no information. I am now in the process of disputing the item with the credit agencies, and the collection agency itself.

Equity Residential is seriously one of the most unethical companies that I have ever dealt with. They had all of the information necessary to contact me over the last 6 years. I have the same work number, I have the same cell phone number, and as stated before, I even lived in another Equity propery for a year after I moved out of this one. They sat on this $56 charge for 6 years, and then send it to a collection agency with a known bad address. I got blind sided with this negative remark on my credit report, and I never had a chance to dispute or validate it.

This stupid little collections on my credit report has devastated my credit score, its taken it from 749 down to 671 and made me ineligible to refinance my house!

Equity Residential will seriously ruin your life. I thought that after 6 years they no longer had a hold on me, but if you fall for their trap and move into one of their apartments, they never truly let go of you.

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  • Ik
      13th of Sep, 2009
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    I rented an Equity Residential apt. in may, 2004. In Oct. 04, I was under medical and financial stress. I gave 30 written notice to vacate by, Nov.30, 04.( and my reasons why. On Nov. 16th, o4, I moved everything into a storage unit, except 2 0r 3 heavy funiture items. On Nov. 30, 04, I got a co-worker to help with those items, and was comletely out of Apt. I cleaned my apt. thorougly.No one was in the office, so I dropped my keys in the mail slot, Also in my 30 day notice I said I would be in contact either by phone or stopping by to take care of my breaking lease obligations. I not only stopped by in the next few days, only to find no-one in the office, but called repeatedly from my mothers home (where I moved, and Equity Residential had my address, and phone number), , and repeatedly got the answering machine, where I left messages with no return calls from the manager. I decided to consolidate my medical and other bills, so I could move on in the future. I ordered my credit reports and discovered I had been evicted. This notice was not sent to me. It damaged my credit report and my life. I tried tenant services, they recomended lawyer, could not afford one. I tried calling their collection dept. and had misleading information from them. They said "You did not give us a 30 day notice", , , next call they said "You did not turn in your keys". They were also rude to abnoxious. I finally disputed the court record with Trans Union, it was removed, but my other 2 reports say I owe $2, 230.00. $113.00 of this is court cost. I have never been so upset in my life. This is one of the most malicious, underhanded, low, dirty things any corporation could do to another human being. I felt like not only was I down and trying to pick up the pieces of my life, but they squashed me like a bug. It is now 4 -5 years later, and I still want to take them to court. If any lawyer out there is willing to get restitution for, ( as it appears on line in several places about this underhanded and unethical Company), then put it out there on the internet and let's get all of this companys ( once upon a time renters ) that got unjustifiably BURNED all together and make them pay their due. There has to be something in the leagal books for these unethical financial predators. Thankyou

  • Li
      24th of Jun, 2010
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    I agree this is the worst rental company I have ever dealt with. I am a landlord myself and would never treat tennants the way this company does. I rented an apartment from them in 2003 because I was looking to purchase a home in a new area. 9 months later I bought a house and gave them my 30 day notice. They gave me the option to pay the penalty based on how soon they could rent my unit out after leaving. It was one of the only townhomes they had in the complex and was always in high demand so of course I chose the option to pay until the unit was rented.

    A few weeks before I moved, the Manager let me know the unit had been rented and I would only owe approx $150.00. The day I was moving she lowered the boom on me and let me know the renter had cancelled and she decided to remodel the unit and it would take at least three months. I ended up owing about $1200.00 because of this. I disputed it with them and told them this was not what we had talked about. Had I known they were going to remodel I would have chosen another option. I didn't think it was fair to ask me to pay rent while they were remodeling the unit. They would not budge and I refused to pay. About a year later I was going to buy another home to rent out and this was now on my credit report as a collection. I of course had to pay them so I could buy the house.

    Since then, I have found out it is illegal in California to charge someone for rent if you re-rent the apartment they were in or if the apartment is not rentable. They charged me for rent while the apartment was not rentable.

    Now I am going to buy another house and that is still on my report as a paid collection.

  • Am
      16th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am so sorry to hear that has happen to you . I am going Thur a situation. I just moved from equity in California . I revived my renewal letter and the rent increased over 11% which pissed me off . I have never been late in 2 years and they would not work with me . So I put my 30 day notice in as was explained on the letter . Now I am finding out I am getting charged 2 add days of rent because the was only 28 days in Febaury . I did advise them according to the letter I had to put a 30 notice in by 2/6/11 and leave on 3/6/11 . The office will not acknowledged this is there mistake . I also advise them if there was only 28 in the month of Febaury why did I have to pay 30 days for rent in Febaury . I told them they should owe me 2 day of rent . The management team told me " It does not work that way " . I have been calling on this same problem for 2 weeks now . I called the corparte office and just left a message for them to call me back . So I really hope me going to corparte will resolve this matter . My Husband and I was thinking about moving back but after this incident I will never give another dime to Equity Residential again .

  • Fo
      17th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    i agree and i just quit working for equity residential in scottsdale arizona at crown court appartments on hayden and princess drive, my maintenance supervisors name WAS Mike Mckibbin a guy who is in his early 20's and still wears his pants on the bottom of his backside showing his tighty whites, and sharon Kluman who drinks at company functions then goes back to work. Mike Bodins the area vice president and his new modo is "let's make then stay longer and pay more and do it with customer service But also cut the spending out and downsize the employee number. i just quit after 2 yrs of working for the worst property manager in the free speaking world SHARON. the last straw was when they fired a friend of mine 2 wks before christmas and told him he had till the 28th because of the holiday to vacate his appartment or pay full rent. this same thing happened to 8 people in two years. when i complainted about my supervisor telling us to take faucets out of the scrap dumpster and rebuild them to use in someones home, their H>R> department susan green told me i was insuboardinate and argumentitive with mike and if it continued it would effect my employment. thats the company called equity residential. on an up note, sharons office needed a new fridge(probably for beverages) but we used on out of the dumpster cleaned out the maggots and but it in her office, thats what our suppervisor Mike Mckibbin told us to do.

  • De
      21st of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    From all the complaints I just read, I think Equity Residential does this everywhere. My elderly mom was renting in Miami, fl and followed the same procedures in moving out. They are charging her a fee for replacing the carpet but in actuality the carpet was not replaced. The were in the process of remodeling all the apartments and were planning on the pulling the carpet up anyhow. They sit their and lie boldly to your face when you know the truth. I have been trying to warn as many people as I can to not rent from people from Equity Residential.

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