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Posted: Sep 7, 2015 by    

Scam that must be stopped

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Consumers are getting phenominally increasing solicitation about buying Kangen Water Systems, and big claims about it's health benefit. This seem to be the newest scam that is spreading like wild fire and must be stopped. They are exploiting old people, sick people, uneducated people and innocent victims. Should not the FTC investigate this Multi-level Marketing scheme as a Ponzi scheme?
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A  11th of Sep, 2015 by    +1 Votes
Yes, Kangen Water (Enagic) is one of the vilest of the MLM scams. A great many Kangen distributors blatantly violate the law by claiming "the water" cures various forms of cancer and at least 50 other major diseases/conditions. These of course are blatant lies, and to my knowledge, there are no western peer reviewed journal articles or studies in existence that back up these fantastical claims; only unsubstantiated miracle cure testimonials which are of course worthless. If the parent company (Enagic) made these claims, they would have already been shut down a decade ago. But because Kangen distributors are considered "independent business owners" (although the legality of this approach is dubious when put in the context of U.S. or Canadian Tax Law), individual distributors can make these unlawful claims while the company remains safe and secure as a separate entity. If a direct connection between the "miracle cure" claims of the MLM distributors and the parent company Enagic could be established/proven, it would be possible (and straightforward) to shut this filthy scam down once and for all.
D  5th of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes
This post is an outright lie, if any representative of Enagic claims the machine is a "Cure" for Cancer or any other disease then they are in violation of company policy and immediately terminated. Personal testimony of individuals that have had remarkable results drinking the water produced by this machine are entitled to give their stories and experiences. You have no right to discredit their own results and overall health improvement because you want to have an "Opinion" about this product. If anyone is approached by a distributor with Enagic and told this product is a "Cure all" or "Cures" certain diseases, then you need to immediately report them to Enagic. Quite honestly i challenge this poster, who by the way, if they are such the credible individual concerned with citizens being so called ripped off, then why is it people like this always hide their name?...but quite honestly i challenge this poster to show solid proof of any Enagic distributor going around claiming this machine and the water it produces is a "Cure" for cancer...Let's see you step to the plate and back your post and come out of your cave, Mr. or Mrs. so called "Concerned Credible Citizen"...FYI, for those of you out there that twist and or are uneducated to what is legal to state and what is not, here are a couple of examples. "Enagic Kangen water i believe helped me fight Lupus, because these are the results i have never seen before until i started drinking the water"...as compared to "Enagic Kangen water cures lupus or Cures acid reflux or Cures cancer! Or gives me more energy!"...See the difference? The first statement is perfectly legal and Enagic has countless testimony of individuals across the globe who will back that statement up with their own direct life experience with the product. The 2nd statement however is completely illegal and if you ever hear any person with Enagic state that, then simply report them direct to Enagic, not run to the internet, hide then cry like a child, probably because life isn't going that great for you, so you need something to attack..
N  8th of Sep, 2016 by    0 Votes
Hello Pete:
Sorry for the slow reply as I don't spend much time following these threads.
Despite your use of ad-hominems towards me and my post, I will dignify your post with a reply. The hysteric and aggressive rhetoric present in your language is a reflection of the typical cult-like zeal of how MLM/network marketing (pyramid scheme) peddlers defend their products.
Challenge Accepted (and I could list many more):
"Killing Cancer with Kangen Water"
"Ionized Water Treatment for Cancer"
Why Kangen Water is bunk
Lastly, I would direct you to the definition of Weasel Words: "words or statements that are intentionally ambiguous or misleading"
When a website or distributor lists miracle cure testimonials associatively with a product, it leads to the conclusion that the product is a treatment for a particular disease or condition. These Kangen cure testimonials are found by the thousands on the internet (and spewed by Kangen pyramid schemers, oops I meant distributors), yet there are no western peer reviewed medical studies to back up any of these claims (The word "Snake Oil Salesman" applies here perfectly).
The definition of "intellectually dishonest": Intellectual dishonesty is a failure to apply standards of rational evaluation that one is aware of, usually in a self-serving fashion. If one judges others more critically than oneself, that is intellectually dishonest.
Now please control your ad-hominems, it doesn't help your credibility.

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