Elite Mobile Airtime ContractErroneous deactivation of BIS

I have an airtime contract with Elite Mobile. I was unable to make payment on 25 March '14, however made an arrangement to effect double payment on 25 April '14. The double payment was deducted via debit order by Elite Mobile on 25 April '14, however my BIS was de-activated (erroneously) and has since not been activated, despite emails, numerous calls and proof of payment being submitted (which was not required as the debit order wad deducted by Elite Mobile). As from 23 May '14 I am no longer even able to make calls or send sms's. I have incurred additional expenses as I was forced to use sms as means of communication. This defying the purpose of having a Blackberry with BBM, whatsapp and Email facilities. At this stage I have reached a point where I no longer wish to continue with this contract. I paid for a service that I did not have for more than a month now. I have already affected a further debit order payment on 25 May '14 and yet my BIS is still inactive. I want the contract cancelled, my BIS reinstated and the debit order cancelled. This is prudent as I do not intend to make any further payments to a company that merely does not have any regard for their clients. I was driving during the evening, with children in the car, when I discovered on 23 April '14 that I am unable to make calls or send sms's. This on top of not having access to BBM, whatsapp and email for a month. From inception I have had nothing but hassles, but did not raise a complaint as I understand that human error/ system failures can occur. The first debit order was successfully debited, but my BIS not activated. I had to make calls and wait an entire week for activation. My debit order is paid monthly and every month I am left with a deactivated BIS for a day or 2. I have not been difficult or raised complaints to date, however I will not longer tolerate such poor customer service. Elite Mobile seem not to realize that they are at fault (erroneous de-activation of my BIS) and do not seem to care that I am a customer of theirs.

May 26, 2014

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