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Engine and Transmission World / scam

1 United States Review updated: 2100 E College Ave, Cudahy, WI 53110. [protected]. We placed our order with them on Sep 29th, but due to having the engine shipped to a different state than the billing address, Dale Jones said they couldn’t process it without me faxing my VISA and drivers license to them. After I did, they processed the $1, 290.00 on Oct 4th. Oct 7th I called them to get a shipping number and they said they couldn't’t find my engine and the shipper had lost it. But the email I have with the tracking number on it (received Oct 25th) says the shipper (R&L Carriers) didn’t even pick up the engine till Oct 22nd! I called them to verify this and they told me they picked it up from a Mathew Stuart in IL. 62254. When it arrived on Oct 27th, a month after I placed my order, it was laying on its side with a broken pallet. The shipping tag didn’t have my invoice # on it and said it was a 93 GMC.

It says on their site they provide a free CARfax with each purchase but they won’t let us see the entire thing. When we looked up the engine serial #T0627AAC, the manual from GMC tells us the “T” means it’s a ’96 and is NOT compatible with ours. They sent us a '96, we ordered a '99. The '99 is metric with small bolt holes. The '96 is SAE with large bolt holes. We shouldn't have to buy all new hardware to make this fit what we already have. IF we bought new SAE hardware, the bolt holes are still too big and would have too much play. IF it was a close enough fit, the ‘99 Starter doesn't match the ’96 flywheel. So there's a new starter and flywheel we have to buy.

The engine they advertised had about 33, XXX miles, but interestingly enough, the last time that VIN number (1GNDT13W8X2154007) was sold was Oct 7th (The same day I asked them for a shipping number). They can’t advertise an exact mileage if they don’t have possession of it yet (false advertising).

When we attempt to tell them this they interrupt us and say our mechanic (who is a certified mechanic and my father-in-law) doesn't know what he's doing and is trying to rip us off. We have asked them for a full refund since this is NOT what we ordered, but they refuse saying “the shipping to you is non-refundable, you pay the return shipping and there’s a 25% restocking fee”. When we try to talk to them they yell at us and hang up. Dale Jones and Allen have stated they will no longer be doing business with us because we are seeking legal help, they will charge us the 25% restocking fee and we “had better return the engine”.

We oiled the engine, put on a pressure gauge and spun it. Our test PROVED the engine was no good. Here's what we got: valve 1:210. 2:ZERO. 3:180. 4:165. 5:155. 6:110. They are suppose to be within 25 of each other.

I have contacted my attorney. I have contacted the local police of Cudahy, WI. I have also spoken with Erin Morgan with the United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Wisconsin [protected]) is aware that has changed their name many times, to include: “Midwest City Auto salvage” & “SW engines Inc.” and is investigating them. They have also been a fulltime member of “” since 2002. I reported them to the BBB on Nov 3rd 2010 (they have business ID [protected]). I reported them to the FBI on Nov. 7th 2010. I reported them to "Internet Crime Complaint Center" at on Nov 7th 2010. I reported them to the FTC Consumer Response Center, 1-877-FTC-HELP on Nov 7th reference number is: [protected], OMB number: [protected]. I have reported them to NBC channels 4 and 15 on Nov 10th. I have reported them to ABC channel 12. I have contacted the city hall of Cudahy, WI. on Nov 10th. I have contacted the city of Cudahy, WI. on Nov 10th. I have contacted Fox news channel 6 on Nov 10th. I have contacted 20/20 on ABC, Nov 10th. I have contacted 60 minutes on CBS, Nov 10th. I will not rest till they cannot rip off anyone else again.

Thank you for your time in this matter that has gotten out of hand.

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  • Tr
      20th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    These clowns have had 99 BBB complaints since June '09. Shameless. But they have this hilarious message on their website: "Be aware of brokers that pretend to be actual salvage yards. Companies that do not have an actual yard with a full inventory are brokers, and they are simply up-selling you for a larger profit. These brokers sell you a marked up part, then they scour the internet and purchase the cheapest low quality parts and purchase them for next to nothing. They then proceed to send that part to you. They do NO testing, NO cleaning, and provide NO documentation."
    There's nothing wrong with brokering - all recyclers do it - but these guys are idiots for giving a warning then doing the exact same thing!

  • Dr
      9th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Good for you. I am fortunate that I got the yelling before I gave them a dime. The sales represenative got very upset because I caught him in a lie. I hope people research them before making a purchase from them, I hope they get them shut down.

  • Pr
      9th of Feb, 2011
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    Engine and Transmission World - Possible Resolution to bad engine.
    United States

    In an earlier post dated 12/05/2010 we aired our grievences with Engine and Transmission World. After spending more money to try and use what they sent us the engine did fail. E and T was conntacted successfully and have promised us a full refund once the engine is returned to them. We will let you know.

  • Au
      5th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I was searching for a 1999 Mitsubishi Galant ES engine online and happened to run across this website called SW Engines. The first result that turned up was an engine which had 23, 132 miles on it and was priced at 1, 145.00 with free shipping and a three year warranty(parts and labor). I called the 800 number provided and when I was connected with the dude in the parts department, I asked him about the warranty. I told him that I would like to see that I had this three year warranty in writing before I purchased this part. He stated that when I receive my invoice(basically after I purchased it, then I would have this "warranty" in writing). THEN I asked him, what kind of engine is this. And he gets a damn attitude and says it's a used engine...I'm like no ###. I know its a used engine, but what kind of engine with 23, 000 miles sales for 1100 dollars? My mechanic called two different places and one place he called he found an engine with 70, 000 miles on it and it cost more than this engine so I'm very curious about what kind of engine this is. I get pissed because I'm already stressed out about my car, so when I'm expected to spend over 1000.00 for a part, I expect a little more respect and sympathy then what I was given. This dude insulted my intelligence and I just hung up the phone after I told him that I didn't like his attitude. Which brings me to this site to do some background search on these people. I'm so glad I did because they won't be getting a dime from me. I hope you get your money back man. I'm a woman and I've been jerked around so much by mechanics these last few months everytime I even think about putting my car in the hands of another mechanic I always do my research to make sure what they're doing is really nescessary and I'm not just giving my hard earned money away...DO NOT use these guys, they are shady. All I had to do was talk to them on the phone to figure that out...

  • Im
      2nd of Aug, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I ordered a transmission for a 99 ford ranger, and the shaft in the bell housing was stuck in backwards and my mechanic friend and I couldn't get it out. I called to have them send another transmission and this time the housing on the tapered end was missing entirely! When I called back, they said take the housing off the first one and use it. Before we installed it, I put all new seals in it, a new fluid filter, and a new main gasket. We got it all hooked up and it wouldn't go into any gear at all, not even fwd or reverse! And all the fluid is shooting out an air vent in the top, and its making a grinding sound! So I called back again, and got my mechanic friend on the phone with them. He told them they were ripping us off! I talked to Dale Jones myself and he acted like it wasn't their problem! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE! I lost $750 just on the transmission alone! DON'T YOU BE NEXT!

  • Ka
      14th of Aug, 2011
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    I just got took by this company. My email is [protected] I guess I have lost my money because my tranmission was finally delivered after a month and would not work. I called and talked to Mr. Jones and was told my mechanic left it out in the rain because he got a gallon of water out of it. We have been hung up on, talked down too and still no working tranmission. BTW the tranmission would not move out of its tracks..YOU know the tested one I bought. was suppose to get one this week but did not ..Going to see a lawyer this week, going to card holder and Attorney General. With all of these complaint and the same one after another I dont see why Mr. Jones and his other crew can not be shut down and all money returned..Maybe take it from them and see how they feel. I am going to go else where BUT I will get my money back plus labor..Mr. Dale Jones and u can take that to the bank..Let contact our State Attorney General and Close them down..No More!

  • An
      3rd of Sep, 2011
    +4 Votes

    I completely agree with this complaint, because the EXACT same thing happened to me.

    They sent me a rusty old engine without the CarFax, and when I called Allen requesting the CarFax, he outright refused to send it to me and even taunted me that there's nothing I can do about it. My mechanic told me that the engine looks like it has way more than the 32k miles that Engine and Transmission World advertised on their website and advised against installing that rusty piece of crap, so I sent it back to Engine and Transmission World, which cost me $520 in shipping fees since I did not have a business account with the carrier, and now not only are those thieves at EATW charging me the 25% restocking fee (about $400), they are also charging me their "cost" to ship it out that junk engine out to me in the first place (about $300), so all in all, I spent $1, 220 and all I got for it was 3 months worth of stress and frustration from dealing with those thieving ### at EATW. If you do business with them, you will get screwed over too. They'll be nice to you until they have your money, then they'll treat you like crap. You have been warned!

  • Bg
      16th of Sep, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I ordered specificly an F22-a6 engine for my Honda, which they assured it would be. What came was an F22-a4 with a bent valve (they claim to run the engines before sending). After jumping through ridiculace hoops, they replaced the engine with an F22-a1 which was the opposite of what I wanted claiming that they don't differentiate between engines even when the invoice says otherwise. Finally, very poor customer service to finish the package. Avoid these guys.

  • To
      27th of Oct, 2011
    +3 Votes

    This has been a nightmare come true.

    I ordered an engine yesterday from this company because they were the only one who promised a Carfax and a compression check. I paid about 40% more than other companies were charging. After taking my credit card info they e-mailed me an order form where it states that under the Terms and Conditions No.7. All returned or cancelled orders are subject to a 25% handling and restocking fees plus customer assumes all shipping costs.

    Now I understand a company charging a nominal fee for shipping a motor and having to restock the item because the customer decides he no longer wants the part. After all, this is time consuming, right? Especially a bulky item like an engine. With a forklift that could take all of 20 minutes each way... My motor was $1595 + a $295 3 year warranty. So 25% of $1595 is $398.50... Wow! OK, fair enough. In actuality, under the Terms and Conditions, ETW could send you a junk motor, your mechanic could charge you $1000 + to install it and another $500 to pull it again and then the customer is responsible for shipping the motor back and STILL incur the 25% fee... I better make sure that motor is what I want before it gets "handled". I called immediately after I e-mailed the SIGNED and Dated order and left a message for the salesman to call me back. After 20 minutes and no response I called again and after being passed around to 3 or 4 departments I asked a representative to get the compression check e-mailed and the Vin# on the CarFax over the phone. Well, the CarFax was supposedly on the engine itself and he was too busy to retrieve it but he assured me that someone would do it by the end of the day which was about 2 hours. Gee, the order form was sent immediately. Why was this small task suddenly so difficult. Oh, that's right, I was only spending $1890 total... there were much more important customers to tend to! That's when I decided to cancel the order and the nice salesman told me it would cost me 7% or $132.30... 30 MINUTES after I placed the order. Wow again! I asked the rep if I could wait for the CarFax and think about it over night. ETW rep, "No problem." I told the rep to not do anything with the motor until they heard from me again. At days end and no CarFax e-mailed I called to cancel the order, prepared to fork over the $132.30 and cut my losses rather than incurring the ominous 25% fee lurking in the background once the motor gets handled. Well, everyone except the order guy, who could only take your money and not able to give it back, was manning the phones. That's when I contacted my credit card Co. to handle the problem. A 3-way call was unproductive but we were assured that the motor would not be handled and that I would get a refund the next morning.

    The next morning a 3-way call was placed to Allen Simmons who claims to be the highest man on the totem pole although Mark Dobrenko is the noted owner on the BBB site. Simmons immediately went into a long tirade about how impatient customers were and when I cut him off at the pass to tell him basically, "No CarFax, no engine order. You're too late." He raised his voice about how dare I speak over him and that I was going to be charged 25% of not only the cost of the engine but 25% of the warranty as well... Grand Total $472.50 and the motor never moved an inch. This charge may be unrecoverable because I signed the order although it WAS NOT what I agreed to.

    After my credit card rep heard first hand the abuses of ETW through the 3-way call and his supervisor called ETW to confirm the unthinkable, the card co. immediately placed all the funds back onto my account through Mastercard and are opening an investigation into this matter. I also was advised to change my card # to avoid these seasoned thieves from burglarizing my account any further.

    As stated in the above complaint ETW also operates as “Midwest City Auto salvage” & “SW engines Inc.”

  • Pa
      4th of Apr, 2012
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    Engine and Transmission World - Customer service
    Engine and Transmission World
    P O Bx 370703
    United States

    I ordered an engine for my 2002 Toyota Corola. I got the engine and had to replace the oil pan because the one that came with the engine was damaged. The crankcase was full of sand. I cleaned it up and installed it in the car. It did run ok, but it would use 1 quart of oil per tank of fuel. I also purchased the 3 year 36, 000 mile warranty for $395. I did not drive the car much and it took a while to get some miles on it. I e-mailed them about the oil consummation, and they asked me if I had called them to activate my warranty. I figured that after I bought it, it would be in effect. I was wrong. So I am out of luck. I do not know who they paid to write those testimonials, but after what I have dealt with, and seen here, they won't be getting one from me. At least I got my engine, some folks never did, and it was what I ordered. If you are thinking about buying ANYTHING from these people, I would reconsider. I would NEVER EVER EVER use these people again!

  • Mi
      27th of Sep, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I ordered an engine from got engines also known as engine transmission world (ETW). At the time of purchase I was told that for $1000.00 it would come with a 3yr warranty parts and labor. Now one year later the engine has given up on me it seems to have spun a connecting rod bearing. I have called a number of times today no one can find record of my warranty, I have left messages for Dale with no response. I briefly talked to a warranty paper work handler, she was rude and basically a [censored]. This engine left me stranded on the side of the road 3 hrs away from home and no one at sw engines gives a damn. If anyone is pending legal action and need witnesses or testimony let me know. Anything I can do to help so no one else gets ripped off by these guy. [protected]

  • Me
      20th of Nov, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I purchased a replacement used Cummins diesel engine for my 2002 Dodge Pickup. I was impressed by the 3 year warranty and the attractive price ($2895/free shipping). The engine arrived on time and appeared to be as advertised. It was professionally installed and ran like new...for about 300 miles. Three connecting rods in the Number 6 cylinder blew and left me stranded by the side of the road. The installer runs a full service diesel shop so I had him tow it back to his shop. He suspects the internal oil pump went bad (allegedly covered by the warranty). When SWE refused to return my calls, I finally talked to the parts guy who gave me a number at EngineLast (their 'warranty' service). Never got a live person, only phone message service which never returned my calls. I contacted Discover and they initiated a claim. Within 20 minutes of the call to Discover I received a terse email from EngineLast informing me that since I never returned required warranty registration papers, I was not covered. I never received any documentation with the engine or instructions on how to register the warranty. I am hoping Discover follows through with my refund on the original cost of the engine. As it cost $2695 to have the engine professionally installed, I am already $5600 into this mess. IF the engine is repairable, the repairs will probably cost more than the original engine. It is clear that the warranty service has enough fine print to avoid responsibility and even if they did, the process of meeting the claim requirements would require additional shipping costs with no guarantee of justice. In the meantime, I am without my truck. These people need to be put out of business! leo.[protected]

  • Ke
      28th of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    ... and the beat goes on. Like the previous reviewers, I am getting killed right now financially because of these scammers. My situation is almost exactly like the one above me, with a 5.4 liter V8 engine for an F-150. It was total garbage and failed after less than 2 weeks of use, and will not cost $1300 in parts + $1400 in labor to fix... tack that on to the original engine purchase and installation labor, and I have now spent MORE than if I would have bought a brand new engine + install from Ford for $6, 700 total, with full warranty covering labor too! After multiple days of being ignored by SWE, my father finally got a hold of Dale Jones, and he made up some lie about the warranty being void because I didn't call a number to activate it, as stipulated in the warranty. This is an obvious lie that they know I can easily check. I called the warranty company and they said they hadn't even written it yet. SWE said they don't send parts, so they'll just send a new engine. Great, I have to wait another 3 weeks for a piece of crap engine with no papers or way to find out if it's working, and shell out how much more for a rental car? I am just going to pay Ford to repair it, because the $2700 to do that is a better deal than waiting 3 weeks and spending $2000 for an install of a [censored] engine that may break down again at any time. What I'm most pissed about, is that I didn't do enough research before hand to find all this out, and that my hard earned money is totally wasted, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. HOW ARE THESE PEOPLE STILL OPERATING!? Here is their supposed address... type it into Google and go to "street view", and take a look. It's basically a vacant lot with a sign: 25333 5th St, San Bernardino, CA 92410

    Please, anyone, if you're reading this, don't make the same mistake as the rest of us have. kevin.martin77 @ yahoo . com

  • Jm
      11th of Jan, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I almost can't believe what I am reading, as I too have fallen victim to their scam. I ordered a V8 engine from on Nov 29, 2012 for my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee due mostly to their awesome "parts and labor" warranty, free shipping, and their very professional looking website. The motor arrived 2 weeks later and was very clean and painted nicely. The very first problem was they shipped the wrong version of the engine (with absolutely no paperwork) and my mechanic had to swap the intake from my old motor. Then we found out the water pump was bad, so we had to change that part as well. I should have stopped then and there, but after a complete engine install and nearly $1000 in labor, we fire up the engine and find it has significant valve train noise. So I spend more money to open up the engine and find out what is going on. We then discover the cam is bad!! So I call SW engines and talked to Dale in the "parts" department. He offers to ship me another engine, but says that they do not cover labor. It is then that I decided to do some online research and found out that this company is a total scam!! I so wish I had done my research before ordering this piece of junk engine. I am totally screwed on the labor charges and now have to pay more money to have this damaged motor uninstalled and shipped back. According to Dale, I have to pay the return shipping and a 25% restocking fee!! And I still have a Jeep with no engine. I am calling Citibank today to dispute the charge and let them know about all of the claims against this company, which has operated under several different names. If anyone wants to file a class action lawsuit, I would be all for it. I am calling the BBB and anyone else I can think of to help stop these thieves. [protected]

  • Uf
      2nd of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    Thank you guys for sharing your experiences, i was about to order an engine. I hope you all get your hard earned money back. Can you recommend a good engine site ?

  • Vi
      15th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    Enough said! I'm just another victim; Experienced all of the above. I reported them to BBB, opened a case with the Attorney General, I called FTC and FBI field offices. I can't believe they're still allowed to operate.

  • At
      8th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    So glad I checked out this site. Almost ordered a transmission from them. My gut told me to check into this company better before doing so. Sorry for all those who got taken advantage off. People like this will stand before God one day and have to deal with their abuse of others.

  • Dr
      12th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    Where is this sw engines out of they don't list a state or address.i ordered an engine on 4-1-2013 and have not heard anything from them.i should have done my research before buying from them I kick myself in the rear end now, have called them on the status and they just flip you from person to person and never answer the phone.

  • Ke
      14th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    UPDATE: I posted on November 28the. I seem to be one of the lucky few that found some resolution. But not from Southwest Engines/Engine & Transmission World. I bank with Bank of America and used my Visa check card to originally buy the engine. I contacted their fraud department and told them I was scammed by these people. I was able to provide them withe factual info they could substantiate about these crooks having been reported to the FBI, the US Attorney's office, and the CA state Attorney General. I provided documentation from the Ford dealership verifying the engine was unworkable and unfix-able, including costs I was to incur if I chose to buy another engine + labor. With all this data (especially from Ford), the bank refunded me the $3, 000 cost of the junk engine I bought. Bank of America contacted Southewest Engine's bank and gave them the opportunity to dispute my claim, and they couldn't. Hopefully more of you can do sometheing similar and force these criminals into the position where no bank will work withe them.

    p.s.- to the previous poster about your address question, I mentioned this in my Nov. 28 post: "Here is their supposed address... type it into Google and go to "street view", and take a look. It's basically a vacant lot with a sign: 25333 5th St, San Bernardino, CA 92410"

  • Ke
      14th of Apr, 2013
    +1 Votes

    ... one more thing. They agreed to ship a 2nd engine, since the first one was defunct almost immediately, before any (phony) warranty could even be written. I said, OK ship it to Ford, knowing I had already filed my fraud claim. They shipped the second one (took another 2-3 weeks), and then I cancelled my check card Southwest Engines had on file. I then instructed my service manager at Ford to refuse to accept delivery off the truck when it arrived. That way, it gets shipped back to sender AT THEIR EXPENSE. So I was able to force them to eat probably $800 or so, plus avoid any B.S. restocking fee by canceling my check card. Not the type of justice I really wish for, but a little something.

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