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Employment Crossing / Unauthorized charges

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On October 14 I gave my B of A debit card information to Employment Crossing, as they promised to provide more job ads. They also promised to not charge employers. Not only did I wish to place a job posting for my employer, I wanted to look for a new HR job.

I was unable to 'view' anything (sample-wise) until I gave my debit card information. Two hours later, after I witnessed that there were no 'new jobs' that already were not on or AND after I unsuccessfully attempted to post a job posting for my employer, I called to cancel the 'free trial'. I spoke with 'Lacey' who answered the general number. This was just 2-hours after I placed the order. Lacey confirmed cancellation and stated I would receive an e-mail.

Two days went by and I did not receive an e-mail from Employment Crossing, verifying my cancellation. Instead, I received a marketing e-mail by a 'J. Simpson -Manager'. I replied to the e-mail two times, and did not receive a reply back. I found an e-mail address for the owner of the company, 'Andrew Harrison Barnes' and shared with him my frustration. No reply from Mr. Barnes.

I looked over their website extensively and in small print read that I had to 'call to cancel', I could not write. This was fine, as I had called on October 14 at around 2 PM and spoke with 'Lacey' (Incidentally, I was on hold for 25 minutes before she picked up and from the sound of the 'call center' sounded like they were in a garage!).

I did not receive a confirmation from J. Simpson or Mr. Barnes so I tried calling again on October 17. I tried calling 4 times and each time I called, was on hold longer than 15-minutes. I could not remain on hold at work, so I hung up.

On October 21 I noticed that $29.95 was indeed taken from my checking account and I called Employment Crossing again. After waiting on hold for at least 30-minutes, a man, I believe his name was 'Ken' answered. He put me on hold several times and told me that J. Simpson was 'no longer there' but he could help me. He said that for whatever reason, my cancellation was not processed, but it would be within 24-48 hours.

On October 30 I received another marketing e-mail from Employment Crossing (J. Simpson again). I replied that I would contact my attorney if they did not refund my bank account and cancel immediately. I received a general reply back the next day (October 31) that they were processing my cancellation and I could expect a refund within 2 days. I e-mailed J. Simpson back that I had used my DEBIT CARD, not credit card and it was my understanding that refund processes are handled differently, as the cash was taken from my account... not a credit card. I did not receive a reply back.

Today is November 4, and I still have not received my refund. Because money was taken out of my bank account, and Employment Crossing misrepresented themselves, I have no choice but to contact an attorney as well as several agencies which will [help] expose Employment Crossing for their fraudulent activity.

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  • Tt
      24th of Nov, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Sorry you were ripped off by these guys - I was too.

    Signed up for 7-day trial, then selected 30 days to try a little longer ($30). Got a bill for $72.50 - somehow got changed to 3 months.

    Called to dispute (routed to India) and they argued that's what I selected - which I did not. They would not fix - finally said they would fix it only if I signed up for another account!!! Fat chance!

    Also, my bank would not correct unless I had an email receipt (which I never got).

    Also, try cancelling your account in your account section - you can't, you must call. And they won't prorate.

    Also refused to let me speak to a supervisor.

    They are bad all the way around - lots of polices that are to their advantage and screw the customer.

    It's pretty cold for them to victimize people that need work.

    Shame on you Employment Crossing!

    Stay away from them and all Marketing, Sales, etc Crossings.

  • Da
      14th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I too was ripped off. I have to wait til the end of this month to see if they try to charge my card again. The first time I tried to call they said I'd get a cancellation email...instead I received a "welcome" email. I was livid. I called again after the weekend had passed, My tone of voice was VERY direct, and I was stern with what I wanted. No more than 5 minutes after I called I got the email stating they had canceled it. I will be watching my bank account, and if charges are pulled out of my account again I'll be calling again mentioning that I will be more than happy to contact the Attorney General's Office.

    So everyone..beware!.

  • Ya
      7th of Jul, 2009
    -4 Votes

    I had a good experience with EmploymentCrossing
    i was easily able to find a job within the first two weeks of signing up and am now currently employed andmaking a great living. i greatly recremend this very useful and easy to use web site. And the fact lots of people are slandering a good website is just plain criminal

  • Je
      7th of Jul, 2009
    -2 Votes

    For me, EmploymentCrossing gave me an excellent opportunity to obtain work when before I did not believe that I could. Not only find employment that fit my work style and ethic in every way imaginable, but it was one of the first times in which I was confident in my ability to fulfill the duties that were assigned to me. I would recommend EmploymentCrossing to anyone who was interested in getting a job that suits their needs.

    EmploymentCrossing is not a scam, and is not interested in treating any interested party unfairly. It is obvious that diligent work was put into the researching of jobs that were posted on their site, and I believe that no other site on the internet can provide the services that EmploymentCrossing provides.

    One of the things I was most impressed by was the specialization of the employment they have listed on their site. From accounting to high management, these opportunities have been looked over and tailored to your needs, and I was amazed at how fast I was able to find a listing on their suggestions that spoke to me as something I needed to pursue.

    In all honestly, there is nothing I can complain about in regards to EmploymentCrossing, and I will be recommending it to all of my friends who seeks the means to find a job that not only fits them, but exceeds their expectations of what steady employment can be.

  • Be
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    +2 Votes

    The above two comments are suspect. The owner of EmploymentCrossing is known to pay people who have never used the site to post positive but false information. I used another company run by the same person who runs EmploymentCrossing and it was like throwing money down the drain.

  • He
      26th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Employment Crossing and all the other "Crossing" permutations are a complete scam.
    1.) they obfuscate their Terms and Conditions during the Free Trail come-on
    2.) the disguise their emails using a fictitious "J.Simpson" (as in Homer J. Simpson) as the sender, rather than the name of the company billing, thus decreasing the number of people who actually gain access
    3.) they count on victims losing track of the Trial process, many of whom probably never even get onto the site because of #2., above
    4.) in my case they used a second company name to ding my account the first time, thus ringing no bells when that first credit card statement arrives
    5.) then switching to yet another d.b.a. for subsequent billing-- further distancing their company from the fraud
    6.) cancellation of the billing is only possible by digging deep to find that one local phone number
    7.) then a paid accomplice tries to bully the victim over the phone, to get them to accept the fraud as the vicitim's fault!
    8.) they tout their 175 South Lake Avenue, Pasadena address on their website, then claim to have moved out when the process server comes around
    9.) Barnes is listed with the CA Sec of State as the party to be served, but gives his Malibu mansion address for service
    10.) that address is listed as a prestigious Rental property-- the rental agent is at the 175 South Lake Avenue, office!
    ... and the list goes on.

    This operation appears designed to function like a tick, under the hairline, sucking just enough blood from thousands of victims, enriching Barnes and his lackeys. I believe there is big time criminal fraud here in a field designed to help people in need, victimizing them when they can afford it least.

  • Ch
      16th of Sep, 2009
    -2 Votes

    I have gone through the comments here on site and am unable to rely on these facts as I had a good experience with Employmentcrossing site, in particular. I have few friends also who got benefited from here and could get a good start. I trust on this website and can say that this site is not at all a scam site. In fact in this recession also they have their flags high in contributing lot of job seekers around the globe.

    In fact, this is the only site which maintains very ellaborative and comprehensive database for each and every kind of jobs. I think it has more than 100 sister sites, which takes care of each expertise area into active consideration just to ensure to fulfil our goal. They offer specifically the particular requirement of one's carrer's objective right from scratch to the ultimate goal. They have focussed objective and their mission is clear like water.

    We see everyday that a new site pop ups with great commitments but have we ever tried to set focus on their activities, their database strength, their resources, their intensions etc. No, because they have nothing to do in reality whereas Employmentcrossing performs their role with honesty with so huge knowledge and experience. I, personally, fully appreciate the role and operation of this site and I am very much sure that they can not become scam.

  • Un
      21st of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    It's funny how all the "positive" reviews here sound as though they were written by people who do not have English as their first language. How coincidental when employmentcrossing's customer service center is in India.

    Coincidence? I think not. I won't even bother to sign up for the "free" trial because I've had my share of scams in the past.

    Thank you all for the honest reviews, and best of luck with your job searches!

  • Aw
      24th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Every one of the above "positive" experiences are clearly written by "individuals" who's first language is NOT English. It is clear that someone has encouraged them to compose and submit their comments - maybe to keep their own jobs?

    What a scam! Thank you ComplaintsBoard for your most excellent method of allowing honest citizens of the world to step fourward to support and hunest and dignified man such has the hunardable Myster Barnus.

    Spelling errors added on purpose as well as awkward usage of the English language.

  • Ka
      28th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Unbelievable, just got off the phone with the thieves of the so called Employment Crossing, and couldn't not believe what the Mother###ers told me. Some idiot who could hardly speak english refused to refund my money for a service i haven't used.

    My checking account was charged $ 96. and whatever cents, doesn't sound much but yes in today's economy that's a lot of money.

    I called the fools and told them that i paid for a 7 day trial not for the whole 3 months and this dude had the nerve to school me on how to read a contract... Just cannot go on crying but i am really pissed of at the customers are treated by online solicitors.

    Buyers please be aware, job seekers please don't use this damn website ( EMPLOYMENT CROSSING).They will take you to the bank examiners, these idiots with mold in there ###s just keep charging peoples accounts.Please stop using or don't risk providing your information to low life petty thieves.

  • Ka
      28th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes


    Croooooooooooooooooooocks for crying out loud. These lazy computer wizards are real thieves please don't send the submit button if your trying to buy there lousy service.Your smart enough to find a job through other means other that whatever "EMPLOYMENT CROSSING SUBSIDIARY" The wacko jacko's of career website thieves.The Stewards of reaping of job seekers after getting aboard of there ### website.Run Forrest run "employment crossing is a ###" put your wallet away.


  • Ti
      1st of Oct, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Dear friend, I am completely disagree with your wrong notion about I have joined their network around 6 months back and from that day to till day I am quite happy with their services as they provide me every job details which suited to my profile. I got a job through EmploymentCrossing within a month of joining. They have a large database of clients and jobs which even don’t get advertised over the web. They have a good customer service as I received all the updates through phone calls and emails. As they don’t charge even a single penny to the employers, most of the employers prefer EmploymentCrossing for posting their jobs and this is one of the biggest reason why EmploymentCrossing has more jobs than any other paid job portal. Their team of research analyst enables them to find out every job.

    As I am a satisfied customer of I can proudly say that “EmploymentCrossing Works”. I think it is a worth joining service because they enable you to apply for your dream jobs. I would like to appeal all of you to do not misguide anyone by posting fake and wrong comments about EmploymentCrossing and let the people enjoy their services.

  • Wi
      1st of Oct, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Good Experience with Employement Crossing.

    As a member of EmployementCrossing for the past one year, i had a good experience with this site. The experience which i gained so far from their dedicated service is what i would like to share now.

    When i was little bit irritated by searching jobs from various sites and spend some $300 for job searches alone and lost. After all this happens, my friends recommends this employment crossing to me. At first i too think that, it is also like the one similar to what i faced in the past. But after getting full support from the dedicated customer support, i understood my mistake.

    The latest method of job searching aspects they implement and fetch the jobs from various job boards and fortune 500 copanies. So finding job in employement crossing is not much difficult. Now i'm glad to say, i'm a member of So the only tip i could give is, use the service accordingly.

  • To
      20th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    WTF???? The previous three entries are so F'N obviously fake and meant to decieve. Horrible English. Written as advertisements. One so obviously misdrafted that the person tried but failed to include multiple links. Another person LOVES the company and says he has been a member for six months but got a job after his first month. Why the F would somebody keep paying for a job search site of they already found employment and what would prompt them to praise the company five months later? And stating out by calling people "friend"? That's such a tip off that the comment was probably written by someone in India.

    Much of the language is similar to so-called tasks posted on another site owned by the same person who pay people to plant comments and links. Excuse me because I have to puke. Too much Indian food - (sorry, I mean comments).

  • Jo
      14th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    LOL, this is the funniest board ever! The fake posts are priceless.

  • An
      15th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Getting Employment now a days is a bit difficult. i searched for many jobs in tens of thousands of employer websites but got waste. I came to know about EmploymentCrossing i had a good experience with this site. i got tired of doing less paying jobs and looking for good jobs with a high salary from many days but i couldn't find any jobs. i started searching in the google for jobs in that process i entered into a site called EmploymentCrossing i have sent my resume and all my details for the support. wow what a surprise i got mail within 2 days eventually got many great job options to choose from i selected and choosen the most intrested job. am very happy with this site. many people its scam but they are wrong EmploymentCrossing is not a Scam site EmploymentCrossing Works i am the proof for this because I got a job through EmploymentCrossing and I had a good experience with EmploymentCrossing from many years. I would strongly recommend EmploymentCrossing for all other legal jobs. Trust these sites not only me many people got employed from this site. Dont look in other sites and waste your valuable time
    Have a Good luck!!!

  • Ne
      19th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I cannot believe the many negative comments I am reading on this blog. Shame on you! Employment Crossing is a most wonderful service which is most attentive to the needs of today's job seekers. I have been using them for over 1 years and am very much pleased and without any complaints.

    I swear by the many arms of Vishnu I am a real-life American type person and not a paid employee of Employment Crossing working out of rented offices in Mumbai.

    Please to be signing up for Employment Crossing quickly before the site is closed by your American government anti-fraud and suppression of vice constabulary. I hope to be talking to your soon the next time you have a billing question or are desiring to cancel your service.

    Best wishes and many happy returns to you!

  • Be
      27th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I ran Employment Crossing through the Better Business Bureau, and they received an "F" rating. I read the BBB report and it was enough for me to not even consider using them. Please people check places out before you give over your bank information. Most places are rip-offs.

  • Em
      29th of Nov, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Sites that have a lot of work in accordance with the needs of job seekers, many job options that can be found there, different from other sites in scattered filled with ads for this site is not advertised.

    "I would recommend EmploymentCrossing". Because this site really provides a way out of a lot of people who are looking for jobs from various countries. Ranging from job-related law until with data entry jobs.

    Many sites - job search site that we can see on the internet, but completely different from other sites, this site provides an interesting view in to access and easy. The menu is quite capable of providing answers to job seekers because many job categories selected.

    On equipped with search capabilities on its Web site that displays the keywords that can be selected in the category that most diverse Until the desired location so that job seekers who visit this site will be very easy to find a suitable job and in the desired area.

    If you are indeed people who are in need of jobs, including for the new graduate higher education, do not need to be confused because this site is it's recommended to find your solution in finding a job. visit and get the job you want

  • Ni
      30th of Dec, 2009
    -1 Votes

    EmploymentCrossing is not a Scam

    They are very friendly to find jobs for your career.They are the fastest job search engine.You will get thousands of job listing.The jobs are of very high salaries.They also have resumes.I have found that they are the best online job sites.If you didn't signed up today than you will definitely missed your life's best employment opportunity.

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    I recommend you to to atleast try them.It will only not take more than 10 min to singed up.And I am sure you will definitely get your desired job that you are looking for a long time.Still now I have no problem with them.They are simply the best job site.You will get every kinds of job including legal, laws, sales, IT, sales etc.You will get everything there.

    So what are you waiting for?just visit them today to get the job and it will definitely change your life.If not then you can blame me.They are very professional.Don't forget to read all of their terms and condition as it will be better to get the job you are looking for

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