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Dear Emax,

I would like to bring your attention for this device which I have bought on 3rd November 2016 form Emax at Sharjah city center. I am from India and having FaceTime for me in I phone is very important. Without FaceTime this is nothing but a normal Android for me. When I was buying this phone the sales person didn't inform me that this phone doesn't have FaceTime. However, when I myself enquirer from different stores about this product, I came to know that if phone is built in UAE u will not have FaceTime and if it is from US it will have. I don't understand why the sales person didn't inform me about the same. I have recently realized that this phone doesn't have FaceTime at all. Due to my busy schedule I am unable to visit the store. This is misleading the customer with hiding information and getting their item sold.

Also this device is getting hanged most of the time.. sometimes it doesn't ring at all.. neither telephone ring nor the alarm. Camera gets stucked most of the time..battery doesn't charge..everytime you have to switch off and then switch on.. I don't really expect this from I phone brand.. It is a very well know and very good brand.

I would like to know what you can do about the above issues as I have spent a lot of money for the same which is wasted.

Looking forward for your solution at the earliest.


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Apr 28, 2017

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