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Johannesburg, South Africa
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Last year October 2016 I was contacted by a consultant from Elite Mobil who offered me a Smart Tablet. I initially said no, but she continued phoning, selling me the benefits etc. so I agreed to have a look at it. I received it and returned before the 7 day period was up. The tablet was never activated. The tablet was collected by the courier company and Elite Mobile confirmed receipt of the tablet.
In October 2016 my account was debited for the tablet. I contacted them and explained that I had been incorrectly debited and again confirmed that they had received the tablet. The consultant Lutchmee advised that the debit order would be cancelled and the money returned taken off would be returned to my account. In November 2016 the debit order came off my account again, so I contacted Elite and was advised that the debit would be cancelled and the money refunded.
To date these debit orders are still coming off each month. I have contacted Elite countless times via telephone and email and I am constantly told the same thing: The debit order would be cancelled and the money refunded.
The consultant who has been responding to my emails (Merlyn Oakes) from Elite now keeps saying that they have contacted Vodacom and the issue has been resolved (as per last email dated 9th May) however this debit order is still in place and no money has been returned to my account. I require assistance to have this issue resolved as I am not responsible for payment, for an item which was returned to Elite.
I feel that this is a dishonest practice as they are deducting money illegally from my account.
I need to have the debit order cancelled and the money which was unlawfully taken from me, to be returned as soon as possible.

Thank you for your assistance
Alphia Naidoo

May 16, 2017

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