Early Moments / extra shipment sent without my authorization

United States

I was actually a subscriber for over a year and a half; initially you would receive emails with what package was next (which helped remind you that books were coming) and you could go in and modify if you wanted the package of books or if you wanted to skip the shipment. Regardless of the email, I regularly went on their website/my home page to see what books were coming (you can change frequency and move shipments up if you wanted; mine is set for every 4 weeks). About 6 months ago I noticed I was charged for a shipment, even though I had no email from them (I checked my inbox, spam, and deleted items and there was no email). I sent an email to their customer service and received a prompt reply (just over 24 hours), as well as a refund.

Unfortunately, the same thing happened earlier this month (January 2019). I went in and cancelled the order for January earlier this month and I noticed I was charged Jan 20th for another shipment (which shouldn't have happened since I had already cancelled my January shipment and the next one shouldn't have shown up until February), again without any email notification saying to check out the next shipment. I sent an email to customer service as soon as I saw the pending charge and I have yet to hear back from them (it's been 6 days). Needless to say, I cancelled my subscription to them. Below is an honest review of their services:

Selection of Books: Mediocre. Starts off with Dr. Seuss and then they throw Bernstein Bears in there but the majority of my selections have been random off the wall books so I ended up cancelling more orders than receiving.

Shipping: Sucks. It can take up to 4 weeks to get a package, even if you select "send sooner". So if you are ordering as a present for someone, order WELL in advance.

Overall Service: Mediocre at best. The concept of letting you know what the next package is coming next so you can review it and cancel/modify it is great, they just don't stick to it and will charge you regardless if you are notified or not. Additionally, it was really crappy that they sent me an extra shipment this month, when it should have been every 4 weeks.

I would not recommend this service to anyone. You are better off finding them in a used book store, or just through another store.

Jan 26, 2019

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