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The "girls rule Sundays" moniker is sexist and should be removed.

Nick Junior (owned by CBS and Viacom?) has a "girls rule Sundays" but no equivalent offering for boys. My son has asked why this is done. Neither boys nor girls should be "favored" in today's society. It is a bad example and divisive. It is also probably illegal under current anti-discrimination laws. Please contact this company and let them know of their violation.


First of all how come you're only showing two episodes of George Lopez? Also why can't you do the times on the exact 1/2 your instead of offset times? You're the only channel that does it. No other channels do this. I've complained about this before and y'all changed it for a short time. Don't understand why y'all are the only channel that does this. Doesn't make any sense in my book.

Nick Jr.girl's rule sundays

I am a mother of a 3 year old boy and 4 month old little girl. I think it is absolutely horrible that you have a special day designated for little girls but not for little boys. What message is this sending to our youth? That girls are more important or special than boys are? Because my son doesn't understand why girls get recognized by his favorite TV channel but he and other boys don't, and I honestly don't know what to tell him. You should be empowering all children, regardless of their gender. You should really think about removing "Girls Rule Sunday" or adding a "Boys Rule Saturday".

the secret world of alec maek

I believe myself to be ripped off on an original idea I had in a 90's Lincoln Continental. The idea was about a family that was Russian and would be related to all the people on the planet and to the Government. However it would be secret and when persons would find these things as knowledge, they would go after them, because they need them. Because there would be much money involved in a family related to all the people. My idea of this was a young boy. Another idea I had on a school bus, was about having a sister that no one had ever seen before and that had not ever left the house, and I was mad and put her out in the trash for the trash trucks to come by and pick her up and take her to the trash dump.

the secret world of alec maek

loud house

My son is 6 and loves this cartoon, but I was watching the episode about little white lies and when he asked me if it was ok to tell little white lies I realized how inappropriate...


My children don't need the homosexual agenda rammed down their throats during a cartoon! We are through with you and the cartoon loud house. It was one thing for the boy to have two dads but to incorporate a gay girl too!! Too over the top for children... ridiculous! This doesn't represent my family, or most families, with children. Way to lose viewers! Congrats, hope you enjoy it when other parents stop tuning in.

  • No
    notreal896 Jul 15, 2018

    are you uncomfortable around gay people?

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  • Al
    Alexander TG Jul 15, 2018

    @notreal896 ...yes, with aggressive gays like that screwball that hacked me...are you uncomfortable with them?

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sports awards

I am complaining about the sports you include and don't include in your choice awards. I am not going to be naming off the different sports you include because I would miss one you include and someone would say I'm wrong, etc. I don't understand why the sports choice awards don't include the sport, Volleyball. I mean look up the definition of sports. On Google in specific you will find it saying an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Now, you can't say that Volleyball doesn't meet all of that definition. Can you? Volleyball does take a lot of skill and I feel volleyball players should be given the chance to take the honor of the award. Please change this. This isn't just for me that likes the sport it's for all volleyball players. I really can't believe you haven't noticed this. I'm going to say this again PLEASE CHANGE IT.

kids choice sports

I am complaining about the kids choice sports awards hosted by nickelodeon. Football, baseball, tennis, swimming, soccer, basketball, nascar, gymnastics, skateboarding, skiing, boxing, hockey and golf are all the sports included in this awards show. I was very very disappointed to see that my very favorite sport that I love and inspires many kids is not included in the awards. Volleyball is a amazing, respectable sport that gets left out all the time. I am outraged they need to include this sport so kids who play this sport have the opportunity to be apart of this.

Nickelodeon Channel — Offensive content

I have now blocked all Nickelodeon channels due to the annoying & offensive amount of RAP that has poisoned the shows & ads. It is beyond unacceptable to be glorifying the...

inappropriate show

This new show called Winx Club is about Vampires. Why would I even want my child to watch a show about vampires. I honestly feel it is not appropriate for toddlers to be watching. Nick Jr. cut out a lot of air-time for shows ( Dora and Friends, Peppa Pig, Olivia, WallyKazam, Tean Umizoomi and Max and Ruby, etc) to make matters worse when they cut them it's not even on demand. I am very upset that nick Jr would even allow that show on nick jr, maybe it can air on teen nick. This is just one of the complaints that I'm sure i will not get a response back about.

  • Th
    thel Aug 11, 2015

    @upsetparent - you obviously have not seen more than a few minutes of the show. i have watched every episode since it first aired. Winx club is correct being in nick Jr. winx club is about believing in your self and striving to prove to your self that you can do anything as long as you don't stop believing in their your own abilities. the bad guys range from many walks of life. vampires might be one of the races in the universe of winx club. in each season the main character bloom and her friends face challenges just like we do that makes them not believe in their abilities. soon as they over come the set backs and recall believing in them self they can overcome anything. the fact that you believe its all about vampires means you haven't done research into the show at all.

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  • Th
    thel Aug 11, 2015

    @poster- Please research the show. it is about fairies not vampires who learn to believe in themselves to learn what they can do to overcome a situation. THIS is instilling the thought of "you can do anything you put your mind to it" i have seen the series since season 1 episode 1 the vampires of the winx universe are new characters, but the main group [the winx] are fairies.

    Nickelodeon aka nick screens every series they put on tv. the ones chosen for nick jr. are chosen to be 98% capable of teaching stuff that is beneficial to kids.

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poor executive decisions

Network consistently insists on putting Power Rangers on summer hiatus too early in the year before Summer. Always "crunches" the end credits by marginalizing them at the bottom...

NickJr — Inappropriate shows for children

424811 I am absolutely upset that someone made the decision to have nick mom start after 10pm on the NICKJR network! During nick mom there are shows and movies that aren't suitable...

shows being aired on nicktoons

Ok so lets just get one thing straight. The live shows that nickelodeon airs suck. I have grown up hating them and I still hate the to this day. They are so bad. All of the acting...

rabbid invasion

Recently Nickelodeon has come out with several new shows that have been rated Y7, and yet I don't want my 11 year old watching them. In one episode of Rabbid Invasion we have a man plopping himself on a toilet to what we can only imagine must be horrific diarrhea from the look on his face (which turned green as and he began to make the clenched push face). Then in the same episode we see a rabbit in a pink g-string with what appears to be a dollar sticking out of the back dancing around. In the same episode we also see another rabbit getting a vacuum hose stuck up his behind (butt cheeks shown with definition). This is Y7? I can't even block this without blocking pretty much every other show on the television! Don't even get me talking about Sanjay and Crag, again with a Y7 rating.

worst network of 2005-present.

I am so tired of having to hear about this pathetic excuse of a network. After the spongebob movie, the network went downhill real fast. Speaking of spongebob, it became the antithesis of the [protected] spongebob. The characters are flanderized, and everything else is puerile. Same goes with the other shows (Well, except for avatar, but I don't even care about that show). Fb and cc is pitiful, and unwatchable. I can't believe that it stooped this low. I hate this network! It makes cartoon network look like the hub compared to how the shows are written. And that is miserably pathetic.

I plan to take all of its blocks off of my air. May that atrocious network die violently.

NickJr — TV Programming

Recently Nick Jr did some programming changes and its not very likely for any parent to sit and watch a "mommy" show where you hear foul language. Going from a rated G programming...


I am disgusted with spongebob writers!!! I walked in to where my child was watching this and heard them talking about raiding girls drawers for their underpants then one character goes so far as to drool and say oh yea. Are you kidding me!! This is suppossed to be a children's show! I have noticed several inuendos previously but they were hidden enough so my child wouldn't notice but even that is ridiculous. Is that the only way to get parents to watch tv (Spend time) with their children? Anyway, I feel very strongly that something needs to be done about this. I don't care if the show gets canceled or what is done. I know my child will no longer be watching this and I plan to tell every parent I know about this. I mean really, I know the world has gone to crap but children's programs should be kept just for them without innappropriate dialogue. I sincerely hope to hear a response and I hope something is done to rectfiy this and fast!

Response can be sent to: [protected]

  • Lo
    Logical Sense Sep 20, 2012

    Go complain to Nickelodeon also, not much we can do here.

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  • Brenda* Sep 20, 2012

    Not a good idea to post your personal contact info on a public website bjatkins.

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  • Se
    Secrets224 Sep 26, 2012

    I thought everyone knew Spongebob's show was completely inappropriate and filled with indirect sexual references and adult content?? I knew that from the very first episode when it aired in like 1999. Thankfully, mostly everyone who owns a TV and a cablebox nowadays have the luxury of an on-screen TV Guide for which you can check in advance to see what shows are coming up within the next few hours. I suggest that if your child is watching ex: Max & Ruby and the next show is Spongbob, you surely would be able to know in advance that when that show is over, you should be getting ready to change the channel to a more suitable show for your child.

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  • Za
    Zach McHoul Feb 18, 2013

    Nice advice, this doesn't really qualify as a complaint; plus i love spongebob and i grew up with it as i was born in '99. OOH I'm so exposed to loose references i didn't even understand at the time. Stop complaining and change the channel if you're so pissed at a cartoon.

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NickJr — Bring Old NickJr Back

Hi, my name is Jamecia and up until February of 2012 I would and my son included, would watch NickJr everyday We were home. And now I can't seem to keep my TVs on NickJr...


Nickelodeon continously changes its programming and airing times of Winx Club!
Its ridiculous that every other week its either on the air or off or showing during a random changing time frame. My children are fans of this show and are excited to see hardly get to watch it because off this. Can some constant format happen on this channel successfully or are we best off just supporting Disney channel programs?

  • Bt
    BTRlover Jun 02, 2015

    This complaint is about the Big Time Rush TV show. It is usually on at 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Nickelodeon. But it was recently replaced by iCarly and Marvin Marvin.

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content warning is obsolete

Me and my wife recently rented Rango through PPV on Dish Network, now for a kid oriented movie there are alot of references made through the entire movie that are extremly inappropriate for any child under the age if 12. Now we were aware of the PG rating and the content warnings pror to the movie starting but we feel this movie was greatly misinforming. The movie should have been rated PG 13 at best. Our 2 yr old watched it and began to get upset over and over again. Had there been a violence content warning she she would not have have been watching it. Not to mention for a kids movie, the adult language used, which as adults we found hilarious, but our kids were not able to watch it midway through Because of all this which makes it unfair for us having to pay for a movie they couldn't watch. You people at Nickelodeon need to be more careful with your ratings and content warnings on future films.

As a company, one that we have supported for many years with all 3 of our kids, we hope any decision that Nickelodeon makes to set this right will be fine with us, as we have faith that they will attempt to make things right even with a simple gesture.

tv shows aren't good anymore

I use to love nickelodeon when it use to play all the fantastic programmes such as H20 just add water, that programme in particular was amazing, every episode of it was excellent. zoey 101 was another brilliant programme including the alson twins etc, but for some reason nickelodeon has stopped playing all of them now and instead they have replaced them with programmes such as spongebob square pants etc. I don’t like watching nickelodeon anymore like I use to, and all because of the not so popular programmes. Correct this if you can with programmes such as H20 and zoey 101, im sure of this, it will be a lot more popular.

  • Re
    retardsGalore Dec 02, 2011

    ah - popular - instead of nuerotic spasmic blasting attention disorder promoting tv - now there's a concept...
    well, except the Olsen twins were scarey
    how about wholesome programming like - Winnie the Pooh, Peanuts, Bugs Bunny, etc.
    personally - I'm glad for the trash they put on tv - gets my kids off their ### and outside

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  • Be
    better TV Sep 22, 2013

    I use to watch nick at nite. I don't any more because there is only trash on it like Friends, the Nanny and MARRIED WITH CHILDREN? What are they thinking putting junk like that on TV? I want to watch what they use to put on like more family geared shows like happy days and such. I'd love to see the older shows like Family Affair, I dream of genie, taxi, Sanford and son, The Partridge Family, Brady bunch or Lavern and Sheriley. I mean.. MARRIED WITH CHILDREN? We have enough of the dirt and trash on TV already. Please don't add to it but give us something other to watch than - Shooting people, stupid people and reality TV. We turn the TV on to get away from the stupid people at work and other things in our lives. Pleas help.

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  • Ab
    abdul nadeem Feb 06, 2015

    I watch nick at night . mainly ninja tirtuls but bored of watching same eposodes alwase nick shows fwue eposodes and repeate it again . i want to watch all eposodes of ninja tirtuls. from where it begain and where it have end .

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Nickelodeon ChannelTV guide problems

My recordings have been messed up and I think it it may be because your schedule is is messed up. Thank you for your consideration.


My 8 year old daughter used to watch Victorious until the fantastic episode when they were in prison. She went on and on telling me how prison is so great. You get to sing and...

victorious show

My boys enjoy watching many of the shows on Nickelodeon, and do most of their watching in the morning and afternoon hours. I noticed this morning a music video that really disturbed me. It is sung by the girl of Victorious and is about liking her best friends brother. In the video she is wearing super short shorts and dancing on the table in front of this boy she likes. She had another video on Nick that was also about a boy. Lyrics that were "Have you beggin on your knees for me"
Can someone please tell me why they are pushing this sex crazed girl all over morning cartoons? I believe this needs to be removed from Nick and put on MTV or another network that shows girls dressed sexy and singing songs about relationships, not to little kids who are just trying to watch some Spongebob.

  • He
    heath2011 Jun 13, 2011

    In my opinion Spongebob is far is gross and not very educational at all

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  • Jm
    JMCobb Jun 14, 2011

    Since when is a girl with hardly any clothes on and practically stage dancing for a boy more appropriate than Spongebob? Yes, it isn't educational, but it is entertainment. Do you only watch educational programs? I let my children watch it for the fun factor, not to learn about adult relationships. I am tired of girls in show business having to show skin and singing about or leading into sex. Especially on a t.v. network geared toward kids, and in the hours when the majority are young viewers! Leave it for the teens, who are entering into this stage of life. Let my kids be kids. If they want to lose these viewers, then keep showing this crap, we won't be watching anymore.

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  • Ni
    NickelodeonLover May 27, 2015

    I don't think theres anything wrong with it at all, it is a fun, upbeat song and complaining because she has shorts on is just silly, she can wear whatever she wants and you should tell your children that they too should feel comfortable wearing whatever they want to

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Nickelodeon studios — Old nickelodeon shows hardly come on nicktoons anymore

I watched nickelodeon and nickelodeon sucks now. When I saw nicktoons, I saw old nickelodeon shows were hardly coming on in the day time. It only shows it in the NIGHT TIME!!! It...


Really??? Kesha on nickelodeon??? with lyrics like "dont be a little B***h with ur chit chat, just show me where your d**k is at???? this is getting ridiculous. No wonder the world is going down the toilet and the kids arent acting their age.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Apr 21, 2011

    There is this crazy thing called parenting. It's where you monitor the things your kids watch/do to see if it's to your standards of what is appropriate for your children, and if it's not you remove. You should try it sometime. Responsiblity can be a good thing.

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  • Mo
    Moxiemom Oct 22, 2011

    Pobar Jenkins: Letting your children watch nickelodeon used to be a responsible thing to do. My sons can't watch Drake and Josh (rated G!!!) without seeing disgusting Degrassi commercials at every break. Cussing, sex, suicide? That's not irresponsible parenting, that's irresponsible broadcasting. And people like you are who we have to thank for it.

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  • La
    lady9999 Nov 02, 2011

    Ok, I am 14 years old and I actually agree with all of you parents. I seriously can't believe the kind of inappropriate comments you have on Nickelodeon. I know it's nothing super perverted but it's ridiculous how much things have changed. I will not be watching Nick any time soon until you put back all of the good shows like Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, Doug, Hey Arnold, The Wild Thornberry's, and so on. Those shows were the best! What happened? So many people can agree with me on this! We all miss the old Nickelodeon where there was nothing inappropriate and the shows were actually enjoyable to watch! I have to dig through the internet just to watch all the old classic Nick shows! Please do something about it!

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  • An
    Annoyed Teen Feb 26, 2012

    I watch these shows on Nickelodeon with my younger brother (11 years old) and I am always shocked to hear certain references and language being used in some of its most popular shows. When I was younger, the shows were clean and they didn't refer to anything inappropriate. Now I just feel uncomfortable and cautious when I watch Nick with my brother.

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  • Ks
    ks100166 Oct 10, 2015

    Hello Im a grandmother I usally have my 7 year old granddaughter here to my house she loves to watch the NICK channel unfortunately as Im watching it with her I heard the little boy call the robot a boy and the robot responded (I dont prefer any gender) which means he goes both ways, the robot made many gay suggestions which my innonocent granddaughter think that their just being nice to each other, this is how our children are children began wanting to experience these type of things, this will be taken off of my cable box

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  • An
    Andygirl Jul 22, 2017

    Total trash and lefty propaganda on all commercials and childrens shows. Trying to show kids these perversions are suppose to be "normal"..[censor]!

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racist comments

It was so disappointing and appalling to bring my children to watch Rango, directed by Gore Verninski, production by Nickelodeon and Paramount, and to hear the many racist comments of stereotyping Native American peoples, also known as Indigenous people of turtle island (what we now call North America), or First Nations People. Comments like: "Injun", "wanna sniff the air or commune with the buffalo or something?", and "What's that dumb Indian doing?", and, "I see your consulting with the spirits ... I am ready to mate. "
Its these type of comments that continue to contribute to racism, prejudices and stereotyping Native peoples of America.
Please stop Racism!

  • Lp
    lpdruck85 Apr 18, 2011

    I disagree with you. Having not seen the movie, I appreciate artistic expression. Last I checked the movie is rated PG, which recommends parental guidance. You could use this opportunity to talk to your children about racism and why it is wrong. Just because an animated character says "injun" does not mean your kids are going to be calling native americans, "injuns" for the rest of their life. You should be the role model of your children, not the characters in a movie. If you really want to sweat racism, go see an R rated movie, or PG-13 even. Last I checked Samuel L. Jackson drops N-bombs and plays up african american stereotypes in most of his films. Its a movie, get over it.

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  • zastrow Apr 29, 2011

    Are you serious?

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  • Na
    nativecutie Feb 21, 2013

    I agree. For anyone who says that a child can hear the word "Injun" and not repeat it is daft to the world. They repeat everything. This just adds to the quiet racism against us. Being a First Nations woman, this stuff makes me sick. Have you ever worked in a school? These kids think we lived thousands of years ago, all live in a tepee, etc. So unless you are First Nations you have no idea how racist the world is against us.

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Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards — Kesha as host

Why does Nickelodeon feel that Kesha is an appropriate role model to appear on the Kid's Choice Awards 2011? The lyrics and collective message from Kesha is about as far from...

inappropriate language

My 6 year old came up to me tonight and asked "Are you having sex?" So I asked her where she heard that word and to my surprise she told me from a new Nickelodeon show. She heard...

Nickelodeon / Cartoon Network — The shows

Cartoonnetwork has got terrible shows now.One of them has innopropriate things on(TDI AND TDA).Most of the shows suck.they took away the good shows.there broadcasting destruction...

Nickelodeon 30 issues — No magazine

May 16, 2009, a door to door salesman was selling magazine subscriptions to help with his schooling. I purchased 30 issues of Nickelodeon for $73.00 and it has not been delivered...