Empire Lakewood Nissan / unethical business practices

On 3/24/16, my daughter, who is 18 yrs old, went to purchase a car in her name. I agreed to be a cosigner if she could not get the car in her name. On 3/31/16, they call her and say she got approved with Wells Fargo bank, but they were running my credit. I called and left messages with both of the financial people without one call back to confirm they are using me as a cosigner. On 4/5/16, I go out of town for vacation and I returned on 4/11/16. On 4/7/16, they called her into the dealership to sign papers. All of this paperwork is predated to reflect 3/24/16 and the financial guy tells my daughter it is okay for her to sign my name since they have my driver license and signature on file. I daughter said she hesitated and he told her its okay and to make sure she signs my name differently from hers and it does not matter or make a difference. On 4/12/16, I get a notification from Credit Karma about an update and guess what, I am the proud owner of a Kia Forte that I never signed for. I am pissed and I go to the dealership and ask about this and they say we have your driver license on file and a signature, not my signature but a signature. I get loud and say that nobody cares and was asked to leave. In leaving they called me a salvage and stated I raised an irresponsible daughter. You do not as a company force a child who don't know what is going on to sign some papers she has no clue about. You are telling her to sign here and sign there without regard and telling her how to sign another person name and telling her its okay in the process. She thinks this car is in her name but all the paper work has my name as the buyer and she is the co-buyer. This is unethical business practices at the highest and since the State of Colorado cannot investigate these practices, I will post this for a first time buyer beware.

Apr 12, 2016

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