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Ecmc / Harassment

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States

This may not help any of you that owe a loan to ECMC, my loan is paid and i still have delt with these people for years!! The constant early morning and late night rude calls etc!! Even told them i would take them to court which i did, you think ECMC is corrupt wait until you deal with the 9th Circut Court, corrupt as they can get!! I had to contact toe Dept of Ed. and my Senator in Nevada and the Veterans Admin to start working against these thieves !! My lawyer had taken them to court and the 9th the woman kept cutting my lawyer off mid sentences and would hear him out and we had proof in his hands my loan is paid in full!! But, after contacting the said above places the Dept of Ed and the Veterans Admin told them to leave me alone!! Surprise they didnt!! They just passed my alledged Loan to the office in Oregon where i sent my loan paid info, 2 months later i was contacted by the office in Texas, where as again i sent paid in full proof !! It then ended up in the hands of their office in Ariz! But when they went to contact me, i was fortunate that the Nevada
business Inst, here in Vegas thought it was odd how my so called loan had doubled in just a couple of years, They contacted me and i sent them proof of my loan having been paid !! Finally i havent had anymore letters from them!! No phone calls but than again i blocked their numbers!! So i dont know if this helped anybody, but this is the kind of battle your in for when you deal with people as corrupt as ECMC and at least the 9th Court on the west coast !! Good luck !!

Jun 10, 2015

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