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United Arab Emirates

Back on February 9rh, 2018 I bought a Bissell vacuum from your store in MCC, on March 23th, 2018 I had to send it back for a repair, the back filter keeps coming off every time I use the vacuum. I was given a defective product but your store refused to admit it.
They fixed it or so they said but a few months later I had the same issue again. I took it again to the branch I bought it form for the same issue again. I explained what happens to the customer service representative and I requested a replacement, but again no one wants to listen to customers' side of the story. You are supposed to work to satisfy the customer you should work with the customer to convince the manufacturer that something was wrong with the machine either they fix it right or they should replace it.
Two weeks later I did not hear anything from them I called the store to ask about my vacuum the representative simply gave me the repair company phone number and asked me to call them "very unprofessional" from a big company like Emax.
For the third time, I had to send my machine again for repair for the same issue in less than ten months!!! This is so inconvenient, as your customer for so many years a VIP as you call it! I am not getting the minimum service that I deserve, I was a loyal customer for years I purchased all my electronics from Emax, you name it I bought it but this is about to end. Today I am angry and unsatisfied. This time I requested a refund and again I was denied that for the third timeā€¦ proper fixing did not happen, the replacement did not happen, and finally refund also did not happen!!! it is not about the money I bought many more expensive items and I can easily buy another vacuum but this is not right!!! I deserve a better service as a customer and I intend to get it one way or another.
I am emailing you today asking for a permanent solution, fixing a defective product is not going to help me in any way, I want a refund because I deserve one, the machine has an issue since day one I sent it for repair for the first time one month after purchase but you choose to ignore it.
Kindly do something.

Dec 13, 2018

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