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I am a patient at the ETMC Clinic in Chandler. I called this morning to a leave a message about my prescription for my blood pressure medicine going to the physical pharmacy I use versus the mail order pharmacy I use (the pharmacy I use for my bp medicine). My message was recieved and was sent back to the doctors nurse. The nurse then called my home phone versus my cell phone which was left in the message to contact me at. The nurse left a message with my mother and was rude. She said, it was my responsibility to contact the physical pharmacy to get things cleared up, and that basically she had no time to do what was left in the message to do.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chandler, TXMy message had to stated to contact the mail order pharmacy and said number I left, and to use a specific reference number to expedite my shipment of my bp medicine which I have been without since last Wednesday since the post office lost the shipment and she had faxed the refill request to the wrong pharmacy. I had left within the message my cell number to call me back if their were questions. Meanwhile, I have now paid a second amount for my medicine and am left without the 90 day shipment of my medicine since she has NO TIME to follow through on the refill request to the mail order pharmacy so that they can ship my medication which they would like to do.

May 09, 2017

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