East Coast TVsMisleading sales, free shipping that is not free, and rude salesmen

Misleading sales, free shipping that is not free, and fast-talking high-pressured sales pitches: why I will never do business with East Coast TVs (ECTV) ever again.

When shopping for a Weber E-670 grill, ECTV offered the best price -- by several hundred dollars -- so I placed the item in my shopping cart, applied the 2% Super Bowl Savings coupon, checked out with my American Express card, and got a receipt confirming my purchase.

To my surprise, first thing the next morning, I get a call from a fast-talking, high pressured salesman.

First, he tells me that the coupon I used was valid only if I had paid with a money order or cashiers check and that this is clearly stated on their website. That is true -- IF you click on the fine print of the offer. Never mind the fact that the coupon was accepted when I paid with my American Express card at check-out. Oh, and it turns out that the 2% discount that expires at midnight (complete with count-down timer) seems to return each and every day. Consequently, the price of grill rises by $48.

Second, he tells me that I will have to pay insurance and that this, too, is clearly stated on the website. That is also true -- IF you click through several pages to find it, but the cost of the insurance (2%, in my case) is not revealed. Consequently, my free shipping is going to cost me $48.

Then comes the pitch.

The salesman tells me that I will get my grill sooner if I elect to pay for white-glove shipping for only $229. I refuse, saying that it is winter here in Oregon so the timing of the delivery does not matter.

Then, he warns me that white-glove shipping means my grill will be shipped by a better shipping company, and I must want to use a better shipping company, right? I refuse saying that if the item is damaged in transit, I will simply refuse it at delivery, and ECTVs will have to sort it out with the shipping company.

All of a sudden, the price of white-glove shipping drops to $99. I refuse again, at which point it drops to $33 or. Finally, because I am too exhausted to argue further, I agree.

Bottom line: the grill wound up costing me $129 more than my e-receipt stated it should. I did get the grill eventually, and I got what I ordered at a price that was still cheaper than I would have gotten from any other vendor. The white-glove delivery service saved me some work hauling the (heavy) grill around to the back of our house. But the misleading sales, the free shipping that was not free, and high-pressured sales pitch was not worth the savings. I will NEVER buy from ECTVs again.

Feb 09, 2015

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