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Elavon / they steal money

1 British Columbia, Canada Review updated:

Elavon, formerly known as Nova Information Systems, partner with Costco and is a subsidiary of US Bank. Watch out what they would do to your credit card processing account.

1) They used no-exist excuses to hold your money in the credit card processing account.
2) Suspend processing account before send you any notice.
3) Suspend account even from an customer's inquiry. (They cancel my account even the customer cleared the inquiry)
4) They don't let you contact the department handle your case. ( I have to find the US Bank investor relation to contact them)
4) Apply non-exist and undisclosed processing amount limit. (They asked you monthly average and then they said it is your monthly limit)
5) Even inquiry was resolved, they still apply suspension and withdrew money from bank account.
6) Multiple huge withdraws to empty your bank account without legitimate reason. (Think about 5 time of $4600 - $23000 in total )
7) Charging fee without reason or explanation.
8) Their employees are rude and ridiculous.
9) Charging service charge after cancellation ad making up excuse. (They charged on Sep 1, and Sep 3, after they received cancellation Aug 2)
10) Even you sent cancellation 30 day in advance, they still say not enough 30 days. (Their assistant legal counsel said Sep 3, is the 30th days from Aug 2)
11) They change the term of the contract without sending any notification. (They totally changed the contract and applied it 14 days later but send you no notification at all)
12) Making up non-exist document. (Sending a printout to proof they sent you email, but the printout does not have any email address)
13) Lied to authorities and Costco.

If you are a victim, try contact OCC, FTC, FBI, States Attorney, Canadian Authorities.
They should be punished.

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  • Do
      21st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    My company had funds stolen by Elavon and we are filing complaints against them.

  • Ho
      5th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Let's file a class action law suit! How do we begin? I'm serious

  • Tu
      27th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I was previously using Merchant service through my bank, to provide credit card services to my clients. I switched over to Costco on March of 2010, their Qualified rate of 1.64% per transaction was never applied. When I received my statement, I found Elavon was charging me 1.89%, which they referred to as a Qualified Reward rate even though my clients cards should fall into Qualified rate as 1.64% . The rate was significantly higher than the 1.64% promised through Costco. I called Elavon customer service so many times they never returned my calls until 20 days later!! They manipulate the fees and they are unethically raising hidden charges to their clients which is unfair. I spoke with Elavon in April 2010, they advertised their Qualified rate as 1.48% and know their Qualified Reward rate went from 1.89% to 2.2% that's higher than the Qualified Reward rate given to me prior to my previous contract a month ago. They are dishonestly charging me a higher rate than I was quoted... I feel taken advantage of, and very disappointed in there services. If I would have known about this company I would have not done business with them. This kind of company should stop taking advantage of the public!!!

  • Co
      25th of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    don from santa rosa, how exactly did elavon steal from your company? bp77, the reason they put your account on hold was probably sales that were way higher than what you said your average saale would be, if you say you have an avg ticket of 30.00, and then your processing sales of 500.00, of course they're going to look into that. And tulip2010, if you had read your contract, which none of you [censor]s ever seem to do, you would see that rewards cards qualify at a higher rate and it says that in your contract which you signed and agreed too, don't start [censor]ing now because you were too lazy/dumb to read your contract

  • Bp
      25th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Complaintingcrybaby: Why don't you just tell everyone you are employee of Elavon or related to them. If you think hiding your relationship with Elavon will make what you are saying true or convincing, you are wrong, you are just making people know how untrustworthy Elavon is. No body can tell my avg transaction amount except the one from Elavon. And Elavon's people did not trying to look into about the reason of the increase of sales, they were making up story and making excuse to empty my bank account. even I did not have a single chargeback in anytime.

    What kind of company need to hire someone to make anonymous rebuttal about complaints and calling people [censor]s, dumb and lazy? ELAVON, YOU GUYS ARE WORST THAN SCAMMER!!!

    You better read the contract yourself, where did it say Elavon can take away merchant's money without any reason, anywhere say Elavon can charge whatever they want, where does the contract say a transaction amount limit was set? Where does the contract say Elavon's staff can make up story? Where does the contract say Elavon can make up how many days in a month so you can charge after cancellation? But you guys won't look into the contract, because you don't care and you are just making any excuse to steal merchants money. By the way, you also better look into the law, see what is the consequence of fraud/ misleading/ stealing?

    I tell you complaintcrybaby, you can do this job for a while and will become more busier as well. Why, because more and more complaints are coming, more and more merchants are posting complaints here or on other complaining site.

    For other victims, complainingcrybaby just reminds all of us, we can not just posting complaints here and let them go. We have to bring it to authorities and bring it to the law, contact your state attorneys, FTC, Finance Department/Ministry as well as local lawyers.

  • Ve
      16th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I switched over to Costco's Elavon Merchant Services on March 3, 2010 because they were advertising a rate of 1.64% for the Qualified rate, 1.89% for the Qualified Rewards rate for buisness executive members. They bound me to a 2 year contract with this rate. However when I recieved my statement, I found that Elavon was charging me 1.89% for the qualified cards instead of 1.64% even though the credit cards were not rewards cards. I called Elavon in April 2010 when I recieved my statement I spoke with the manager he stated to me he would send a message to the account department so they can change it to the correct rate. He said he would call me back with the results. I never heard anything so I called again about two weeks later and spoke with the gentleman who signed me up with Elavon he stated he didn't know why I was being charged the higher rate, He said he would look into it and call me back. The next month I was being charged 2.2% I called again and I was told they would fix my rate back to my contract rate of 1.64%. However the rates were never corrected!!! I continued to call Elavon for the next few months being told the same thing but nothing never changed until today 8/2010. I'm still having a hard time to recieve my money back!! Elavon's customer service is very unprofessional and dishonest!!! Why would a company want to defraud their customers!!! I am very diappointed with Costco affailiating with Elavon!!!

  • It
      4th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Elovan steals your money, I returned their equipment and canceled their services but they keep on charging to our account and even they got their machine back never used in the box we are still waiting for a refund they have 500 dollars of our money for last 6 mounts and we did not get a penny back and they keep charging mounted fees despite the cancellation fee they got $95 dollars still charging our account and l spent hours on the phone last 5 mouth still no resolve
    Costco should be ashamed of them selves to promote such a company to their customers do not trust Costco for every business they promote

  • Te
      12th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I just signed up with Costco / Elavon merchant processing and just received my first statement. Compared to my last processor (Sage), it was a refreshing site. Missing were a number of fees including the $15 non-compliance charge (whatever that is). The rates are also much better. I feel confident that with Costco as the reseller, their buying power will keep Elavon in check and I have their support. My business is which is an online army navy shop selling insignia items.

  • Te
      12th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I appreciate the feedback regarding Elavon and Costco and will make sure I watch my statements closely for rate discrepancies. I signed up via a Costco Representative, so perhaps this relationship will prove to be a shortcut to resolving issues, rather than trying to go through Elavon customer service.

  • Th
      28th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    RBS Links is no better, the stooged us for 135K

  • Pr
      12th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    Virtual Merchant Mobile: Does this work in Canada?

    I'm interested to know if the virtual merchant mobile works in Canada. This is the one that attaches to an iphone or ipad device. I had a nightmare experience trying to get their other virtual merchant to work- in the end I had to send it back as it was not compatible in Canada.

  • Or
      5th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    Rip-off ###! Everytime I turn around my rates are jacked and/or some stupid fee is added. I closed the account in April 2012. In June 2012 I get another charge for a "Card Association Fee" which was NEVER charged before. They say it should have been charged to my account but they forgot! It is only $5.00 but this is just one more in a LONG line of BS fees, some of which are quite substantial. Run away from these ###! They are crooks! They are theives! They hide by saying these are fees that are charged by VISA and they are just passing them along. Guess what? I have Intuit processing, and they do not have all of these bull-### fees. I mean how can an outfit charge fees after the account is closed??? My bank says they cannot dispute a merchant sevice fee, my only recourse is to close the account. Do not let Elavon / Merchant Connect have anything to do with your company. These people are non-blinking rip-off ###!!!

  • So
      28th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    if someone is filling a complaint against them, message or please tell me where can i go and complaint ...

  • Nh
      14th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    Very BAD ELAVON experience.

    They recently closed my account claiming I have not paid the bills without ever having sent the bills to me. The phone support was extremely rude saying he can't do anything to help since I have not been paying and claiming the bills come by post.

    TRUTH: no post came, even they have sent and the mail got lost, no one bothered to give me a call or email me. They have my full contact detail. I really do not understand this kind of customer treatment.

  • El
      14th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    Warning if you want get heart attack sign with ELAVON
    the worst experience you can have ...dishonest ..scam..steeling money from your business account until you put stop payment...I had 5 years nightmares with this crook company ...they debit my account $500 and 2 times 73.95 in one am trying to get my money back...
    please don't sign with ELAVON they are NOT TRUSTBLE company These people are rip-off .



  • Cd
      19th of Aug, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Terrible company! Lured in by promises of saving money... am now spending twice what I was before switching to Elavon. Also, there are many hidden fees: I have to pay to have access to my online account, I have to pay to get a copy mailed to me, I have to pay if I don't reach a specific "minimum" monthly quota... ALSO, have pay 1) per swipe fee, 2) $.10 per swipe fee, 3) .01% per swipe fee, 4) % CC company charges me, 5) % Elavon charges me, 6) % CC company charges Elavon... this averages out to around 7% per swipe!! I will be FAR better off to move to the Square w a MUCH lower, upfront, simple rate.

  • Pl
      25th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    NOBODY in their right mind should use ELAVON merchant services because they are a U.S. based company with a small office in Toronto that make up the rules that serve their own benefit with non-knowledgeable employees, non-reputable, non-dependable, Liars, ### artists. They withhold your money and close accounts for non-substantiated reasons in order to increase their cash flow with your money, while they are still charging you fees!!!
    There will soon come a day when Elavon shall withhold every body's money to cover their own debts!
    Unfortunately, I opened a merchant account with Elavon in July 2015, I made 2 sales transactions for $3, 700 and one week later the money was NOT in my account, so when I called them to find out why, they started with the lies saying, 'because these are your 1st transactions we have to verify with the issuing cardholder but will not call your clients and will deposit the money in your account in a few days and they asked me for sales invoices, which I sent them', 1st ELAVON LIE was that they called my clients (since 2 years) who verified the transactions. Another week later, money was still NOT in my account and called them back,
    2nd ELAVON LIE, they said, 'We can not read your bank info on your Specimen check' that I had given them, WOW! so I gave them my bank info again. A few days later money was still NOT in my account, I called them again, now they started with new Munchausen's syndrome (Munchausen, who became famous for telling wild, unbelievable tales about his exploits), saying that, 'my company does not have a web-site, my main business address is my own home and my office in Laval is a day care which is not, it's a commercial building with 4 different tenants and that they closed my merchant account' the best news they gave me is closing my account and that they shall deposit money in my account.
    Then, Elavon send me a collection invoice for $215!! but money was still NOT in my account.
    I then proceeded to file a complaint with Better Business Bureau 'BBB' and Elavon came up with further Munchausen's lies and said that, according to the contract they shall withhold my money for 90-270 days!!. They withhold our money to do their own dirty business, what if they bankrupt in 270 days? There goes our money! (See complaint to BBB attached).
    Having experienced such a ###, I now am not interested in getting any merchant account all together even though this will reduce my sales a little and tell everyone, if they must get a merchant account, NOT to use Elavon.
    I with the help of my accountant, proceeded in sending Elavon a legal letter and will soon take legal action against Elavon.
    Signed by the victim of Elavon ###

  • Cr
      3rd of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    Sounds as though I am unfortunately in the same boat as many of you other unsuspecting business owners. And you are right, if you want a great attack, us Elavon. I signed up and right away they got my bank info wrong so all my company's funds were going who knows where. They had me fill out all this paperwork to get it corrected, also send another void cheque. Then a few days go by still no money, so I get a random email saying oops we made a mistake again, may take a couple weeks to get you for money. What? As a small business owner any hicup can kill your business. We have employees to pay, rent to pay, bills to pay, small business owners don't sit on a mountain of extra money. I had to run around and borrow to cover my butt those two weeks. Oh, but wait Elavon said well if anything bounces from your account we will pay your nsf fees, yeah right, thanks, don't worry about my company's credit rating. I have never bounced anything in my life and don't want to start now because of a terrible company's error. So I cancelled and said come pick up your machine and also said because you screwed up my life so badly I better not get any charges. Well, this morning they charged me, it is almost comical really. They still have not collected their machine. Hopefully soon, so I can get this crap behind me. Yes banks or other companies may have slightly higher rates, but save yourselves the headache people, maybe saving a couple dollars, if they don't screw you over is not worth the risk.

  • Ro
      26th of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    Guys, believe my bad experience, stay away from elavon. They catch you with "no cancellation fee" policy and "low interest rates", but... They always overcharge the interest, debit fee is not 5c per transaction as they promise, it is 55c including some sort of admin fees +++ Same with credit cards, promising 1.3% and charging 4-5%, always fining some excuses, customer service sucks, closed on weekends and us holidays. But what really pissed me off is as a normal merchant i got about 7 chargebacks in 12 month period, they charge 75$-95$ for chargeback as admin fee on the top of the money i lost because of them, they do not monitor transactions, there is no address match option, no customer verification or credit card security option AT ALL. Being relied on elavon "features" i got relaxed and lost a big buck. When i got really pissed i decided to switch to other provided, and LISTEN TO THIS - no one can accept me because they (elavon) added my business into high risk customer list. STAY AWAY FROM ELAVON, they are RIP-OFF and dishonest company. Contact me if you need any proof, i will surprise you with a lot of evidences.

  • Ri
      27th of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    The worst merchant company I dealt with. Canadian companies should never use their services. We are fully Licensed company and was using Elavon for more than a year. Everything was ok but after getting IATA, our volume increased and we applied for increase in monthly volume. They not only held aroung CAD 175K amount but tried to steal CAD 75k from our Trust account. I approached my bank and they reversed the transaction. Later they will tell you that they were not aware about trust account guidelines.

    In more than a year of volume we only got 4 charge backs and they are holding CAD 120K amount. We are so frustrated by their logic of holding more than $100, 000 dollars based on less than $4000 chargebacks in more than a year transactions.

    I recommend all to stay away from them as they will take money from your account and will later apologize that they did not know about Trust A/c guidelines.

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