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I ordered an hp computer through the ebates website. For Black Friday/ Cyber Monday they were offering a 10% Cash back promo. I followed all the proper instructions, ordering from ebates link, not having pop up blockers or using other promo codes. The laptop was very expensive and only ordered because of ebates advertising 10% cash back the next day. Of course the next day came and Ebates did not give me the money. I contacted them and sent them my invoice and on their website it has my shopping trip code #. Even with all this they are claiming that they will not give me the money. This is fraudulent advertising and bait and switch. They receive the kickbacks for me using their website but refuse to honor the cashback. Absolutely horrendous company-stay away!

  • Updated by Cody Thurlow, Nov 30, 2018

    Issue resolved. Thanks ebates!

Nov 30, 2018

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