Emirates Airline / handling of an emergency during flight from dubai

Had a trip of life time to dubai we booked 11 seats we assumed that emirates would be best option for our large group
Unfortunately on the flight back I was taken ill were my oxygen level had gone down I was offered oxygen which helped but as the plane was full and passengers were all staring at me we asked the cabin crew about upgrading to first class we were advised how much it would cost and obviously it was a ridiculous amount
We spoke to senior crew and asked if it was possible that they would allow me to lay down on the first class seat for an hour or so as I couldn't afford the £1, 600 they have quoted for the upgrade as i had felt very unwell with the low oxygen but i was denied that even though there were only a few passenger on the first class
The low oxygen level aggravated my asthma also I have several slipped discs in my back which caused me a lot of pain during the flight as I was anxious and stressed about feeling unwell
I do fly often and don't have much trouble but during this flight somehow my oxygen plummeted to 84 this is the reason why I felt very unwell
But I feel deeply saddened that a company like yours had no compassion what's so ever denying a few hours to recover in private just because i was unable to afford the ridiculous upgrade fee instead i was left on the oxygen in the middle isle with everyone staring at me which made me anxious and it affected the progress of my recovery
I have been left with bad thought's about the journey I feel let down expecially as I had chosen tp fly with Emirates for our holiday of a life time I would think twice about booking again for any future holidays it your company
I was thinking g about giving my story on social media but due to health problems I haven't had the chance also I wanted to.give your company a chance to explain why I was treated in that manner

Mrs malika karmoun
37 Adelaide road
United Kindom

Dec 02, 2016

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