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Slovenia Review updated:

A fcuking ### Italian has sold me some Emprio suits an jackets. He said he's heading home to Italy after a trade fair and he has some with some samples, which he doesnt need. He even showd some catalogue.
I shoudl have been more wise...

He offered me 2 coats for free, if I buy the suit. I chekced the quality, which was not too bad, but I havent checked the branding, and the the overall outlook. That was a huge mistake.

I looked for some other coats and jackets, altogether 2 suits and 4 coats, so overall 370euros have gone. Hopefully I can backup some by selling those to someone.

Learning: DO NOT EVER EVER EVER buy anything, which looks VERY VERY VERY good. That IS THE TRICK.
Especially DO NOT BUY ANYTHING on the street. Buy Emporio Armani in the shop.

I wish to that Italian ### to spend all that money to his childrens' useless chemotheraphy.
Ive never beaten anyone yet, but now I feel, I could kill him now.

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  • Tr
      May 27, 2010

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    our bank account number. The loan company, in general, should
    be honest or soon or later noone will dare to apply a loan online
    and this would be a shame for those who do this kind of business.
    We are living in a democratic and civilized country so we should never behave like those of the communist ones such as China, North Korea, Viet Nam, Cuba ...

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  • Ca
      Feb 23, 2011

    The same thing has just happened to my husband yesterday in the centre of London! Same type of clothing, same story and £200 for the lot! Hopefully, we will also be able to sell them off and get a little money back

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  • Kz
      Feb 26, 2012

    Dear Peter2,
    I thoroughly agree that one should not buy on the streets. After all, the merchandise may be hot and stolen material. This same person showed up in San Bruno, California, USA, around two weeks ago, by a thrift store which sells for a large non-profit group. He was on to me about the same as he was on to you in 2010. I told him I had no money, yet insisted in getting his business card to do trade with him. After a lot of fiddle-faddleing, he gave me his card. Here is the info. as printed on the card,
    E.A. collezioni
    Emporio Italian Fashion
    Fashion Designer
    Via Monte Napoleone 1
    Milano, Italy 00130

    He seems to be the kind of person making bad name for the Italians and their fashion industry. Hope the information helps.

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  • To
      Apr 11, 2012

    I also got conned by this artist in Dubai! I've done quite a lot of research on the web and found out a lot about it!
    It's not 1 person operating alone, there's a gang of 20 to 30 people operating this scam in the UAE for the past 6 years (members of the Mafia). They are originally from Naples, holding fake identities/addresses and they've been searched internationally as they have criminal history in other countries where the scam reached higher levels. They remain in the UAE due to a lack of extradition treaties. This is just one of the many italian organized crimes that have been operated globally.

    Organized Crime is nowdays the biggest business in Italy according to the Confesercenti authoritative report, it takes about $250 million/ day from retailers and businessmen. The UAE is an important crossroads for business, and as result, also for crime. These gangs normally mantain legitime business holdings worldwide that are offen used as a cover for their criminal operations.

    Be aware of this scam! His name was Gaetano which is associated to a range of other scams worldwide. These people are extremely skilled and enjoy taking honest money from others! The best artists wear suit and tie, and the funny thing is that I recently saw the same guy on a maserati!


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  • Pa
      Nov 02, 2013

    I had this experience in London near the Heathrow airport. I've attached the passport picture and details. After reading all these posts, it may not be genuine but it's better than nothing.

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  • Ga
      May 01, 2016

    Is a liar European accent 40 years old Northern Boulevard & 160 st in Queens, New York in the parking lot,
    1 to the airport road,
    2 Take clothes,
    3 into money.

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  • Br
      May 20, 2016

    A guy is running around Rosarito Mexico definitley Italian has a strong accent. He is offering these jackets but first asks where the airport is. He got me for about $140 for 3 jackets. Not too bad. Could have been worse because he showed me an invoice that the retail was about $1000 each. Not true. O well. He likes to hang out at banks and wait for someone coming out.

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  • To
      Jul 06, 2017

    Exactly the same story just happened to me in Paris, France. An Italian guy in a car seems to ask for directions, and then told me he was leaving the fashion week, having spent all his money partying, his credit card was blocked and he needed money to buy fuel to go back to Italia. He was very friendly and I didn't see the scam coming. He said he could give me for free what ha has left from the exposition, 3 jackets. i didn't care, so I proposed to help him for free and he would pay me back once at home. I ended by giving him 100 €. He still insisted to give me his ugly jackets, this made me think he was a good guy, until I found those posts...

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  • Pa
      Feb 25, 2019

    I just had the same experience in Paris. I was tired and late for a train. I just wanted to get rid of the guy. I must admit he's clever though. I'm having the jacket looked over by a fashion designer friend tomorrow to see if it's worth anything.

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