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Elavon SUCKS!!! Still in February 2010 I have tried cancelling this account for 5 months and each monthe still took out thed $20 charge, , I called & called they were supposwed to send me a fax.. NOPE and with this I was told I need to call back in 6 days to see if they had received it, , BULL**** It's not like I have the time for this THEY needed to follow up.. Finally I got so mad when the 2nd and 3rd faxes DIDN'T show so I stayed on the line while they sent it and waited until it arrived before i let the poor jerk off the line... This was on the 11th of January I immediatly sent the fax back then looked at my account today and they took another $20 out I called AGAIN and demanded a supervisor she said it had not come through until the month was half over!!! SO they waited 4 additional days so they could collect another $20 This is Highway robbery!!! I am telling every business I know and those just starting NEVER NEVER use this service!! I've passed it on to my Food Service reps as well who are always setting up new accounts Cheap SLimy Business Elavon you should BE ashamed COSTCO REALLY have you checked these guys out?????? LOTS OF COMPLAINTS!!! you should check into this!!!

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  • Co
      7th of Jul, 2010

    First of all, it's YOUR responsibility to follow up whether or not YOUR account has been closed. Second of all if you would read the closure from or contract, you would see that it takes 3-5 bus days to close your account. But i'm sure your illiterate and reading takes too much time too

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  • Ar
      6th of Aug, 2010

    To complaining crybaby. PS for all those who hate tangerine I do have some funny news. I tell the rep everyday that I am going to sign tomorrow and each day they call or fax repeatedly which of course costs them lots of money. I intend to keep toying with them the way they do others until they finally give up!

    It is obvious to everyone that you are either an employee or an afflliate of the company in question. I have been with a reputable company for 12 years and only stayed away from tangerine because of the overwhelming number of complaints against them. People are not stupid and they see right through you! While companies can hide their deceptiveness in contracts it was Tangerines high pressure tactics that gave them away with us. For them to know that they are going to raise rates once they hook people might be legal but it is very dishonest and I hope they break laws which will catch up with them. I have never heard of charging different rates for different visa's and certainly none of the reputable companies do it. Unlike the other people you berate you can not accuse my company or me of being anything accept shrewd as we suspected anyone needing to be as aggressive as tangerine for business is probably bad news. If you are employed by them tell them I said that phoning people 5 times a day and using high pressure tactics will only lead to people like myself going on line to check them out.

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