East Side Mario'swrap & kids meal

My 3 year old daughter, mother and I wanted to catch a "quick bite" after shopping one afternoon. After working all day I really didn't want to cook and East Side Mario's is in the mall!
WELL!! We waited almost an hour before we were served, and when we were my daughter received a kids meal that consisted of ONE chicken strip! i had oredered the Mariboli Wrap- as always, only to get a different wrap. It was not a sundried tomatoe wrap and wrong fillers. When I returned the wrap for the proper one, to my disgust I got nack the same wrap! The 1/2 I took a bite out of was place under the other and heated. The mayo/letuce ingredients were lovely re-heated, not to mention the soggy wrap. It looked as though my warp was sitting in a dish of soup.
I wish I could have troubled our waiter to stop waiting on everyone else and ask how we were. I wish that our "quick meal" hadn't wasted over 2 hours of my precious time. I wish I didn't have to walk away hungry with $40 less bucks in my pocket.

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