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Eliot Management Group / EMG Lied About Services, Stole Our Money

1 1420 N Mullan Suite 104Spokane, WA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 509-893-0100

We were ripped off by Eliot Management Group for a total of $1210.53.

Eliot Management Group, First American Payments/Merimac Capital, and TransTech are all interconnected (some sort of conglomerate) ISO's of Keybank. Their headquarters is in SLC, UT.

Eliot Management Group contacted me about merchant services in May this year (2010). Their salesman Matt (don't recall the last name and he doesn't work there now) gave me figures as to what their percentages were and the numbers sounded good.

I met with Matt and Brian, his "trainer, " at Starbucks a few days later and went over their program and asked some questions about how it would integrate with the new website we were building and Brian assured me that it was so easy it could be done "in 15 minutes" and would work with any e-commerce platform.

We didn't immediately start the service as we had some delays, but Eliot Mgmt. began billing our bank account even though they said they wouldn't until we were ready.

Then their software didn't work with's website structure which is how we'd set up our site.

Then they billed me an annual fee which apparently was hidden in the small print somewhere (they'd assured me there were no other hidden fees - they lied - about pretty much everything).

Needless to say, this type of business is at least dishonest, and at worst fraudulent.

Fact #1 - Eliot Management stated that their online software would work with anyone's website - NOT TRUE.

Fact #2 - Eliot Management stated they would reimburse us every month from July to Sept - THEY DIDN'T (except July).

Fact #3 - Acct Rep stated at least twice (Aug. and Sept.) that our account would be suspended to keep this issue from happening again - HE DIDN'T.

Fact #4 - I sent Branch Manager Russ Hausman an email demanding a refund for services not received from Eliot Management Group on October 5...he responded saying he'd call me - HE DIDN'T.

Fact #5 - After we stopped payment of the October fee for the service we hadn't commenced, an associated company of the Eliot Management Group proceeded to withdraw - unauthorized - over $600 out of our bank account - THIS IS FRAUDULENT.


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  • Da
      20th of Nov, 2010
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    Dan Faley, Ex-employee (8/2/10 - 11/18/10)
    Termination Exit Survey for Eliot Management Group
    Our records show you are no longer employed by EMG. In our ongoing efforts to improve employee retention, please complete the short survey below to tell us the primary reason why. Response Let go by manager didn’t like training didn’t like manager wasn’t making money Not a good fit for job requirements other - Explain

    All of the above!
    I encountered nothing but misrepresentation and lies from day 1 by the District Manager, Gabe Jones. I even had the Regional Manager, Joe Basura tell me he would get an answer to me by the time he left that day, and like others he did not come through. He told me he would get me list of current customers to contact and see if we could update there equipment, and did not follow through. Good luck with getting and keeping employees. This by far was the worst organization to be employed by. So I have meet Gabe, Jim, Joe and Dave. No one seems to know what the others are doing. I've seen more people cancel there processing on the daily report than the office submit each week, which makes it obvious your customers have been lied to time and again along with to sales staff. I will pursue the right authorities to share with them the documents and proof I possess of what I see as fraud, lies and misrepresentation. You had an "F" rating with the BBB until recently. Business owners need to know to stay far away from your company!!!

  • Mr
      16th of Dec, 2010
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    It's interesting... I see Dan Faley on several forums, blogs and complaining sites trying to get his message out and that he feels wronged. I imagine that if this Dan Faley character had focused and put in as much effort into being successful at EMG as he has in defaming the company he chose to "be" at (but not actually WORK at), he would have made a nice income and had a positive impact. Instead, he's trying to find as much negativity as he can and creating something out of nothing, like focusing on a candle in the middle of the ocean, waiving his arms and running to tell everyone that it could start a fire if it's left unattended. If I asked a question of a supervisor and they didn't get back to me, I would continue to pursue and ask again. I can't expect that supervisor (especially if they're not my direct supervisor) to always remember. Some slack and patience needs to be given. It's obvious that if anything goes wrong in any situation, and Dan is there, he will focus on the problem and who's to blame as opposed to jumping in and being a part of the solution and helping to find one. Then he will blog about who he feels is to blame. He even posted on another site that he had a problem with Gabe's activities outside of work (which are completely legal & common), like it's any of his business! From my understanding, the author of this complaint was terminated for hostility in the workplace. Mr. Faley, thank you for the humor of your skewed outlook & perception, but more importantly, the real life example that a positive attitude truly does breed success.

  • An
      29th of Nov, 2011
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    I am the owner of a local business here in Spokane, wa, I have dealt with Russ Hausman as well and found him and Eliot to be dishonest, we unknowingly were duped into a 3 year contract that automatically renews every year and you only have a 30 or 60 day window within each year in which to cancel, so you MUST stay with them for many months until you may cancel or you have to pay a $595.00 cancellation charge, nowadays that is very hard to swallow! And for all of the small mom and pop businesses that are only trying to save a little money in order not to go under is very upsetting that they first - do not tell you of this "hitch" of the automatic renewal, and second - only give you a very short time each year to cancel, and third - if you don't like it then pay them almost $600.00 in order to get from under their thumbs. POOR WAY TO DO BUSINESS! What happened to caring about your customers? I guess that is long by the wayside. Shame! Well Eliot...I will let everyone that I deal with know what type of business you are doing, unless you make a real effort to change your business practices, you will find that you will lose all of your customers, pretty bad way of trying to make a buck off the small guys, if you treat them right you will find that they will come knocking at your door.

  • Ba
      30th of Nov, 2011
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    Whomever Mr. Braun is, he is likely is a stooge for Eliot. Mine is the first post above, which he doesn't controvert, interestingly enough.

    Mr. Anonymous Spokane Business, if you'd like to consider a class action suit against EMG, these ### pilfered over $1200 from our account on a "legal" contract which could never have commenced as their software didn't work with our website as stated verbally. Unfortunately, this company and Russ Hausman operate on the premise that there's a sucker born every minute, and I am not embarrassed to say that for a moment I was one of them.

    They sat in my house, met my gracious wife, and then callously stole our money. If they'd come in and stole my computer, they'd be in jail. But this sort of white collar crime has become commonplace, and we're now dealing with the lies of the replacement credit card processor, Wells-Fargo, who came in with their 1.79%-2.39% fee schedule which somehow has inflated to 5.14% as of last month. When, when, when, will our government step in and shut these companies down or make them repay their thefts. We who own the small businesses, the backbone of this great country, are being bled dry by these ###ized excuses for corporations.

    Russ, how do you sleep at night knowing you stole a house payment from a guy who's barely holding on to his house and has 4 kids and a wife, who's working 16 hours a day to support his family. I agree with my friend and neighbor, Mr. Anonymous above - Shame on you! You've seared your conscience to the point of being a business Nazi with no regard for anyone, as long as you get your Lexus and Million Dollar Home and Blonde Bimbo - though I doubt you'd score the Bimbo as even a Bimbo could see through the plastic facade of a human that you've become, having sold your soul to the almighty dollar.

    Folks, we're fighting back against Wells-Fargo in the only way we can...hit them where it hurts. Boycott their services. We're in a 3 year contract with them as of June, 2011, and I'm telling my clients, who mostly pay in advance for our products and services anyway, that if they'll mail us a check, we'll give them a 2% discount. So far in the past month, this has cost W-F a minimum of $750. We still were pilfered for over $250 with their outrageous 5%+ fees, but we pocketed $750 that would've gone to these corrupt puppets. Woohee! For my family, that's a lot of living expenses. Maybe not for these guys.

    Kyle Janke, at the N. Division Wells-Fargo office in Spokane, WA, is the one semi-bright spot in this whole affair, as he's at least trying to figure out why the leap from 2.39% to 5.14% happened when we'd negotiated a "no monthly fee" agreement. Hopefully he'll find out something and get back to me with good news. But I'm barely hopeful, and by his tone of voice, I think he shares my viewpoint. Any honest person would. However, the honest employees of these firms often quit in disgust or are fired for voicing their dissent.

    So, for now, those of you who've been ripped off by these thieving jackals, my only advice is contact the state attorney general's office, where you'll find people as lazy as EMG and W-F are dishonest, but maybe if the cries get loud enough, we can move these mountains into the ocean. Go get 'em!!!

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