EFlowattention for graham in resolver (manager)

I am hoping this complaint will go directly to Graham in the resolver department as we keep missing each other by phone since Nov 2.
My complaint was regarding a call i made on 2nd Nov to make a payment for my penalties and also wanted to query a journey that was made on 18th Oct and said i had until the 2nd nov to pay. The reason why i was concerned about it going from 6 euro to 47 was because my husband had rang to say there was an eflow letter that just arrived, I was put onto a girl in the resolver dept called Chloe. I explained to Chloe i wanted to make my payments and then i went to the date i have mentioned above. She was not as friendly as most of your staff i noticed straight away by her tone but i just wanted to get my call sorted. I was cut off straight away and i had to go through the whole process again of ringing eflow and then wait for resolver. I got chloe again, mentioned we must of got cut off and carried on the conversation. I asked her again as i didnt get a response regarding my payment for 2nd Nov to which Chloe cut across me by saying " TANYA PLEASE READ THE LETTER " i was shocked by her responce, i said excuse me? she said " PLEASE READ THE LETTER YOU HAVE " I couldnt believe her speaking to a customer like that. I said to her excuse me Chloe i wasnt rude to you, is this how you speak to customers, she said " you asked me 3 times now Tanya the same question " i told her she hadnt answered me and told her i cant believe how you are speaking to me, to that reply she then accussed me of being argumentative !!, I was in no way raising my voice to her and to be honest total shock at her behaviour.

This is a month later and i really feel strongly about her way of speaking to me as a customer, and i have two issues mainly to point to you about her behaviour.

1. On the 2nd Nov i still could pay one of the penalties and i was just checking with her in the amount she was quoting was she including that trip ( 18th Oct) as like i said above my husband had just rang me to say i had an eflow letter for 47 euro so i wanted to know was the 18th Oct ok, My BIG issue with her comment which she said a number of times to me was about me reading the letter, my husband could not read me what the letter had said as he has literacy issues and is attending Adult Education so he was not able to read all the letter to me, so for Chloe to pass her remarks like that was so inappropriate as i could have been someone like my husband with literacy problems for her to make little of it and speak like that would be totally embarrassing for anyone with literacy issues, all she had to do was be patient and answer my question without being so rude.

2. She was so rude on the phone that i was floored by her, that she even went to the extent to accuse me of being aggressive on the phone and threatened to cut me off, i said im sorry chloe but i am not being rude, then she cut me off !!!

I rang back as i only rang to make my payment to be greeted by her like that so got a lovely fella called Glen who apologized that i was so upset and he took my payment.

I am requesting you to please go back to the 2nd Nov approx 12 o clock to review and listen back to the conversation as i know they are recorded as i feel so strongly that Chloe was totally out of order and needs to respect people on the other line and not assume everyone can read !!! And to learn how to speak to people without being rude and acuse of being aggressive.

I rang on the 13th Nov to make final payment of my account agreed with eflow by glen and updated my account and he said that all done now and i asked so am i clear now off all money due and he said yes, then i got 2 penalties of 47 euro the following monday, which i assumed was included in the payment plan. Can you look into this for me please.
Can you also get back to me regarding if you listened back to the conversation as i feel very strongly about it.


Dec 04, 2018

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