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When the market came down I didn't have a job and did everything I could to pay my student loan but if you are a day late they essentially triple your interest, double your balance and garnish your wages and not by a few dollars they take HALF! You call them to work it out, they call you names, talk down to you and are VERY rude. They will hang up on you if you even stand up for yourself.

I'm ask all folks that have any problems to post on here to tell your story. They have to be more reasonable. To get your garnishment to stop you have to pay on top of your garnishment! How do you do that when they take half of your paycheck?

Camera Guy Jeff
, US
Jun 05, 2017 4:54 pm EDT

Ecmc stifled $9378 from our taxes!
I applied with the u. s. department of education to get our loans discharged via loan forgiveness after the ca. attorney general found fraud with corinthian colleges and closed them down. I got a letter from ecmc in april stating they were not going to offset our taxes due to our filing for discharge and not to file for 4 weeks to get the processes to treasury. well, we had already filed in march before getting the letter and our federal taxes were offset.
I called them to see about getting the offset reversed and they were very unresponsive saying they could not do anything for us.
Now may 27 I get a letter from cox consulting solutions, llc (I guess they sold the loans) wrote saying now they are going to start wage garnishment. I work part-time making minimum wage, so if that happens i'll simply quit working. it's very unprofessional of them to provide forms online only for them to write back saying you used expired forms. hello? [censor]!

That is one messed up place that should see the dark side of the moon.

The federal government needs to get their [censor] in gear and complete their work at dismantling this mess.

Las Vegas, US
Jun 19, 2013 5:02 pm EDT

well wish i would have read this frist before making deal with ecmc what do i do to get out of this payment plan they took my income tax and now im paying 78 dollors a month for 9 months will they take my taxes again even if im paying the monthly charge i wish i knew who could help me

San Diego, US
Feb 20, 2013 3:52 pm EST

ECMC contacted me and offered to process a Deferment of my student loan. I was assured over the phone that I will be qualified for it. (I lost my job, and just went through a surgery, could not work. I was on food stamps at that time.)

I never received any confirmation of not being rejected for Deferment. In 6 month my account goes into Default. ECMC ends up charging 25% collection fee from my $90, 000 student loan making my loan over $110, 000. They offer recovery repayment plan while they look into what happened to my application. The lady who was put on my case (Diane Zitur) was absolutely helpless and only talked non-stop trying to shut me up and to convince I was wrong.

Now I went through the repayment plan and my loan was given to another company adding another $6000 to the balance. I am still trying to get to the bottom of what happened to my deferment application. Was it even every given to Sallie Mae? I doubt it. Sallie Mae didn't have my account for a while. I will do everything to get that fee taken off my account.
Complete rip Off!
Good luck everybody!

Marilyn Steele, Ph.D.
Corte Madera, US
Jun 09, 2011 5:52 am EDT
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Thanks for your post. After two years of barely working, I stopped paying my student loan. The US Government now takes a payment out of my Social Security. Oh well. But now that ECMC has taken over the loan, they added another $6, 300, and completely lied about my agreeing to a monthly payment. Now I am apparently more in default, with penalties, fees accruing. I told them I was recording my telephone call today, and they disconnected me. The battle begins. More tomorrow. Ugh.