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I recently went downtown atlanta to get an expedient passport from the Atlanta passport agency and was forced to use a paid parking lot near the building. Thankfully the service the agency did not take long and i end up only using the lot for about an hour. I came out to find my car booted and when call the number the guy that came was not intrested in what i had to say. He started out with just saying that if i was going to pay with a card or cash. When i asked him why my car was booted he said that i got the ticket from another customer who had already parked there and that the ticket was non-transferable. Mind you i really didnt take into consideration that on the top of the ticket it said that, but i thought with the guy already paying $25 to parking for the whole day and only using it for a couple of hours that it would be ok for me to use it also for couple of hours. I knew i was wrong for maybe the policy that this company had set up but to not even give me tve option of paying the $25 for the day and nit even offer some kind of consideration when dealing with customers. The guy that drove up to me didnt even look at me while he was talking and was very rude and abrupt talking to me. He had no intention of just talking to me man to man or simple just acting normal to a fellow human being. I really hope for the sake of his own well-being he tones down the abuptive tone and attitude. Lastly it is quite obvious that this company has very preditary way of doing business because this has happened to me before qhen i couldnt find a paying machine to pay for parking. There is usually no one around to help you with the machine but as soon as you leave the parking lot there is someone there to boot your car and try to extort $75 from you.

Jul 9, 2015
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  • Wh
      9th of Jul, 2015

    Hopefully you learned you lesson and will pay to park, as you are supposed to, next time you are using a paid parking lot.

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  • Be
      9th of Jul, 2015

    You were clearly in the wrong. Lesson learned. Maybe next time you won't try and cheat the system

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