ECHST.netunauthorized charges on my card

Your company has put unauthorized charges on my card over 35.00 and I have not idea what this is for or why but it is fraudulent and I want this refunded back to me asap. I have not signed up for anything via web nor have I given permission for anyone to use my card. there is no one in my home also so my card has obviously been compromised. I am contacting the bank as we speak and I will for someone from your company to call me asap so you can mail me back the refund as I will not be giving out my bank account information. I will file something with Better Business Bureau and file complaint for fraudulent charges with the appropriate Courts and authorities if this is not resolved quickly by your company. Call me immediately please to resolve this issue as I have tried to contact your company this morning and your phone is not a working no.

Denise Baxley [protected]

Oct 23, 2017

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