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Taking my money out of my bank without my permission!

I ordered the buy 2 books for a 1$, well you all took it upon yourself to take 30$ out of my account. This is absolutely [censored]. How can you take someone's money without their premission?? 30$ that's was for me to get back and forth to work threw the week!!! Now my card is of course of drafted since you all took money without [censored]ing informing someone . Y'all gonna hear my [censored]ing mouth tomorrow . Best believe that.

Being charged for something I didn't ask for or want

Hello as I go through my email I get a statement stating that I made a purchase with you guys for some Disney books which I do not do here is the Transaction ID 8EC79135Y4965442T the total was $4.28 LaMoureaux


Receipt for your PayPal Cash Card purchase

Here's the receipt for your purchase at SVK*DISNEY BOOKS on June 22, 2020.

Payment Details
Transaction ID: 8EC79135Y4965442T June 22, 2020
Transaction type: Purchase

Transaction amount $4.28 USD
Total amount $4.28 USD

Available PayPal balance $0.70 USD

The amount shown above may not be the final purchase price. If the merchant completes the transaction and the final amount is different from the above, we'll send you an additional email that shows the final purchase price.

Svk disney books

Only ordered the one set of books and was charged 23.43 and I did not approve this and I would like my money back asap.. I do not appreciate yall offering products for one price and without anyone's knowledge you charge them money for something they don't get. And for yall to have the odasity to take from families that is just trying to get something for their kids to enjoy is wrong and I will be suing if this is not resolve.

Unauthorized payment

I was charged $23 for something I am not aware and did not purchase. I have not purchased anything for 2 months and my last purchase was the $1 I spent on two Disney books. When I saw it today I thought this was the first Time but went back to confirm and found out that it was the second time. I have not subscribed to anything. I want my money back as I need it for other things.

Unauthorized payment
Unauthorized payment

svk*disney books

Christie Ripley
I was charged $23.28 on March 30, 2020 for something I didn't authorize. My phone number is [protected]. I expect a full refund and cancel anything in my name. I haven't received anything from Disney books.
My email [protected]@yahoo.com
[protected] is the confirmation number on my bank statement. I only receive $23.00 a week during this epidemic.

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earlymoments"/svk*dr.seuss books

BE CAREFUL!!! STAY AWAY!!! Earlymoments"/SVK*DR.SEUSS BOOKS Earlymoments/SVK*DR.SEUSS BOOKS this company on...

I want my money back immediately

I have been charged 25$ for books that I have not ordered or even seen for that matter. I want my money...

Taking money out of my account and I haven't authorized this transaction at all. So that's basically stealing and fraud

I have had 25$ taken out of my account this month and I want my money back immediately. I didn't authorize this transaction and therefore that's considered stealing and fraudulent. My contact #[protected]. Please contact me as soon as possible or I will take further action through my bank and local authorities. I don't have the money to pay for something I don't want need and didn't order I'm on a very limited income so please resolve this issue immediately. Also I have never recieved any books so that alone should tell you that this company is a scam.

Subscription Charged NEVER RECEIVED BOOKS

I was told that I could not sign up for a subscription using "Cash App" card after the fact of signing up on the website. It still charged my card $2.14 for the trial - NEVER RECEIVED REFUND / NEVER RECEIVED BOOKS
See screenshot... if they steal from 1000 people thats $2140.00 what an AWESOME SCAM!!!
As you can see in the screenshot this was on Feb 12, 9 days later on 02/21 this is still not refunded WHAT A SCAM!!

Subscription Charged NEVER RECEIVED BOOKS

I am getting charged for a $22 subscription I did not apply for nor do I want

I was given false information had I known money was going to be taken out of my account automatically without my knowledge I wouldn't have gotten the 3 books for a dollar. I had the understanding it was just a one time thing. I want the subscription cancelled and my money back.

unknown subscription automatically automated without consent

I recently purchased two books for my nephew little did I know my first purchase came with an automatically automated subscription that would charge my card every month I have tried to call them at the number during your business hours at Eastern time and it's still saying that the office is closed this is 100% a scam this is not even my card it is a relatives card and I need to know how to fix this problem automatically I have emailed them and I have gotten no answer I need to do this very quickly

svk*disney books

It was placed under the child name Nisha, the address was 8421 S. Orange Blossom Trail, I bought 4 for 1 dollar. The books were the lion king, Finding nemo, frozen, and I can't remember between The little mermaid, cars, or toys story. I ordered and have the receipt for them, I never received anything. Transactions was made on 10/25/19. The name for the order made was by Quaynisha Singleton. That's if it confirms that. I still have the receipt below.

svk*disney books

book subscription

Ordered the $5 books not realizing that a subscription to shipments was necessary and cancelled the subscription. Never received order, called and was told because I cancelled I wouldn't receive the order and was banned from ordering again. Emailed to reinstate and got no response. Was randomly charged again and another order placed. Called and supposedly it's in transit already but a refund was issued. I don't see how it's right to tell someone their order is cancelled and they're banned from ordering then start service again without notifying of the change.

my refund from svk disney

I've emailed svk Disney twice now and they said that they would work on my refund and it's been about 3 weeks almost 30 days and I still haven't got it. I haven't received any of the books either by mail or by post office so canceling it shouldn't have been a problem but my refund I could really use. My email is sammy.fellers1998 @gmail.com if you would like to email me back. Thank you


I need to cancel the books because i only asked for the first package and you kept giving me more so i'm losing money now. This is a big problem i did not ask for these books and i need my money back and to
cancel the subscription immediately this is not asked for so asap please cancel my subscription i don't want any more books. I need this cancelled on my card it keeps charging me and i don't want anymore.

charge of credit card

Hi my name is Carolyn Touchstone im being charged for but books i did not receive but please refund its under Benjamin Johnston i do not know his info becouse he passed away he used my card becouse he didn't have one.SOme. if you could please cancel and refund baci on my card.Im not sure what his pass word is.I tried to get into his acct but it could not find acct

dr seuss

I ordered the set of books for $1 and cancelled the subscription a few days later. I went back to the site the following day to make sure it showed "subscription cancelled" and it did. Well 3 weeks later, I'm receiving a notice of payment for books. I haven't even received the first set that i paid the $1 for. I went back to the site to make sure my subscription was cancelled and it still said CANCELLED! I don't know who authorized this but I'm filing a report in the morning. I don't have money to pay for unneeded books.

  • Me
    Meme91 Oct 12, 2019

    I never received my children's books either and they took me out of the system completely where I can't even check my account for the tracking number this is a outrage these people are scamming other people and they know they have children what kind of people do this my duaghylter is so upset NO ONE ORDER FROME THIS COMPANY!!! NO ONE I PROMISE IT IS A WAIST OF MONEY AND TIME! YOUR CHILD WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

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I did the 3 books for a dollar and now I'm getting a charge for 22.00 that I didn't even authorize. I would like to cancel it and get my money back, thank you very much. I don't have that kind of money to be going up missing when I didn't even know that I signed up for a subscription. Please unsubscribe me from your company, thank you very so much!!

subscription I didn’t ask for!

When ordering the first few books I was unaware that I was actually signing up for a subscription.

I called and asked them to refund my money as I didn't want any more books from them. The woman was rude and pretty much said too bad they're mine.

I think it's a bad practice to force things on people. They're lucky they do their scamming online.
It's just in poor taste and to top it off if I'm gonna pay 27$ for 3 books I'd at least like to pick them out myself!

children books

I have been charged $23.85 I only did a survey ! for a 1.25 earnings so I did the 4 books for a dollar now I'm being charged $23.85 I did not sign up for subscription what is going on I need my money back ASAP I never agreed to pay this type of money it was suppose to be 4 books for a dollar why are these sites no holding up to their end of the bargin